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Animation Production from Studio Hibari - Duel Masters & Moonlight Mile

  • Genre: Action,Romance,Supernatural,Yuri
  • Rating: TV-14
  • Aspect Ratio: 16:9
  • Number of Episodes: 12

a good, entertaining anime series

You can’t go wrong with a girl with superhuman abilities who kicks ass and sports a eye patch.


After a lifetime of seeing ghosts, young Sumire is recruited by powerful Lucia to fight demons! The girls battle darkness as members of the Venus Vanguard, a group dedicated to ridding the world of its greatest threat – Virus. But as they discover why every life is worth saving, they also learn that they carry their own unlocked potential for evil. The Virus rages out of control, but Sumire and Lucia are prepared to give it the beating it truly deserves. Get ready – it’s time for your vaccination.

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  • Innocent Invitation
    Episode 1 - Innocent Invitation

    After a rash of disappearances, the Venus Vanguard investigates rumors of a strange, dark presence. Lucia will need Sumire’s help to defeat the threat.

  • Divergent World
    Episode 2 - Divergent World

    Sumire’s weary of the testing meant to help her control her Berserker tendencies and longs for a normal life. Of course, it’s hard to be normal when even a day at school could result in a battle with a Virus.

  • Request Indication
    Episode 3 - Request Indication

    When her brother’s personality changes in disturbing ways, a young girl seeks the help of the Venus Vanguard. Sumire and Lucia think a Virus could be at the root of the problem.

  • Dizzying Meeting
    Episode 4 - Dizzying Meeting

    Sumire’s first encounter with Lucia is revisited, revealing the circumstances that led to Sumire joining the Venus Vanguard.

  • Distant Messenger
    Episode 5 - Distant Messenger

    A new threat - Luca - emerges, and she won’t be easily defeated. When she attacks Yoshiki, Sumire must take drastic measures to confront the Virus.

  • Bitter Damage
    Episode 6 - Bitter Damage

    Lucia is severely injured after an encounter with the powerful Guy. Their next confrontation is going no better until Sumire comes to the rescue.

  • Deep Feelings
    Episode 7 - Deep Feelings

    While Lucia recovers from the injuries sustained during her battle with Guy, Nahashi recalls a time eighteen years in the past, before Lucia was born.

  • Dark Wish
    Episode 8 - Dark Wish

    Lucia distances herself from Sumire and decides to take on Guy by herself - and walks into a trap set by Luca!

  • Sweet Aroma
    Episode 9 - Sweet Aroma

    Lucia is hesitant to celebrate her birthday, which falls on the same day as Sumire’s. Eventually, she warms to the idea and the birthday girls team up to make a cake.

  • Mistaken Objective
    Episode 10 - Mistaken Objective

    Sumire thinks the world of Yoshiki, and they’re growing closer with each passing day. Lucia isn’t nearly as fond of Yoshiki and can’t help but think he’s got dubious intentions.

  • Intent to Sacrifice
    Episode 11 - Intent to Sacrifice

    Nahashi, Laura, and Lucia try to find Sumire after she sets out to find the vanished Yoshiki. Time is of the essence - the threat of Lucif looms!

  • White Future
    Episode 12 - White Future

    During her confrontation with Lucif, Lucia learns the truth of her past - and vows to destroy her father!


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"pretty good"

overall pretty good nice story cool characters neat idea for a story but could have been done better still a good show I had a good time watching it.


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great story could tell rushed for over all. beginning to end great and unexpected form the case cover. but not happy to. you will understand once watched. aka Lord Loki


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    After a lifetime of seeing ghosts, young Sumire is recruited by powerful Lucia to fight demons! The girls battle darkness as members of the Venus Vanguard, a group dedicated to ridding the world of...

    Rating: TV-14

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