Toriko - Part Four
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Part Four

Trailer  | TV-14

The excitement begins as Komatsu attempts to recreate the legendary Century Soup - and Toriko puts his all into growing a new arm! Next, the dynamic duo tackles the mystery of who devoured Toriko's home! After the logistics of lodging have been settled, Toriko and the gang battle Sharkbox Turtles, Honey Dragons, and a Chomp Urchin on a desperate mission to find food fit for a starving Seven-Colored Nellie.

The best is saved for last, however, as Toriko and Komatsu set out to capture the elusive Ozone Grass. Flying Sea Lions and Air Gorillas plague their journey, and to survive, our heroes will have to take their teamwork to the next level - forever cementing their status as lifelong partners in the pursuit of culinary bliss!

Contains episodes 39-50.

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