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  • Genre: Action,Sci Fi
  • Rating: TV-14
  • Aspect Ratio: 16:9
  • Number of Episodes: 13


In a world where aliens known as "The Noise" threaten the earth, only one thing can protect the human race: the magical armor Symphogear. But I order to save their world, the Symphogear wearers will have to learn from the tragedies of the past.

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  • Awakening Heartbeat
    Episode 1 - Awakening Heartbeat

    When bizarre creatures known as the Noise threatens the Earth, only popular singing duo Zwei Wing has the power to fight back. But what happens after one of the idols sacrifices herself to save a civilian girl?

  • Noise and Disharmony
    Episode 2 - Noise and Disharmony

    When young Hibiki is attacked by the Noise, she suddenly transforms into an armored warrior to fight them off.  But when the government comes to clean up, instead of actually thanking her, they... arrest her...?!

  • Passing in the Night
    Episode 3 - Passing in the Night

    It's been one month since Hibiki's first battle. As she slowly adjusts to life as a Symphogear user, her grades start to plunge. After much effort, she finally turns in her make-up report and is free to look forward to the meteor shower that night. But then she gets another call...

  • Falling Tears
    Episode 4 - Falling Tears

    A new Symphogear user has appeared, and she's not friendly. She's using the armor of Neshutan, which was stolen in the attack on the concert two years ago. Tsubasa loses control of herself, and prepares to sing her Ultimate Song...

  • From the Bottom of Darker Depths
    Episode 5 - From the Bottom of Darker Depths

    The Japanese Government has decided that the enemy is getting too close to Durandal, the powerful intact relic kept at the bottom of the Abyss.  They want to move it to a secure location, which means transporting by car.  But the Noise are sure to notice, which means a high-speed car chase through a dangerous chemical plant.

  • Where Omens Lead
    Episode 6 - Where Omens Lead

    As Hibiki is spending more and more time fighting the Noise, it means less time for her studies and less time for her friends.  Miku is feeling alone and isolated, but she makes a promise with Hibiki to go get some snacks after school.  But when school ends, Hibiki gets another call...

  • Fate Just Keeps Firing
    Episode 7 - Fate Just Keeps Firing

    Hibiki and Tsubasa work together to defeat Chris, who runs away.  But now Miku has seen Hibiki fighting, and she's very upset that Hibiki's been keeping secrets...

  • No Shadows in the Sunlight
    Episode 8 - No Shadows in the Sunlight

    Miku is still upset that Hibiki didn't tell her about the Symphogear.  She starts skipping school and binging on Okonomiyaki, but she's caught outside during another Noise attack...

  • Protector's Song
    Episode 9 - Protector's Song

    Chris is alone and scared, and cut off from anyone who could help her. She's living out of an abandoned building in the evacuated zone, when she's met by an unlikely friend. Meanwhile, Tsubasa has recovered enough to start fighting again. To celebrate her return, Hibiki decides to take her on a date!

  • What Only Clasped Hands Can Create
    Episode 10 - What Only Clasped Hands Can Create

    Chris finally joins Division 2, and she brings with her valuable information: the name of the project that Phine is working on.  But before they can get there to stop her, four massive flying Noise appear in the skies over Tokyo.

  • Shoot the moon
    Episode 11 - Shoot the moon

    Kadingir is complete, and Phine's master plan is revealed. She's going to shoot a giant rail gun at the moon, and blow it up!

  • Symphogear
    Episode 12 - Symphogear

    Hibiki goes out of control, and Tsubasa is defeated by Phine.  Everything looks lost when Miku reactivates the power to the school, and the other students start singing the anthem over the speakers...

  • Meteroids Falling, Burning, Disappearing, and Then...
    Episode 13 - Meteroids Falling, Burning, Disappearing, and Then...

    With their new unlimited gears, the Symphogear warriors easily defeat Phine's legions of Noise. But Phine has a final plan: Absorb the Noise and become a huge, laser shooting monster!


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Forlorn Believer
Forlorn Believer



"An excellent show"

It's a very good show with characters that you can really relate to. The fight scenes are well done and there's some interesting twists as well. It can be a bit confusing at first but explains things... more


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"It's Entertaining!"

A great show, it has some drama, some nice moments and even subtle hints of lesbianism! (the good kind of subtle!) The fights are awesome, and the plot flows rather nicely. It's a shame that it's sequ... more


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