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Have your obsessions taken over your reality?

From Studio GONZO, the animators of Afro Samurai, Batman: Gotham Knight, Witchblade, Samurai 7 & Trinity Blood

  • Genre: Comedy,Drama,Fan Service,Mystery,Romance,Slice of Life
  • Rating: TV-MA
  • Aspect Ratio: 16:9
  • Number of Episodes: 24

A remarkably strange series – one that happens to be among the best of the year.

The black comedy that takes a ruthlessly humorous look at the otaku lifestyle.


Sato’s life – or what’s left of it – is a paranoid mess of conspiracy theories and social anxieties. He’s terrified of the outside world; his apartment is overflowing with the remnants of cheap take-out food; and his retinas have been permanently scarred by a steady diet of internet porn. But maybe it’s not all his fault. After all, the nefarious N-H-K is out there, and they’re determined to turn society’s fringe-dwellers into a brainwashed lot of jobless, hopeless, futureless recluses.

Enter Misaki – a mysterious girl-next-door type who is Sato’s last chance to beat-down his inner demons and venture out into the light of day. She’s ready to help him overcome his crippling phobias, but Sato would rather cower in his existential foxhole and pretend to work on the demo for his virtual sex game.

He’s afraid to face the world. She’s strangely desperate to fix a total stranger. Maybe together they can be normal.

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  • Welcome to the Project!
    Episode 1 - Welcome to the Project!

    Sato’s totally convinced that he’s been turned into a recluse through the media manipulation of the N-H-K. When mysterious Misaki enters his world, she claims she can help him tame his inner-demons.

  • Welcome to the Creator!
    Episode 2 - Welcome to the Creator!

    Even as Misaki reaches out to help him, Sato tries to convince her that he’s got his life in order. But after he claims to be working as a video game creator, Sato’s neighbor takes steps to turn his lies into truth.

  • Welcome to the Beautiful Girls!
    Episode 3 - Welcome to the Beautiful Girls!

    Instead of working to develop the game, Sato’s busy doing research for the project. Unfortunately for Kaoru, all that means is watching his partner spend hours playing sexy games and looking at porn.

  • Welcome to the New World!
    Episode 4 - Welcome to the New World!

    Kaoru has succeeded in turning Sato into a total otaku, but he hasn’t succeeded in inspiring him to work. A trip to Akihabara might remedy the situation - if they can stay out of the maid cafes.

  • Welcome to Counseling!
    Episode 5 - Welcome to Counseling!

    Misaki finally gets what she wants when Sato confesses the truth of his reclusive excuse for a life. The contract is signed and the counseling begins - and Sato immediately makes the session awkward.

  • Welcome to the Classroom!
    Episode 6 - Welcome to the Classroom!

    Even though a raging panic attack is practically guaranteed, Sato journeys out into the world to investigate rumors that Kaoru might have a cute girlfriend at school.

  • Welcome to the Moratorium!
    Episode 7 - Welcome to the Moratorium!

    Sato’s mom is about to invade his space. Fearing what she’ll think when she sees his reclusive lifestyle, Sato spins a web of lies in which Kaoru and Misaki find themselves tangled.

  • Welcome to China Town!
    Episode 8 - Welcome to China Town!

    Sato overhears his mother telling Misaki that she knows the truth behind her son’s lifestyle. But rather than clear the air, all three continue the ruse, allowing for some awkward moments.

  • Welcome to a Summer Day!
    Episode 9 - Welcome to a Summer Day!

    Kaoru gets rejected when he asks a girl out, and Sato’s feeling pained by his changing feelings for Misaki. Maybe showcasing their game at the upcoming con will distract them from their girl troubles.

  • Welcome to the Dark Side!
    Episode 10 - Welcome to the Dark Side!

    Sato and Kaoru begin tailing Misaki after they grow more and more suspicious of the mysterious girl’s true motivation.

  • Welcome to the Conspiracy!
    Episode 11 - Welcome to the Conspiracy!

    With the game finished and ready to go, Sato and Kaoru gear up for their trip to the con. Unfortunately, they find their plans in jeopardy after a call from Hitomi.

  • Welcome to the “Off” Meeting!
    Episode 12 - Welcome to the “Off” Meeting!

    Sato joins Hitomi’s internet group for a real world trip to a sandy island, but the group’s dark vibes have him thinking that fun in the sun is the last thing on anyone’s mind.

  • Welcome to Paradise!
    Episode 13 - Welcome to Paradise!

    Sato’s gotten himself wrapped up in a suicide pact! If his friends can’t figure out what’s really happening and make it to the island, Hitomi’s internet group will be logging out for good.

  • Welcome to Reality!
    Episode 14 - Welcome to Reality!

    After the island, the members of the group are given a trip to a hot springs resort where each will face loved ones eager to prove life is worth living. Can Misaki do the same for Sato?

  • Welcome to the Fantasy!
    Episode 15 - Welcome to the Fantasy!

    Sato’s need for cash drives him to join a MMORPG. His plan: sell virtual goods for real world money. As his time in-game begins to interfere with his day to day life, he meets and forms a party with Mia.

  • Welcome to the Game Over!
    Episode 16 - Welcome to the Game Over!

    Sato’s back to his reclusive ways, but just as Misaki and Kaoru decide to intervene, the world of online fantasy comes crashing down - it turns out Mia is actually someone Sato knows!

  • Welcome to Happiness!
    Episode 17 - Welcome to Happiness!

    Megumi vows she can help Sato overcome his antisocial ways, but when she takes him to a run-down building where he finds only a sales pitch, Sato has to figure out what the girl’s real motives.

  • Welcome to No Future!
    Episode 18 - Welcome to No Future!

    Sato sees that Megumi has swindled him, and when he confronts her, she somehow manages to trick him and his friends again! When they knock on her door to end the mess once and for all, Sato’s worlds collide!

  • Welcome to the Blue Bird!
    Episode 19 - Welcome to the Blue Bird!

    With Megumi locked up, her little brother’s forced to fend for himself. When he lands a new job, Megumi starts seeing that she might need to rethink her life.

  • Welcome to Winter Days!
    Episode 20 - Welcome to Winter Days!

    With Kaoru leaving Tokyo soon to return to his life on the farm, he and Sato have to step it up if the game is to be completed.

  • Welcome to Reset!
    Episode 21 - Welcome to Reset!

    Sato is left to his usual ways just in time for Misaki to test his progress on a New Year’s Eve outing. While out on the town, Sato loses Misaki - and finds Hitomi.

  • Welcome to the God!
    Episode 22 - Welcome to the God!

    Finally reunited on New Year’s Eve, tension grows between Misaki and Sato after he lies about spending time with Hitomi - and the tension grows even more when the lies continue at their next session.

  • Welcome to Misaki!
    Episode 23 - Welcome to Misaki!

    After she tests him with a macabre quiz, Misaki tells Sato their plans for the next day: the graduation exam. No matter the outcome, their relationship is about to change.

  • Welcome to the N-H-K!
    Episode 24 - Welcome to the N-H-K!

    After desperation drives them to the edge of a cliff, Sato and Misaki find they might have finally killed the parts of themselves that cause so much pain and agree to continue living on their own terms.


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"Welcome to Heartbreak"

Unusual in it's approach and subject matter, Welcome to NHK takes a deep dive into the lifestyles of Japanese shut-ins dealing with everything from depression to suicide. I've never seen anything quit... more


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    Sato’s life – or what’s left of it – is a paranoid mess of conspiracy theories and social anxieties. He’s terrified of the outside world; his apartment is overflowing with the remnants of...

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