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From the creator of Tenchi Muyo!

From the animation studios that brought you Ga-Rei Zero and Tokko

An adventurous new chapter in the legendary Tenchi franchise

A spinoff loaded with interplanetary sex appeal

Each OVA is around 45 minutes long!

  • Genre: Action,Comedy,Fantasy,Harem,Mecha,Sci Fi
  • Rating: TV-MA
  • Aspect Ratio: 16:9
  • Number of Episodes: 13
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Fifteen year old Kenshi Masaki was taken from his home planet, transported to a galaxy far, far away, and captured by a gorgeous princess! This royal beauty quickly claims Kenshi as her personal servant – and lends him out to all the lecherous ladies at her prestigious boarding school. On the rare occasion Kenshi doesn’t have his hands full with a curvaceous coed, he can be found training for the intergalactic mecha battle royale looming on the horizon. Helping the princess save her planet is Kenshi’s ticket home, but losing means he’ll be stuck scrubbing backs in the interstellar sauna for the rest of his life! Every boy should be so lucky.

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  • The Black and White Sacred Mechanoids
    Episode 1 - The Black and White Sacred Mechanoids

    Lashara has just been crowned the Princess-King of the Shtrayu Empire and people are already out to get her! The assassins pilot unique Sacred Mechanoids, making it impossible to identify them. Can Lashara figure out who is after her?

  • To the Holy Land
    Episode 2 - To the Holy Land

    Lashara brings Kenshi to the Holy Land as her attendant. He is constantly puzzled by the ways of this world. He asks people what they think of the customs regarding “marriage” only to hear some surprising responses!

  • He Who Must Work...
    Episode 3 - He Who Must Work...

    Lashara tells Kenshi that he must earn money by working for the academy. He falls into a boiling pot of trouble when the upperclassmen decide he needs to work as one of the people who washes their backs before they bathe...!

  • Pendant
    Episode 4 - Pendant

    Lashara and Chiaia learn some about Kenshi’s bizarre life on his home planet. When the Headmistress hears that Kenshi should still be in school, she makes him enroll in the academy. Unfortunately, not everyone is happy to have a new guy in school...

  • To Be Chased and Pursued
    Episode 5 - To Be Chased and Pursued

    If Kenshi thought he was too popular with the ladies before, he's in for a whole new world of surprises when he gets appointed a position in the Student Council. Now every girl on campus seems to want him for herself!

  • Vacation
    Episode 6 - Vacation

    It's summer vacation and Queen Flora of Havoniwa invites Lashara and all of her friends to stay at a Havoniwan retreat. Unfortunately, things can never be just fun and games--a group of bandits have their eyes set on the resort they will be staying at!

  • Competitive Sports Tournament
    Episode 7 - Competitive Sports Tournament

    The Student Council decides to hold a competitive sports tournament. Lashara becomes the official bookmaker, but her plans to get rich quick are dampened when everyone starts placing their bets on Kenshi. Will Kenshi live to make it to the finish line?

  • Invasion
    Episode 8 - Invasion

    Dagmyer and Babalun initiate a surprise attack on the Holy Land. Not only must Lashara must help evacuate the students and faculty, but she must also try to stop the assault. Failure to do so could land her in hot water as the Princess-King of Shtrayu.

  • Expectations
    Episode 9 - Expectations

    Dagmyer devises a plot that will let him not only kill Kenshi, but also steal Lashara's ship. Now Lashara and her friends must foil Dagmyer's plans. As if that weren't enough, they must also come up with a way to win over the warrior-like King Shurifon.

  • Home
    Episode 10 - Home

    It has been made clear that Kenshi is the only one capable of fighting Gaia. Whoever owns him will possess the only key to defeating Babalun. Although this issue has been brushed aside in the past, it must now be addressed in earnest.

  • Barrier Workshop
    Episode 11 - Barrier Workshop

    Although the journey to the Barrier Workshop has been a long and hard one, Kenshi and his crew manage to make it there in one piece. Chiaia's father, Naua, tells Lashara and her friends the dark past of an ancient civilization and the Sacred Mechalord.

  • Fruition
    Episode 12 - Fruition

    Kenshi's new Sacred Mechanoid is impressive, but he needs a mighty weapon to go with it. Kenshi must make his own legend-worthy sword. As if that weren't bad enough, he has to fend off Lan and her group of bandit friends while he's making it!

  • Gaia
    Episode 13 - Gaia

    It is time for the final showdown, but first Kenshi must somehow make it to the Holy Land. Lan has been placed in charge of the main gate, which is actually a massive fortress! Can Kenshi and his friends overcome impossible odds?


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"It's "Tenchi" if Tenchi had the capability to kick his own harem's rear from the start."

There's no "upskirt panty shots," and Kenshi's still pretty wussy... But everything else is okay. If you're unhappy with the original Tenchi's slow pacing, GXP's hormonial overdrive, and Sammy's teeth... more


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    Get ready for an adventurous new chapter in the legendary Tenchi franchise – a classic spinoff loaded with interplanetary sex appeal!

    Fifteen year old Kenshi Masaki was taken from his hom...

    Rating: TV-MA

    Available Now!

  • $64.98 $48.74 Add

    Includes: Eps 1-7

    Get ready for an adventurous new chapter in the legendary Tenchi franchise – a classic spinoff loaded with interplanetary sex appeal!

    Fifteen year old Kenshi Masaki was taken from his hom...

    Rating: TV-MA

    Available Now!

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    Part Two
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    Rating: TV-MA

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