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Cutting-edge CG to capture the immense space battles

  • Genre: Action,Drama,Mecha,Sci Fi
  • Rating: TV-MA
  • Aspect Ratio: 16:9
  • Number of Episodes: 13

an enjoyable romp that plays well for both old school fans and new fans alike


In a time of war, Sara Werec yearns to follow her brother Ralph into the stars and take up the Union cause in their endless fight against the Deague. Ralph is a legend among the ace pilots known as Reasoners – warriors who bravely steer their advanced mech units headfirst into combat.

Sara’s hopes are soon to be fulfilled, but the horrors of war spare no one. On the eve of Academy graduation, Sara loses everything when Ralph commands a Deague assault force in a surprise attack against the school. Amid the smoking rubble of her dreams, Sara Werec boldly undertakes a new mission: Confront Ralph to reveal the motives behind his betrayal and put an end to his treasonous ways by any means necessary.

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  • Prelude to Despair
    Episode 1 - Prelude to Despair

    When the Deague unleash a devastating surprise attack on her school, Sara Werec is shocked to discover that the leader of the enemy assault is no anonymous villain.

  • Encounter
    Episode 2 - Encounter

    Enlisted at a new school, Sara struggles to master the Gambee mechs and wrestles with the scorn of her peers. Thankfully, she finds something which might serve to fill the hole in her heart.

  • Sub-Light Speed Nightmare
    Episode 3 - Sub-Light Speed Nightmare

    When a Deague assault interrupts an important exam, Sara watches those around her get torn apart - but rather than sit helplessly, she devises a plan.

  • Reasoner Sara
    Episode 4 - Reasoner Sara

    Using the Mimic Emily and a custom Strain, Sara rushes toward a confrontation with the feared Ralph Werec. Her shocked team is forced to ask: how can it be that Sara the rookie is so skilled?

  • Endless Love and Hate
    Episode 5 - Endless Love and Hate

    The Reasoner team is warming to Sara, but not everyone is so willing to shower her with affection - especially the angry Gambee pilots that blame Sara for the deaths of their comrades.

  • Back Turned to Peace
    Episode 6 - Back Turned to Peace

    The Spatial Armor Division is having a party when the Libertad falls under attack! The team watches as Sara joins Lottie in an incredible display of Reasoner talent.

  • Lavinia's Lovely Plot
    Episode 7 - Lavinia's Lovely Plot

    When the rest of the team takes leave, Lavinia makes another effort to bond with her beloved Sara - but things go horribly wrong.

  • Gall Space Supply Depot
    Episode 8 - Gall Space Supply Depot

    Sara and the team venture out into the city to recover Emily, but a mysterious little girl interrupts their search - as does the arrival of a strange vessel.

  • Like Looking at Myself
    Episode 9 - Like Looking at Myself

    The Spatial Armor Division is reeling from the revelation of Sara’s ties to Ralph - especially Lottie. When she moves to confront Sara, their heated exchange ends with a vow of murder.

  • Memories of the Future
    Episode 10 - Memories of the Future

    The painful history of Emily’s kind is revealed and the shocking truth might explain Ralph’s treason. The lines between good and evil are blurred as the true horrors of this endless war are exposed.

  • The Beginning of Revelry
    Episode 11 - The Beginning of Revelry

    Certain that Ralph has lost his mind, Medlock seeks sanctuary with those she once vowed to kill. The final confrontation is coming as Ralph prepares to punish those responsible for crimes against the innocent.

  • Attack on the Libertad
    Episode 12 - Attack on the Libertad

    Ralph and Sara meet face to face aboard the Libertad, Emily between them. The last waltz of the Werec siblings is about to begin.

  • Last Waltz
    Episode 13 - Last Waltz

    In the reaches of space, a war which has raged for generations comes to a climax. At the speed of light, the past and future mingle in the hopes of two girls who might never have to be alone again.


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    In a time of war, Sara Werec yearns to follow her brother Ralph into the stars and take up the Union cause in their endless fight against the Deague. Ralph is a legend among the ace pilots known as...

    Rating: TV-MA

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