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Trains in Space… can you dig it?

From the legendary creator Leiji Matsumoto – Star Blazers, Captain Harlock, Galaxy Express 999, Interstella 5555

  • Genre: Action,Adventure,Cyberpunk,Drama,Mystery,Sci Fi,Slice of Life,Space
  • Rating: TV-PG
  • Aspect Ratio: 16:9
  • Number of Episodes: 26
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This is a fantastic series that simply should not be overlooked and is what I think of as one of the gems in FUNimation's catalog

Galaxy Railways is as good as it gets.


In the future, the trains of the Galaxy Railways transport citizens between planets, protected from terrorists and aliens by the elite SDF. Though his father and brother were lost in service of the SDF, Manabu follows his dreams and joins the unit. In the future, the Galaxy Railways transports citizens between planets. The trains are protected by the SDF, an elite fighting force tasked with keeping terrorists and aliens at bay. Though his father and brother were lost in service of the SDF, Manabu follows his dreams and joins the unit. His train to the stars is about to depart Destiny Station, but Manabu’s fate is already in motion.

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  • Sacrifice
    Episode 1 - Sacrifice

    After stowing away on Big One, Manabu and Mamoru watch in horror as their father makes the ultimate sacrifice to rescue a stranded space-train under attack by an enemy Destroyer.

  • Knot in Time
    Episode 2 - Knot in Time

    Manabu joins the SDF against his mother’s wishes. On his way to headquarters, his space-train falls into a Time-Knot, bringing Manabu face-to-face with a ghost from his past.

  • Wheel of Fate
    Episode 3 - Wheel of Fate

    Manabu is assigned to his father’s old platoon, but his welcome is anything but warm. He must survive both a life and death crisis and senior officer Bruce’s dangerous and difficult training.

  • Eternity
    Episode 4 - Eternity

    A missing person report leads Sirius Platoon to investigate the Ghost Train known as Eternity. Impulsively, Manabu jumps aboard the massive specter, but will he ever be able to disembark?

  • Hijacked
    Episode 5 - Hijacked

    Sirius Platoon’s investigation on Planet Leo Glando goes horribly wrong when Big One is stolen! Unwilling to let the train fall into enemy hands, Captain Bulge is ordered to destroy it.

  • Reason to Live, Part 1
    Episode 6 - Reason to Live, Part 1

    A passenger train encounters a mysterious glowing sludge shortly before exploding. Manabu arrives to investigate, but the true horror lies in wait. Will he be able to separate emotion from duty?

  • Reason to Live, Part 2
    Episode 7 - Reason to Live, Part 2

    Layla helps renew Manabu’s determination to regain his position on Big One, but there are bigger problems at hand. SDF HQ is under assault, and all trains have been dispatched across the galaxy.

  • Engine Song
    Episode 8 - Engine Song

    As punishment, Manabu is reassigned to help Whitman, the SDF’s head mechanic. When a twist of fate forces the two mavericks to work together, Manabu may find out what makes Whitman tick.

  • Memory Gallery
    Episode 9 - Memory Gallery

    While waiting out an Electromagnetic Storm, the crew of Big One encounters Salye, a magical creature who steals memories.

  • Crossroads
    Episode 10 - Crossroads

    Escapees from a prison train at Space Junction force Captain Bulge to alter Big One’s course. Manabu teams with Yuki to apprehend two desperate prisoners, but will they find the convicts in time?

  • Forget Me Not
    Episode 11 - Forget Me Not

    As Big One embarks on a rescue mission, Captain Bulge reflects on people and places from his past. Feelings he thought were buried deep have finally begun to surface.

  • Twilight
    Episode 12 - Twilight

    During the evacuation of a doomed planet, Big One’s relief teams encounter a mysterious oasis. Sirius Platoon explores the world, and they meet a woman who mistakes Manabu for her son.

  • Train Bound for Fate
    Episode 13 - Train Bound for Fate

    When Manabu accidentally boards the 777 Express, he runs into a childhood friend. Unfortunately, there is little time to reminisce before the 777 is attacked by aliens from another dimension.

  • Bond
    Episode 14 - Bond

    Manabu is confused when Louis tries to back out of their mission to guard President Drake. Aboard the Dignity, Manabu discovers the real reason behind Louis’s reluctance.

  • Joint Forces
    Episode 15 - Joint Forces

    Orbit Network Radar confirms a meteor stream is on a collision course with Central Station. The SDF is sent to resolve the threat, but Captain Julia and Captain Murase have very different methods.

  • Comrade
    Episode 16 - Comrade

    A casino train is attacked by pirates and crashes on a planet with a corrosive atmosphere. Sirius Platoon has only six hours to complete their rescue mission before Big One is totally eradicated.

  • Armored Goddess
    Episode 17 - Armored Goddess

    David reunites with an old flame when Big One is sent to rescue survivors stranded on a remote planet, and Sirius Platoon encounters a mystery that proves love is stronger than legend.

  • Life and Death
    Episode 18 - Life and Death

    An intruder at SDF headquarters makes an attempt on Manabu’s life. Bruce pursues the attacker, but he’s ambushed and doused with nerve gas, leaving him hanging in the balance between life and death.

  • Tranquility
    Episode 19 - Tranquility

    Sirius, Spica, and Vega Platoons depart for a vacation at Murase’s inn on Planet Carcalla. When a cry of distress shatters the peace, Manabu realizes the true value of tranquility.

  • Choice
    Episode 20 - Choice

    Manabu is hand picked to join his brother’s former unit, the elite Space Panzer Grenadiers. During his final training session, a magnetic disturbance strands Manabu aboard a damaged train.

  • The Revolt
    Episode 21 - The Revolt

    Big One responds to a distress signal from the labyrinthine Planet Kowloon, but a surprise attack by a lurking alien vessel leaves Sirius Platoon with a only a dimensional rift as an escape route.

  • The Merciless Wind
    Episode 22 - The Merciless Wind

    Ivanov and Captain Bulge clash after Louis is badly injured. While Sirius Platoon does everything in its power to save him, a fellow crewmember selflessly hides a severe injury.

  • The Cruel Verdict
    Episode 23 - The Cruel Verdict

    The crew of Big One mourns the loss of Bruce, and Captain Bulge is called before an inquiry panel to answer for his insubordination.

  • Blazing Galaxy
    Episode 24 - Blazing Galaxy

    The Alfort Fleet continues its destruction of junction stations, and a mysterious alien voice identifies Destiny Station as the next target. With time running out, Bulge accepts what he must do.

  • Echoes of Life
    Episode 25 - Echoes of Life

    Bulge and his crew are the only hope for a galaxy under alien attack. Sirius Platoon must wait until the time is right before launching a desperate attack on the Alfort Fleet’s command ship.

  • Eternal Hope
    Episode 26 - Eternal Hope

    Manabu is shocked to see 200 enemy ships headed for Destiny Station, and Commander Foecis makes his demands known - surrender or die. No prisoners will be taken!


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"Fun to watch!"

While the idea of trains in space may seem ridiculous, this series has plenty of good visuals. The story is a fun space adventure, the characters are memorable, and there are even a few intense moment... more


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    The Complete Series - S.A.V.E.
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    In the future mankind will venture to the far reaches of the cosmos using technologically advanced trains, perhaps the least likely method of intergalactic travel.  The fleet of the Galaxy Rai...

    Rating: TV-PG

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  • $29.98 $22.49 Add

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    In the future, mankind will venture to the far reaches of the cosmos using technologically advanced trains, perhaps the least likely method of intergalactic travel. The fleet of the Galaxy Railways...

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