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From GONZO, the studio that brought you Afro Samurai, Witchblade, Kiddy Grade, and Strike Witches!

From the creator & director of Otaku no Video & Gunsmith Cats

  • Genre: Action,Adventure,Comedy,Fan Service,Mecha,Romance,Sci Fi,Space
  • Rating: TV-14
  • Aspect Ratio: 16:9,4:3
  • Number of Episodes: 26
  • Number of OVAs: 2
  • Sequence:
    Season 1 (Eps 1-13)
    Season 2 (Eps 14-26)


Wicked mecha action and all kinds of naughty humor!

slapstick and innuendo combine to produce a true guilty pleasure

Animation World Network

a madcap adventure

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a lot of fun to watch


The battle of the sexes may seem bad on Earth, but in a space colony far, far away, things are even worse. Men and women haven’t seen each other for decades, so they don’t just argue in the future – they go straight for each other’s throats. Enter lowly Hibiki, a little guy with big dreams of adventure, who finds himself in the middle of a firefight after stowing away in a top secret mech designed to purge the galaxy of estrogen! But as the gender war rages on, a mysterious crystal weapon forever links their starships – and their destinies. Time is running out as men and women explore their sexual differences, struggle to suppress raging hormones, and fight to survive the threat of a deadly common foe!

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  • Boy Meets Girl
    Episode 1 - Boy Meets Girl

    Hibiki secretly enters a new battleship to steal a Vanguard, but his plan falls apart when the vessel launches with him aboard. Things get even more complicated when a band of female pirates attacks!

  • And... I've Lost my Way
    Episode 2 - And... I've Lost my Way

    The female pirates are deciding the fate of Hibiki and two other captive men when a mysterious enemy unleashes a sneak attack. They’ll have to find a way to work together if they are to survive.

  • This is the Path I Choose to Live
    Episode 3 - This is the Path I Choose to Live

    The assault has ended, but the new crew of the damaged battleship isn’t out of danger yet. Some of the women are missing, and swarming asteroids threaten to demolish the vessel - and safety is far, far away.

  • I Want to Know More About You
    Episode 4 - I Want to Know More About You

    Hibiki’s earning a reputation as a worthy warrior, but his inability to work well with others is causing problems. He’s reassigned to the supply depot, where Gascogne gives him a lesson in the art of teamwork.

  • Sweet Temptation
    Episode 5 - Sweet Temptation

    Aboard the re-christened Nirvana, Hibiki’s growing more and more annoyed with Dita. Later, a team of Vanguards is dispatched to the surface of a barren planet, where the enemy’s intentions are revealed.

  • What a Wonderful World
    Episode 6 - What a Wonderful World

    Meia sustains serious injuries in battle. As her friends attempt to save her life, her mind drifts to scenes from her difficult past. Meanwhile, it’s up to Hibiki to lead the team to safety.

  • Easy Life
    Episode 7 - Easy Life

    Hibiki has no idea how to handle women, and his behavior is causing Dita great pain. As he seeks advice from Gascogne, Dita begins to see that her feelings for Hibiki are unlike anything she’s ever known.

  • Impossible!
    Episode 8 - Impossible!

    The crew investigates a deserted space colony and stumbles across Rabat. Hibiki and the gang don’t trust him - and when he boards the Nirvana, their fears prove valid.

  • More Barbaric Than Heaven
    Episode 9 - More Barbaric Than Heaven

    Hibiki and Jura crash on the surface of a water-covered planet. When the others arrive to investigate, they must deal with a strange religious cult.

  • White Love
    Episode 10 - White Love

    Christmas comes to the Nirvana, but the men don’t understand the holiday. The guys grow more confused when they find an old video of a man and woman celebrating the day together - and living together!

  • Together...
    Episode 11 - Together...

    Misunderstandings and suspicions lead to new hostilities between Nirvana’s women and men. Hibiki flees into space - only to encounter a shocking display of Harvest power.

  • They Don't Care About Us
    Episode 12 - They Don't Care About Us

    Hibiki and Rabat return to the Nirvana and are quickly incarcerated. The women, vowing to never again depend on men, stand alone against the Harvest.

  • To Feel the Fire
    Episode 13 - To Feel the Fire

    As the women struggle against the Harvest juggernaut, Hibiki escapes confinement. With the Nirvana’s resources seriously depleted, Hibiki comes up with a risky plan to end the battle.

  • Integral
    OVA 1 - Integral

    Lowly mechanic, Hibiki, stows away on an intergalactic combat vehicle in search of adventure, but he quickly finds himself surrounded by sexy space pirates! Feast your eyes on this OVA recap of Season One! Includes Never before seen footage!

  • Red Angel
    Episode 14 - Red Angel

    Hibiki is tormented by a recurring nightmare involving a mysterious red light and the horrific destruction of the Nirvana. Could this dream become reality?

  • Be My Baby
    Episode 15 - Be My Baby

    An attempt to decode the message carried by Misty causes the outbreak of a computer virus which disables the Nirvana. Later, a new life force is welcomed to the ship.

  • Blossoming Path
    Episode 16 - Blossoming Path

    Bart’s overpowering attachment to a terminally ill girl on a contaminated planet leads to the activation of one of the Nirvana’s most devastating weapons.

  • Everything
    Episode 17 - Everything

    In need of supplies, the Nirvana docks at a remote outpost overrun by Harvester refugees. When their advanced weaponry proves useless, the crew must rely on hand to hand combat - or antiques!

  • Somedays
    Episode 18 - Somedays

    Jura is seriously injured when a new breed of enemy attacks the Nirvana, and tempers flare in the aftermath of battle.

  • Original Smile
    Episode 19 - Original Smile

    The crew mourns the loss of a comrade, and Hibiki leads a final, desperate attack on the mother ship.

  • Kiss on My Cheek
    Episode 20 - Kiss on My Cheek

    The crew uses cameras to monitor the developing love triangle between Misty, Dita, and Hibiki. Meanwhile, a water leak wreaks havoc in the men’s quarters.

  • Reality
    Episode 21 - Reality

    Hibiki and the crew plan a surprise birthday party for Meia, but the birthday girl ends up launching herself into space during an enemy attack.

  • Embrace All
    Episode 22 - Embrace All

    During a battle in a dense asteroid field, Hibiki is separated from his comrades and discovered by mysterious space dwellers.

  • Easy Come, Easy Go
    Episode 23 - Easy Come, Easy Go

    The crew of the Nirvana is elated to arrive at their home solar system, but there is still an obstacle to be overcome: a minefield which threatens to destroy them all.

  • Paradise
    Episode 24 - Paradise

    After narrowly surviving their voyage through the minefield, the crew of the Nirvana is captured by enemy fleets and the male members subjected to brainwashing.

  • Himegoto
    Episode 25 - Himegoto

    With the Nirvana back on course, two very different cultures struggle in their attempt to unite against a common enemy.

  • Trust
    Episode 26 - Trust

    As the final battle against the Harvest draws to a close, males and females alike look forward to an era of peaceful coexistence between the genders.

  • Turbulence
    OVA 2 - Turbulence

    Life aboard the Nirvana couldn’t get any wilder as love triangles blossom, and men and women unite against a deadly common enemy. Get an eyeful with this OVA recap of Season Two that includes mind-boggling bonus footage!


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    The battle of the sexes may seem bad on Earth, but in a space colony far, far away, things are even worse. Men and women haven’t seen each other for decades, so they don’t just argue in the fut...

    Rating: TV-14

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