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  • Rating: TV-14
  • Aspect Ratio: 16:9
  • Number of Episodes: 20


Hi. I’m Scott, one of the hosts of The FUNimation Show. It’s a new show about all things FUNimation. Simple, right? Every other Friday, me and your pal Rojas are gonna bring you tons of news, info, interviews, funny stuff, serious business, sneak peeks, behind-the-scenes action, some OMG, LOL, WTF, ETC.

And since we believe that anime is an important part of the well-balanced Pop Culture diet, we’re also gonna be talking about some of the other nerdy/geeky/rad stuff that’s happening out there. Because we are fans, you and me. Fans of imagination and weirdness and wonder. We demand compelling stories and crave captivating art. It’s in our DNA.

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  • Episode 1
    Episode 1 - Episode 1

    Join bearded host Scott Porter for the premiere episode of The FUNimation Show! Featuring news and announcements about your favorite anime, special guest and Friend of FUNimation RZA, and countless other shenanigans, you won't want to miss it!

  • Episode 2
    Episode 2 - Episode 2

    On today's episode of The FUNimation Show: The world premeire of the Appleseed XIII trailer, Jesse McFaddin of RIZE, a huge Soul Eater giveaway, and more! Plus, WHAT'S ON WALTER'S WIENER?!

  • Episode 3
    Episode 3 - Episode 3

    We announce the cast of Roberta's Blood Trail and the winner of the Soul Eater giveaway. Also, Scott's dark past returns to haunt him.

  • Episode 4
    Episode 4 - Episode 4

    Scott feels the heat as new co-host Jamie Marchi enters the picture.

  • Episode 5
    Episode 5 - Episode 5

    Golden Week, The San Francisco Cherry Blossom Festival and Jamie Answers Your Questions in Celebration of Talk Like Batman Day.

  • Episode 6
    Episode 6 - Episode 6

    An interview with Machete himself, Danny Trejo, Jamie’s Q&A with Joel McDonald, and the real world side effects of living the anime lifestyle!

  • Episode 7
    Episode 7 - Episode 7

    The Funimation Show gang checks in from A-Kon 24 in Dallas, and Ian Sinclair answers your questions! Yeeeehaw!

  • Episode 8
    Episode 8 - Episode 8

    Scott and Justin see wuzz up at the ScrewAttack Gaming Convention, Jerry Jewell answers your questions and more!!!

  • Episode 9
    Episode 9 - Episode 9

    Coverage of Anime Expo 2013 with Josh Grelle, Christopher Smith, Attack on Titan goodness and Funimation super-friend, Robert "Bubby" Lewis.

  • Episode 10
    Episode 10 - Episode 10

    The gang reports from San Diego Comic-Con 2013. We're keeping it minxy with Miss Hannah Minx, nerding out with NASA's "mohawk guy" Bobak Ferdowsi and of course, all your standard Comic-Con goodness.

  • Episode 11
    Episode 11 - Episode 11

    It's a con season wrap up with, bonus footage, Top Cow Productions CEO and comic book artist Marc Silvestri and recent acquisitions amidst the return of evil incarnate.


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