Summer Wars - Koi Koi!
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Summer Wars
Koi Koi!

Clip  | PG

To celebrate the release of Summer Wars in the new Hosoda Collection premium film line, learn how to play the traditional Japanese Hanafuda game Koi Koi in our special tutorial! [link]

Own the Hosoda Collection release of Summer Wars on Blu-ray + DVD and Digital HD 11/22

The Hosoda Collection release includes a handsome premium clear sleeve and a 52-page artbook full of sketches, concept art, and tons of interviews with the director, the principal creative staff, and the voice actors that brought the film to life. Look out for other Hosoda Collection releases coming soon!


After the sensational success of The Girl Who Leapt Through Time, director Mamoru Hosoda was offered the chance to produce an entirely new film based on an original story. Inspired by his own life experience with his family, he created his second award-winning film, Summer Wars. With this film, Hosoda crafted a story that showed the importance of family and understanding those you love.

Worlds collide in a tale where virtual reality meets actual reality. When Kenji Koiso is pulled from Oz a popular social networking realm to play fiancé to classmate Natsuki, he faces a mess of challenges. Between the boisterous and bickering characters of the Jinnouchi clan and the sudden chaos in Oz, Kenji and his new companions must learn the importance of coming together to face the toughest of odds.

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