We Without Wings - Alice, the Goth Loli Lolita
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We Without Wings
Alice, the Goth Loli Lolita

Clip  | TV-MA

Alice doesn't understand a lot of what goes on in the dark and seedy world of adults, even if she does have very sophisticated pantsu. Yes, it's going there.

Coming soon to Blu-ray and DVD Combo pack!


Fans of the taboo can’t afford to miss this UNCUT, UNCENSORED promenade of panties based on an original work by the creators of Shuffle!
Winter descends on the city, and three eerily similar young men teeter on the brink of madness after cleav-tastic collisions with kinky girls who lead with their curves! First we have Takashi, the school boy who yearns to plant his seed in a fantasy realm, but fears his girlfriend will beat him senseless for playing hanky-panky in another dimension. Next up is Shusuke, an aspiring journalist tormented by a buxom lady author that slips out of her clothes any time he’s around. And finally there’s Hayato, a foul-mouthed handyman who wanders the night accompanied by a harem of panty-flashing minions. Though their personalities differ, Takashi, Shusuke, and Hayato are mysteriously linked by a powerful perversion that will leave fans reaching for the tissues after a mind-bending climax for the ages!

Contains episodes 1-12 plus episode 00.

Special Features: Commentary for Episodes 4 & 8, Textless Opening, Textless Closings, U.S. Trailer, Trailers.

Spoken Languages: English, Japanese, English subtitles.

Official Site: www.funimation.com/shows/we-without-wings

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