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Waking up on the wrong side of the galaxy since 1992.

The cult-classic harem anime!

From the creators of El Hazard

  • Genre: Comedy,Harem
  • Rating: TV-14
  • Aspect Ratio: 4:3
  • Number of Episodes: 26
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A hilariously, fun anime classic


In the beginning, there was Tenchi. Back when the only cure for an anime fix was a trip to the mall to load up on VHS tapes. Back when cable television first introduced this amazing new genre to American fans. The times may have changed since those good old days, but we’re thrilled to be bringing Tenchi back! A true classic never goes out of style, and Tenchi is the original anime harem comedy that started it all.

Everyone’s favorite luckless hero is back for more intergalactic hijinks in Tenchi Universe, an alternate universe retelling of the original Tenchi canon. Seventeen-year –old Tenchi Masaki is a regular guy whose life takes a turn for the outrageous when Ryoko the stunning space pirate crashes at his grandfather’s shrine. In the bat of an eye, Tenchi finds himself surrounded by a bevy of bodacious intergalactic beauties who’ll do everything they can to make him late for class!

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  • No Need for Discussions!
    Episode 1 - No Need for Discussions!

    Young Tenchi Masaki’s life changes forever the day he stumbles upon the wreckage of a fallen spacecraft piloted by the beautiful space vixen Ryoko!

  • No Need for Princesses!
    Episode 2 - No Need for Princesses!

    Ryoko and her old nemesis Princess Ayeka cross paths once again! Both ladies have a major crush on Tenchi, and the poor boy finds himself caught in an intergalactic love triangle!

  • No Need for Worries!
    Episode 3 - No Need for Worries!

    The Masaki home is turned upside down by the arrival of Ayeka’s little sister, Sasami! Meanwhile, Ryoko uses a super cute new spaceship to make Ayeka jealous!

  • No Need for Monsters!
    Episode 4 - No Need for Monsters!

    Ryoko drags Tenchi along for the ride when she explores a haunted cave near the Masaki Shrine! During their adventure, they accidentally awaken a “demon” who turns out to be a mad scientist!

  • No Need for Partners!
    Episode 5 - No Need for Partners!

    Mishoshi’s old Galaxy Police partner shows up at Tenchi’s house on a rescue mission, only to be shocked to find her old friend living with a space pirate, a princess, and a mad scientist!

  • No Need for Resident Officers!
    Episode 6 - No Need for Resident Officers!

    Mihoshi and Kiyone - the dynamic Galaxy Police duo - take part time jobs to foot the bill for their new apartment! Unfortunately, Mihoshi’s talent for mayhem makes holding down a job super hard!

  • No Need for Carnivals!
    Episode 7 - No Need for Carnivals!

    Tenchi takes Sasami to the annual festival of the shrine, but hijinks are sure to follow when the rest of the girls bring a taste of catastrophe to the party!

  • No Need for a Genius!
    Episode 8 - No Need for a Genius!

    Madcap mishaps ensue when Washu’s robotic double accidentally ends up with Mihoshi’s zany personality!

  • No Need for Memories!
    Episode 9 - No Need for Memories!

    Tenchi looks back on his childhood - including the death of his mother - during a heavy snowfall. When the boy falls ill, Ayeka uses a very special tree to help heal him!

  • No Need for an Arch Rival!
    Episode 10 - No Need for an Arch Rival!

    A ruthless interstellar bounty hunter uses Tenchi as bait in a devious attempt to capture the space pirate Ryoko! What will become of the luckless lad?

  • Time and Space Adventures Part I
    Episode 11 - Time and Space Adventures Part I

    Washu concocts a radical dimension-altering gizmo, but when the girls test it out before the device is finished, everyone is drawn into a twisted maze of alternate realities!

  • Time and Space Adventures Part II
    Episode 12 - Time and Space Adventures Part II

    The dimension-shifting saga continues with Kiyone giving up her intergalactic law enforcement career to settle down near the seaside and take a job working at Ayeka and Sasami’s tavern!

  • Time and Space Adventures Part III
    Episode 13 - Time and Space Adventures Part III

    The final chapter in the dimension-spanning storyline finds Tenchi and Mihoshi living as husband and wife! Sasami is their lovely daughter, and Ayeka is the intrusive sister-in-law!

  • No Need for a Rebellion!
    Episode 14 - No Need for a Rebellion!

    The temporary peace of the Masaki household is shattered when Juraian military goons arrest Ayeka, Sasami, and Ryoko! Can the rest of the gang mount a rescue mission?

  • No Need for an Escape!
    Episode 15 - No Need for an Escape!

    After a daring escape from the Juraian military, Tenchi and the gang are branded as fugitives! Mihoshi and Kiyone visit headquarter in search of details on the turbulent times at hand!

  • No Need for Hiding
    Episode 16 - No Need for Hiding

    Tenchi and his lovely ladies are still on the run, and they’re quickly running out of money! To earn some extra gas money, they’re forced to sling drinks at a space bar!

  • No Need for Hunger
    Episode 17 - No Need for Hunger

    Engine trouble leaves Tenchi and the gang stranded in deep space, and they’re almost out of food! Ryoko takes the last of the cash to buy groceries, but she ends up at a casino!

  • No Need for a Ghost
    Episode 18 - No Need for a Ghost

    Sasami vanishes after being visited by a mysterious young girl! The rest of the gang mounts a search party, but all they find is an abandoned space ship!

  • No Need for Runaways
    Episode 19 - No Need for Runaways

    When Tenchi and the gang stop to stock up on supplies, their spaceship is stolen by teenage troublemakers!

  • No Need for Swimsuits
    Episode 20 - No Need for Swimsuits

    The Yagami is badly in need of repairs, so Tenchi and the ladies open a café near the beach in the hopes of earning enough cash to cover the bill!

  • No Need for a Checkpoint
    Episode 21 - No Need for a Checkpoint

    The ladies dress up like sexy schoolgirls in order to slip through a space check point, but Mihoshi screws up the plan, and everyone is forced to evacuate!

  • No Need for Knights!
    Episode 22 - No Need for Knights!

    Tenchi and the gang stumble upon the final resting place of a legendary pair of Juraian knights!

  • No Need for Karma
    Episode 23 - No Need for Karma

    The fugitives seek refuge in some Juraian ruins, and Tenchi’s grandfather does battle with an exiled warrior!

  • No Need for Ryoko
    Episode 24 - No Need for Ryoko

    Ryoko and Katsuhito are too wounded to fight, so Tenchi decides to face his destiny by challenging Kagato!

  • No Need for a Showdown!
    Episode 25 - No Need for a Showdown!

    Tenchi, Azaka, and Kamidake head deep into the royal palace in search of Kagato!

  • No Need for a Conclusion
    Episode 26 - No Need for a Conclusion

    Tenchi narrates this stirring epiloge to the Tenchi Universe saga! Find out the ultimate fates of all your favorite characters!


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