Tales of Vesperia Cast Announcement

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So, we didn’t make it to 500k fans on our Facebook page, and you know what that means–no acquisition announcement. But, we didn’t want to leave you guys empty handed, so we’re giving you a consolation reward. Definitely keep at it though, we’re still trying to get to 500k fans.

Here’s the English Dub cast announcement for Tales of Vesperia – First Strike!


Character Name Actor
Niren Christopher Sabat
Yuri Troy Baker
Flynn Sam Regal
Garista J Michael Tatum
Hisca Trina Nishimura
Rita Luci Christian
Merzhom R Bruce Elliot
Chastel Leah Clark
Yurgis Mike McFarland
Gradana Barry Yandell
Estellise Cherami Leigh
Alexei Jason Douglas
Elvin Scott Freeman
Raven Jonathan Brooks
Chris Newton Pittman
Emma Lindsay Seidel
Pete Micah Solusod
Hanks Cris George
David Josh Grelle
Ivan Christopher Bevins
Kansuke Ricco Fajardo

Director – Mike McFarland

Are you excited for this release? The movie comes out on 6.26.12, you can pre-order it on Blu-ray/DVD Combo by clicking this link. Here’s a clip of the first 8 minutes of the movie:

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