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Unmask the Adventure

  • Genre: Action,Adventure,Fantasy,Mystery,Romance,Sci Fi
  • Rating: TV-14
  • Aspect Ratio: 16:9
  • Number of Episodes: 26

Don’t let the mask fool you; Utawarerumono is about much more than that, and that’s what makes it a series that can’t be missed

9 out of 10

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Has the makings to be a classic in the fantasy anime genre.

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Everything about him is shrouded in mystery. The mask he can't remove. The past he can't unravel. And the very survival of the people who have chosen him as their leader. But what Hakuoro does know is this: he was gravely injured and left for dead in a forest. A kind young girl named Eluluu found him and nursed him back to health. He was welcomed into a barren land where strange creatures roam, an angry god seeks vengeance, an oppressive government slaughters the innocent, and a bloody war looms on the horizon. Will the masked hero liberate the people who saved him? Can he unlock the memories that elude him? Or will he remain a stranger even to himself?

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  • The Uninvited
    Episode 1 - The Uninvited

    A young girl finds a mysterious, masked man with severe injuries lying alone in the forest. She brings the man home and carefully treats his wounds. When the stranger finally wakes, he remembers nothing of his past.

  • Ruler of the Wild Forest
    Episode 2 - Ruler of the Wild Forest

    When a sacred shrine is destroyed, the Queen of the Forest responds by killing innocent villagers, and Hakuoro joins the desperate effort to appease the angry spirit.

  • Violet & Amber
    Episode 3 - Violet & Amber

    A village elder appears to have vanished from the village, but Hakuoro eventually discovers her tending to a girl with an unusual sickness.

  • One-Way Path
    Episode 4 - One-Way Path

    When the elder is murdered, the devastated villagers set out to extract a full measure of vengeance against those responsible for her death.

  • Daughter of the Forest
    Episode 5 - Daughter of the Forest

    Hakuoro seizes control of the captured station and begins planting the seeds of rebellion in the minds and hearts of the oppressed citizens.

  • Gathering Force
    Episode 6 - Gathering Force

    More soldiers join Hakuoro’s rebellion, and the masked man soon finds himself locked in battle with a mighty samurai.

  • Invasion of the Imperial City
    Episode 7 - Invasion of the Imperial City

    Hakuoro leads his small army of rebels to the gates of the Emperor’s castle, but they are stunned by unexpected news.

  • The Mediator
    Episode 8 - The Mediator

    Hakuoro is mobbed by eager mediators and various individuals seeking information about his new country.

  • Taboo
    Episode 9 - Taboo

    Threatened with invasion, Hakuoro must devise a plan to defend his fledgling country against a much larger nation’s superior fighting force.

  • The Mercenary
    Episode 10 - The Mercenary

    Hakuoro holds a lethal mercenary captive until she proves her worth as a fighter - and agrees to join his army.

  • Everlasting Promise
    Episode 11 - Everlasting Promise

    Hakuoro issues a declaration of war in response to a series of brutal massacres.

  • Unrest
    Episode 12 - Unrest

    Sensing that his enemy is a far more dangerous opponent than he originally believed, Hakuoro turns his attention to concocting a new plan for victory.

  • A Bloody Battle
    Episode 13 - A Bloody Battle

    Against all odds, Hakuoro succeeds in defeating his opponent, which leads to a confrontational - and surprising - encounter with the emperor.

  • The Ravages of War
    Episode 14 - The Ravages of War

    In response to continued attacks on small, helpless villages, Hakuoro embraces a desperate plan to protect his burgeoning nation.

  • End of the Banquet
    Episode 15 - End of the Banquet

    The stage is set for a gruesome final battle between Hakuoro and Niwe, in which the masked man’s inner beast will play a pivotal role.

  • At the End of the Battle
    Episode 16 - At the End of the Battle

    Hakuoro tries to shake Niwe’s haunting final words, and Benawi and Oboro fight each other to determine who possesses the superior strength.

  • The Young Sovereign
    Episode 17 - The Young Sovereign

    Hakuoro shares a long and heartfelt talk about the state of the world with Kuuya. Later, he learns something surprising about the emperor who hides behind a mask.

  • The Rebel Army
    Episode 18 - The Rebel Army

    Karula’s younger brother embarks on an ill-advised rebellion in a nearby country. Though spirited, his undermanned army is dwarfed by its opponent.

  • Farewells
    Episode 19 - Farewells

    Hakuoro lends assistance to an overmatched rebel army, but motives will soon be called into question.

  • First Battle
    Episode 20 - First Battle

    Hakuoro and Kuuya converse again, but when the talk turns to plans for war, Hakuoro is faced with a difficult decision.

  • The Great Seal
    Episode 21 - The Great Seal

    Led down a bloody path by her advisors, Kuuya simultaneously engages all nations in a colossal war aimed at bringing peace to the continent.

  • Odious Pact
    Episode 22 - Odious Pact

    With Emperor Kuuya’s army threatening his capital city, Hakuoro arrives at a horrifying realization: there will not be enough time to evacuate his people.

  • Where the Heart Lies
    Episode 23 - Where the Heart Lies

    A devastating defeat leads to a lull in the fighting, during which Hakuoro reflects on his past and ponders the true identity of the “Iceman.”

  • On the Path of Destruction
    Episode 24 - On the Path of Destruction

    Within the walls of Kuuya’s castle, the battle begins, but there is more to this war than meets the eye.

  • Traces of an Ancient Dream
    Episode 25 - Traces of an Ancient Dream

    Revelations take center stage as more of Iceman’s tragic story is disclosed, and the mystery behind Hakuoro’s true identity is finally unraveled.

  • Him Whose Song is Sung
    Episode 26 - Him Whose Song is Sung

    As the sun rises on the final battle, Hakuoro fights enemies from within. Can he gain control of his wilder half - or will the violent conflict rage on?


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"Character focused, but not intense action. Curve your expectations a bit, and you will want more!"

Very character emotional anime. It is about a man who cannot remember who he is, and becomes a ruler, making difficult decisions during war. You get attached to the characters, but don't expect a lot... more


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"Linear in the beggining, crazy near the end"

Right, This show made a lot more sense after looking up the back-story on Wikipedia, with that said, this is a show about an amnesiac so i beg all of you to wait til after episode 26 before actually l... more


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    He had no past. No name. No face. Gravely injured and left for dead, Hakuoro was found by a young girl who nursed him back to health. Now, as the chosen leader of the small clan that welcomed him,...

    Rating: TV-14

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