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  • Genre: Action,Drama,Sci Fi
  • Rating: TV-MA
  • Aspect Ratio: 16:9
  • Number of Episodes: 22

I was blown away by the animation.

Judge Joel Pearce, dvdverdict.com

The art direction is top notch.



Legendary cult-favorite Yoshitoshi ABe (Serial Experiments Lain, Haibane Renmei) tempts us to witness every gritty detail of man’s downward spiral in a future overrun by violence, greed, and depravity. In pursuit of perfection, humans develop a technology to replace limbs with robotic parts. However, this innovation injects corruption into the underground city of Lux.

After Ichise loses an arm and a leg to please a vengeful gang member, a beautiful but perverse doctor equips him with experimental prosthetics against his will. Only a prophetic young girl’s vision of his destiny fuels his will to survive. When an army of men transformed into terrifying machines invades the city, Ichise rages against humanity’s demise— but can his actions actually be the catalyst?

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  • Stranger
    Episode 1 - Stranger

    Ichise is a prize fighter in the city of Lux. When a meeting with a hired woman goes awry, he is tracked down by a member of Organ—who cruelly severs his right arm.

  • Forfeiture
    Episode 2 - Forfeiture

    In a fit of blind rage, Ichise tries to attack and loses his left leg to the same blade. Left to live in his mutilated state, he drags himself through the alleyways.

  • Texhnophile
    Episode 3 - Texhnophile

    Ichise wakes up in a lab where a beautiful doctor has taken him in and prepares a set of new limbs for him using a new experimental Texhnolyze process. Elsewhere, men from the Alliance attempt to assassinate one of Organ’s top men, Onishi.

  • Synapse
    Episode 4 - Synapse

    Yoshi analyzes the politics of Lux and the switch in leadership from the Elder of Gabe to Onishi. Meanwhile, the doctor performs the operation on Ichise—who isn’t ready to accept his new lease on life just yet.

  • Loiter
    Episode 5 - Loiter

    Disoriented from the procedure’s effect on his body, Ichise escapes from Doc’s lab before he is fully adjusted to his new limbs and distorted vision. Then he gets a brutal greeting from Ishii on the streets—but he may have a follower on his side.

  • Repetition
    Episode 6 - Repetition

    After wrecking her car on a desolate highway, Doc meets a man from outside the city. Ichise finally realizes the strength of his texhnolyzed parts, and proves he has the mettle to confront the man who put him in his position.

  • Plot
    Episode 7 - Plot

    Onishi releases Ichise from captivity after Doc performs a few repairs on his prosthetics. Then, tension between Organo and the Alliance rises as a masked assassin lays waste to members of both factions.

  • Crucible
    Episode 8 - Crucible

    The level of violence rises after an unidentified arson sets fire to Alliance headquarters. Shinji and his Rakan thugs interrupt Onishi’s attempt to negotiate with the leader of Alliance—inciting a bloody war on the streets.

  • Wiggle
    Episode 9 - Wiggle

    Mayhem follows Onishi as Organo loses faith in his power as a leader. A messenger delivers a warning that investigations from above the city have begun. When Onishi returns home, it is evident that there is little room for wrong moves or carelessness.

  • Conclusion
    Episode 10 - Conclusion

    The struggle for control of Lux continues. Two factions plan to take advantage of the other’s recent weaknesses, but the outsider orchestrating the mayhem reveals his motives Shinji. Then, Onishi finally faces the antagonist in a deadly showdown.

  • Vagrant
    Episode 11 - Vagrant

    Attempting to take over Organo, one of Onishi’s former allies fails to make an impression on the Rakan and the Union. Ichise joins in a hunt for a man responsible for the recent bombing to clear Onishi’s name and stop the swine trying to take his place.

  • Precognition
    Episode 12 - Precognition

    After joining Organo, Ichise starts working with Toyama. Ran is wandering the streets alone when he sees her, and she is soon consumed by visions of his future.

  • Vista
    Episode 13 - Vista

    Onishi visits the Elder of Gabe for advice and receives a message from the Seer about his future. When she tells Ichise her visions of his future, he swears that he won’t allow it.

  • Rejection
    Episode 14 - Rejection

    Violence still taints the territories of Lux. Doc calls Ichise in to repair his hand—and to use him as her key to escape the city and return home. When things don’t go quite as planned, Ichise’s killing instinct takes over.

  • Shapes
    Episode 15 - Shapes

    Reports of several men going missing include sightings of a ghost-like figure at every scene. Deceit runs rampant within Organo, and Ichise is roped into a murderous scheme. Meanwhile, a member from the Class pays Onishi a visit.

  • Strain
    Episode 16 - Strain

    Ran struggles to accept her role as the Seer, which stirs up threats from those who rely on her clairvoyance. An army of fully-texhnolyzed beings invade Lux to snuff out the 100 year era of violent gang wars.

  • Dependence
    Episode 17 - Dependence

    The Class spares no one in the slaughter to “clean” the streets of Lux. Every man now fights desperately to survive, regardless of their former ties. Hal returns to show off his new strength and settle his score with Shinji.

  • Throne
    Episode 18 - Throne

    Ran flees Gabe and creates a gathering at the Obelisk. When Onishi arrives at the Hill, he is granted guidance to stop Kano before he achieves his ultimate goal.

  • Heavenward
    Episode 19 - Heavenward

    Ichise and Doc head above ground to warn the government about Kano’s threats—only to find people patiently awaiting their fate.

  • Hades
    Episode 20 - Hades

    Ichise’s mission to return to Lux is delayed by a familiar face—on a brand new body.

  • Encephalopathy
    Episode 21 - Encephalopathy

    Ichise struggles down the air shaft as his texhnolyzed limbs lose power, only to find the underground city devoid of power and on the brink of destruction. Shinji heads to the Hill on a fool’s errand to eliminate the Class.

  • Myth
    Episode 22 - Myth

    Everything unfolds exactly as the Seer had envisioned. As the war between the humans and the Shapes comes to an end, those remaining succumb to the city’s insanity. Longing only to protect Ran, Ichise fulfills her prophecy in his last acts of desperation.


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"It's really slow and weak on plot."

I tried to get into it but the psychology of this anime escaped me. The main character is kind of a moron and it was all just kind of weird.


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3.5* is more accurate. There's a lot of hype written about this series, and it doesn't really live up to it. It's engaging and an experience, but it's inconsistent and ultimately collapses under its o... more


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    Legendary cult-favorite Yoshitoshi ABe (Serial Experiments Lain, Haibane Renmei) tempts us to witness every gritty detail of man’s downward spiral in a future overrun by violence, greed, and depr...

    Rating: TV-MA

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