Venus Project -Climax- - Venus System, Activate!
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Venus Project -Climax-
Venus System, Activate!

Clip  | TV-PG

Some pop idols fight on with the power of their dreams. These idols fight with giant mechs.

Watch new episodes of Venus Project -Climax- every week right after Japanese broadcast at! The anime starts on episode 7, or check out the prequel live-action segments featuring real Japanese seiyuu and idols!


Experience a unique multimedia experience with Venus Project -Climax-! Set in a near-future Japan, Formula Venus is the new entertainment format that pits aspiring performers against each other for the title of New Idol Princess. Eriko Hara hopes to win to support the orphanage that took her in and the children that currently live there.
This unique multimedia show will also pit the actual voice actresses against each other in a series of live challenges. It’s 2D vs. 3D in Venus Project -Climax-!

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