ANN: Linebarrels of Iron Give-Away

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Win the Linebarrels of Iron DVD set, along with seven Linebarrels of Iron mousepads signed by voice actress Alexis Tipton (Emi Kizaki).


Anime News Network is giving away seven sets for you to take home.  Sorry, Alexis is not included, just her autograph.

And speaking of ANN, here’s what Zac said via Twitter.

ANNZac: ANNCast: our guests are FUNimation’s Adam Sheehan and Lance Heiskell; tweet in your questions or email ’em to zac at!

So you got questions?  Maybe you’ll get answers.  And all “Is FUNimation going to get [insert title here]?” questions will not be answered, so don’t waste your and Zac’s time.

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