Strike Witches – Season 2 Blu-ray + DVD Combo – Available October 2nd

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Do you remember the War on Pants? Here’s a link to the YouTube video from a while back to refresh your memory. That was a fun little choose your own adventure. Thankfully, enough of you voted that I live …. so here I am.

Well, the war on pants continues! Strike Witches Season 2 will be available on Blu-ray + DVD Combo on October 2nd.

With 12 all new episodes, you’ll want to get your pre-orders in now for this highly anticipated second season! You can find it

Series Synopsis:
The lovely ladies of the 501st Joint Fighter Wing are back to battle a new breed of alien invader! The extraterrestrial menace known as the Neuroi have returned to Earth, and even a direct hit won’t stop these monsters. The Strike Witches are Earth’s last line of defense, but they’ll have to learn some new tricks to survive this dogfight – and win the war on pants once and for all!

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