Wanna be the Strongest in the World! - Diva VS Wrestler! FIGHT!
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Wanna be the Strongest in the World!
Diva VS Wrestler! FIGHT!

Clip  | TV-MA

The cute idol girls of Sweet Diva, Elena and Sakura, are trying out pro-wrestling for the first time, but veteran body-slammer Rio won't have any of this pop star playtime!

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The eye-popping world of women’s professional wrestling is sweaty, sadistic, and savagely sexy. Famous Japanese pop idol Sakura Hagiwara is better suited for the spotlight than the wrestling ring, but this ravishing songstress is about to put her body to the ultimate test. When she and fellow idol Elena are assigned to pose as wrestlers for a promotional event, a vicious lady brawler by the name of Rio decides to teach the girls a lesson in pain. Rio unleashes a flurry of ferocious of attacks on Elena, contorting her divine female form into an array of agonizing positions. Shocked by the blush-inducing beating taken by her friend, Sakura vows to get her heavenly curves ready to rumble and redeem the good name of idols everywhere by becoming a bona fide diva of the pro-wrestling world!

Official Site: www.funimation.com/shows/wanna-be-the-strongest-in-the-world

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