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From the Director of Ninja Scroll and Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust

Based on the X/1999 manga by the international powerhouse - CLAMP

From the animation studio that brought you Death Note, Black Lagoon, and Ninja Scroll

  • Genre: Action,Drama,Super Power,Supernatural
  • Rating: TV-14
  • Aspect Ratio: 4:3
  • Number of Episodes: 24
  • Number of OVAs: 1
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X, the way it was meant to be told

Anime News Network

One of the best anime series of all time

Brian Biederman,


Kamui stands alone at the crossroads between salvation and Armageddon. Destiny demands that this tormented young man decide the fate of a world he no longer belongs in. Torn between rival orders of superhuman warriors, the time has come for Kamui to choose his side. Either he fights with the Dragons of Heaven – fights to save civilization and the two friends he swore to always protect, or he must draw swords alongside the Dragons of Earth and deliver a death blow to the human race. Whatever his choice, there will be consequences. Friends will change. Friends will die. Life will never be the same. There’s a last time for everything. That time is now.

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  • A Reunion
    Episode 1 - A Reunion

    As the Dragons of Heaven assemble in Tokyo, Kamui - the strongest among their ranks - returns to the life he abandoned six long years ago. His mission is simple: determine the fate of the world.

  • A Nightmare
    Episode 2 - A Nightmare

    Kamui must prove he is worthy of wielding the Divine Sword, but his bad attitude leads to a bloody altercation with Daisuke and Arashi. Could Princess Hinoto have been mistaken?

  • A Pledge
    Episode 3 - A Pledge

    Sorata attempts to disclose the reason for his arrival, but Kamui violently drives him away. When tragedy strikes at the Monou house - and the Divine Sword is stolen - Kamui may regret his foolhardy attack.

  • A Sacrifice
    Episode 4 - A Sacrifice

    A woman claiming to be Kamui’s only living relative reveals the shocking truth behind his mother’s death. Elsewhere, another Dragon of Heaven emerges when Arashi is attacked by dark forces.

  • A Destiny
    Episode 5 - A Destiny

    Kamui’s encounter with Princess Hinoto is interrupted by the sudden appearance of her sister, Kanoe. Both women hope to convince Kamui to join their cause, but he’s determined to rebel against his destiny.

  • Kouya
    Episode 6 - Kouya

    Sorata swore to protect Kamui at the expense of his own life, but there is another twist to his fate: he will die defending the woman he loves. His afternoon with Arashi provokes a bold declaration.

  • Cyber
    Episode 7 - Cyber

    Satsuki gets along with computers just fine, but she can be deadly when playing with living things. There is a lab full of suits in dark glasses who want to study her gift, but Kanoe has other plans for this special girl.

  • Gemini
    Episode 8 - Gemini

    Kanoe takes an interest in Fuma’s abilities - and his future. The elder Monou’s deathbed revelation shocks Fuma, who undergoes a powerful transformation when his sister is caught in the middle of an attack on Kamui.

  • Onmyou
    Episode 9 - Onmyou

    Sorata and Arashi set out to track down Subaru, a vital member of the Dragons of Heaven, but their mission will have to wait until after his showdown with the man who murdered his sister.

  • Inuki
    Episode 10 - Inuki

    Yuzuriha - like all Dragons of Heaven - possesses extraordinary powers which occasionally cause her a special kind of pain. Luckily, her constant companion Inuki is there to guide her through the dark times.

  • Border
    Episode 11 - Border

    Kotori dreams of a battle between her brother and the boy sworn to protect her. Under cover of darkness, Kamui is joined by Fuma as he seeks the truth about his aunt’s involvement with the Divine Sword.

  • Alternative
    Episode 12 - Alternative

    The Divine Sword is taken to the Clamp Academy for safe keeping; Kotori succumbs to a deep sleep from which she cannot wake; and Fuma undergoes a frightening change as Kamui nears his ultimate decision.

  • Return
    Episode 13 - Return

    Fuma embraces his role in the downfall of humanity by joining Kanoe and the Dragons of Earth. Meanwhile, Subaru tempts fate with a desperate plea to wake Kamui from his tortured slumber.

  • Gathering
    Episode 14 - Gathering

    Kamui lays Kotori to rest before sealing the second Divine Sword in a pentagram at the heart of Clamp Academy. Although he’s accepted his place among the Dragons of Heaven, he still has questions for Princess Hinoto.

  • Guardian
    Episode 15 - Guardian

    Fuma’s attempt to recruit a genetically-engineered ally attracts unwanted attention. When Kamui intervenes, his reluctance to attack an old friend leads to bloodshed.

  • Slaughter
    Episode 16 - Slaughter

    Subaru trained for years in the hopes that Seishiro would one day consider him a worthy adversary, but as their long-fated showdown finally begins, Subaru is torn between vengeance and the ultimate sacrifice.

  • Wish
    Episode 17 - Wish

    Kamui drifts through a haze of recollections to arrive at a vital realization: only he can defeat Fuma. But first, he must be willing to inflict pain on his old friend.

  • Newborn
    Episode 18 - Newborn

    Yuzuriha’s first battle with a Dragon of Earth leaves her bloodied and grieving, but her near-death scrape with Fuma suggests that she may have gained a new protector - or two.

  • Inferno
    Episode 19 - Inferno

    Satsuki uses Beast to uncover the secrets behind Nataku’s twisted existence, and Karen resorts to drastic measures to prevent Aoki from fighting Yuto.

  • Ripple
    Episode 20 - Ripple

    Just as Sorata succeeds in penetrating Arashi’s cold exterior, a deadly ambush pushes him to the brink of fulfilling his ultimate destiny.

  • Current
    Episode 21 - Current

    Aoki and Yuto finally meet face to face on the field of battle, and Beast proves that computers are capable of anything - even jealousy.

  • Betrayal
    Episode 22 - Betrayal

    Multiple battles erupt between the Dragons of Earth and the Dragons of Heaven. Kamui begins to suspect Princess Hinoto’s motives, and Kusanagi’s valiant last stand is marred by Arashi’s shocking reappearance.

  • Earth
    Episode 23 - Earth

    Sorata searches desperately for the answers behind Arashi’s betrayal, and Kamui prepares to embrace his destiny - along with the Divine Sword - in a meeting with Fuma.

  • Legend
    Episode 24 - Legend

    Kamui is the lone Dragon of Heaven standing in the way of the looming Armageddon. As his fated, final showdown with Fuma approaches, he must discover a way to awaken his true powers.

  • An Omen
    OVA 1 - An Omen

    Revisit some of the most riveting moments from the epic battle to save humanity. As an added bonus, fans can finally experience the heartbreaking action that took place before the war began.


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    Includes: Eps 1-24; OVA

    Kamui stands alone at the crossroads between salvation and Armageddon. Destiny demands that this tormented young man decide the fate of a world he no longer belongs in. Torn between rival orders of...

    Rating: TV-14

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    Includes: Eps 1-24; OVA

    Kamui stands alone at the crossroads between salvation and Armageddon. Destiny demands that this tormented young man decide the fate of a world he no longer belongs in. Torn between rival orders of...

    Rating: TV-14

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