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Waking up on the wrong side of the galaxy since 1992.

The cult-classic harem anime!

From the creators of El Hazard

  • Rating: TV-14
  • Aspect Ratio: 4:3
  • Number of Episodes: 26
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In the beginning, there was Tenchi. Back when the only cure for an anime fix was a trip to the mall to load up on VHS tapes. Back when cable television first introduced this amazing new genre to American fans. The times may have changed since those good old days, but we’re thrilled to be bringing Tenchi back! A true classic never goes out of style, and Tenchi is the original anime harem comedy that started it all.

When walking disaster Tenchi sets out for the bright lights of Tokyo, his harem of scandalous space vixens won’t take their abandonment lying down! The jilted lovers use an inter-dimensional tunnel to keep tabs on Tenchi and visit him – in bed – any time they please! The claws come out when the girls find out Tenchi has a super cute new girlfriend – and her intentions are anything but honorable! From the creator of El Hazard, it’s Tenchi in Tokyo!

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  • Separation Anxiety
    Episode 1 - Separation Anxiety

    Tenchi leaves for Tokyo to complete his training as a priest, and the girls are none too happy about his departure! Luckily, Washu has access to an inter-dimensional tunnel that will help keep tabs on the special boy!

  • Four's a Crowd
    Episode 2 - Four's a Crowd

    All the girls want to control the inter-dimensional tunnel, so they can have unlimited access to Tenchi! But back in Tokyo, he’s got his hands full with a pretty girl from school - and a mysterious goddess of love!

  • Long Distance Lunacy
    Episode 3 - Long Distance Lunacy

    When Tenchi locks the ladies out of the inter-dimensional tunnel, Washu uses some high tech gadgetry to keep tabs on their lover boy. See what happens when the signals get crossed!

  • The Eternal Pledge
    Episode 4 - The Eternal Pledge

    Tenchi’s day of sight-seeing with a pretty girl threatens to turn into a walk down the aisle when he and Sakuya wander into the House of the Eternal Pledge!

  • Money! Money! Money!
    Episode 5 - Money! Money! Money!

    Money troubles force the girls to take jobs in Tokyo, but when they notice Tenchi hanging with Sakuya, paying the bills takes a back seat to spying on their man!

  • Play Date
    Episode 6 - Play Date

    When the rest of the girls try to steal her hard-earned money, Sasami runs to Tenchi for comfort, but their day of shopping in Tokyo turns ugly after Yugi gets involved!

  • The Day We Met
    Episode 7 - The Day We Met

    While Tenchi travels back to his hometown, a series of flashbacks reveal the unbelievable story behind how he met - and became close friends with - his special lady friends!

  • Tenchi Anniversary
    Episode 8 - Tenchi Anniversary

    The backstory of Tenchi and his gal pals wraps up with a tall tale involving battles, fragments of a crystal necklace, and a demonic monkey!

  • The Guardians of Old
    Episode 9 - The Guardians of Old

    A field trip threatens to turn deadly when Tenchi and the girls fall through a hole and discover an ancient tomb that once contained a feisty demon!

  • Ryoko's Big Date
    Episode 10 - Ryoko's Big Date

    Tenchi has his hands full when Ryoko crashes his date with Sakuya! Yugi and Sakuya are also watching, meaning hijinks are sure to ensue!

  • Moon Mission
    Episode 11 - Moon Mission

    A fight over a cookie leads to a broken statue, and Ryo-Ohki is left to take the blame! When no one believes she’s innocent, the poor cabbit wanders off only to end up on the moon!

  • Stupid Cupid
    Episode 12 - Stupid Cupid

    Tenchi’s father heads for Tokyo after the Masaki household rejects his cooking! Once there, he meets up with Sakuya and tries to fan the flames of young love!

  • The Eye of the Destroyer
    Episode 13 - The Eye of the Destroyer

    The thrilling first half of the series draws to a close as Tenchi’s bond with the girls is placed in jeopardy by Yugi’s meddlesome ways!

  • Tokyo or Bust!
    Episode 14 - Tokyo or Bust!

    Ayeka and Sasami catch a ride with a leather-clad biker chick as they attempt to hitchhike to Tokyo!

  • Love Match
    Episode 15 - Love Match

    The girls frantically tear the house apart in search of bus fare after they discover their inter-dimensional tunnel to Tenchi has been closed!

  • Carnival!
    Episode 16 - Carnival!

    The girls blow Mr. Masaki’s savings on tickets to Tokyo, where they promptly ruining the school festival! Tenchi’s not happy about their behavior, and Ryoko fears she may have lost him for good!

  • Drifting Away
    Episode 17 - Drifting Away

    Ryoko’s pity party is spoiled by an unexpected attacker - and yet another encounter with the space pirate Hotsuma! Will she return to her life of piracy and wage war on the Galaxy Police?

  • Game Over
    Episode 18 - Game Over

    Washu locks herself away in the lab to focus on research, Kiyone and Mihoshi throw themselves into their work, and Ryoko wastes no time readjusting to a life of piracy!

  • The Lonely Princess
    Episode 19 - The Lonely Princess

    Ayeka is freaking out over the potential breakup of the family, but no one else seems to care. With her options dwindling, she finally places a call to Tenchi in Tokyo!

  • Old Friends
    Episode 20 - Old Friends

    Mihoshi and Kiyone are sent undercover to bust Ryoko and her fellow space pirates. Unfortunately for them, Ryoko sees right through their disguises!

  • Real Friends?
    Episode 21 - Real Friends?

    Washu finally emerges from her laboratory with horrifying news! Yugi is somehow connected to the darkest period in Jurai’s history!

  • Sakuya's Secret
    Episode 22 - Sakuya's Secret

    Sasami is shocked to learn the truth about her friend Yugi. To protect the household, Ayeka orders Azaka and Kamidake to increase security!

  • Here, There, and Everywhere
    Episode 23 - Here, There, and Everywhere

    Ryoko grows tired of the life of a space pirate, and she’s surprised to discover how much she misses Earth. Meanwhile, Washu uses a spy probe to learn the truth about Tenchi’s girlfriend.

  • Yugi's Shadow
    Episode 24 - Yugi's Shadow

    Yugi’s evil plans near completion, and Washu and Katsuhito rush to Tokyo to warn Tenchi of the impending danger!

  • The End of Time
    Episode 25 - The End of Time

    Yugi begins her assault on Earth, Sasami is kidnapped, and Tenchi vows to fulfill his duty as the ultimate defender of the planet!

  • Payback
    Episode 26 - Payback

    As the final showdown approaches, Tenchi knows he alone must face Yugi, but first he must collect the gem fragments to create the weapon he’ll need to achieve victory!


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