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  • Genre: Action,Drama,Mecha,Sci Fi
  • Rating: TV-14
  • Aspect Ratio: 16:9
  • Number of Episodes: 26

Great animation, solid voice acting, and an intriguing backstory

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the cyberpunk setting of Solty Rei is packed with cool devices

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Solty Rei is a sci-fi action series that shows incredible diversity in its story telling. It holds an irresistible mix of action, comedy, drama and mystery. The show never lets up on the excitement.

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Solty Rei is a confident anime whose characters' inner strength is the key to their survival.


It’s been twelve years since the Blast Fall, an unexplained disaster that left countless dead and many more maimed. Society is divided and every citizen feels the burn, most of all the Resembles – people whose mangled bodies have been rebuilt with high-tech prosthetic devices. Bounty hunter Roy Revant has seen it all, walking alone in this shattered city. That is, until the day a strange little girl named Solty falls from the sky straight into his heart. The search for family turns into a search for meaning and those that wield harsh power over society won’t go unnamed for long. Roy and Solty may seek different things… But who wants to search for truth alone?

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  • The City Where the Aurora Falls
    Episode 1 - The City Where the Aurora Falls

    Roy Revant spends his days with one eye looking down the barrel of a gun and the other scanning for clues about his vanished family. He’s in a rut with no future - until a little girl falls from the sky.

  • A New Dawn
    Episode 2 - A New Dawn

    The mystery of Solty’s origins grows when the RUC Elite Squad comes knocking. Roy’s starting to care about Solty in spite of himself, but nothing’s going to change the fact that something isn’t right about her.

  • The Girl in Blue
    Episode 3 - The Girl in Blue

    Solty unleashes a shocking display of strange abilities when thieves try to steal a package placed in Roy’s care. After a scan at the hospital, it’s quickly becoming apparent that Solty is something special.

  • Friend
    Episode 4 - Friend

    Science may call Solty a machine, but her emotions are as human as they come. After a clash with a dangerous Resemble in the sewer, Solty explores some new human traits: the pangs of loss and loneliness.

  • Waterside Panic
    Episode 5 - Waterside Panic

    Roy’s and his crew head to the pool! But when news of a stolen jewel gets out, and the bathing beauties include a thief and RUC Security Force members, it’s not likely anyone will be able to relax.

  • Beloved Daughter
    Episode 6 - Beloved Daughter

    When Roy and Solty confront a thief with a previously clean record, it may prove easier to sympathize than condemn one caught in such a desperate situation.

  • A Little Blue Demon Comes to Visit
    Episode 7 - A Little Blue Demon Comes to Visit

    Rose crashes with Roy and quickly becomes a thorn in his side. But the circumstances surrounding some stolen medical shipments prove that many desperate people view her in a whole different light.

  • Revenge
    Episode 8 - Revenge

    Rose’s hope of turning Solty into a thief is causing friction with Roy, but he may be the only person who can help when a face from Rose’s past pushes her to the brink of murder.

  • Girls' Day Off
    Episode 9 - Girls' Day Off

    Roy could use a little comfort food, so Solty spends her day trying to improve her culinary skills. Meanwhile, Rose is cooking something up with a mysterious RUC official who talks a good game.

  • Treasure and Rescue
    Episode 10 - Treasure and Rescue

    Solty and Rose find themselves trapped in the crumbling underground city, and even with the help of the Resemble Rescue Squad, the situation looks exceedingly bleak.

  • Birthday Game
    Episode 11 - Birthday Game

    Just in time for Roy’s birthday, a homicidal mastermind from his past starts leaving explosive gifts around town. Revant isn’t the only target - everyone he cares about is in danger.

  • Tears: After the Showdown
    Episode 12 - Tears: After the Showdown

    As Roy fights to free Rose from the bomber’s clutches, he learns his daughter is alive and closer than expected. Revant risks life and limb for his little girl as the world explodes around him.

  • Distance
    Episode 13 - Distance

    Roy cherishes the memory of his daughter, but living with her is a handful. Rose finds herself torn between two identities, desperate to learn who she really is.

  • Heavy Hearts
    Episode 14 - Heavy Hearts

    Alone once more, Roy turns inward, facing destiny at the bottom of a bottle. But Solty needs him now more than ever. As she wanders the streets alone, Roy must decide to gather his strength or suffer forever.

  • Safe Haven
    Episode 15 - Safe Haven

    Solty’s feeling down and ventures into the desert, stumbling upon an old man and a kid named Will. In the city, Roy continues to wallow in a dark funk - until Miranda decides to beat him out of it.

  • Half Kidding
    Episode 16 - Half Kidding

    While Solty deals with tragedy in the desert, strange tests are being run inside RUC headquarters. Ashley introduces the new leader of the Security Force, shaking the squad to its core.

  • Lady
    Episode 17 - Lady

    Solty returns home just as Roy ventures into the desert to find her. Meanwhile, Rose is back and in a position of power in the RUC. And when Ashley reveals his true colors, the primary shade is blood red.

  • Welcome Home
    Episode 18 - Welcome Home

    Treason and murder have the RUC girls scrambling to survive. Not the types to take betrayal lightly, they begin a personal war. Meanwhile, the brothers Anderson learn of Rose’s return.

  • All Together
    Episode 19 - All Together

    Roy confronts Ashley, taking a stand against the seeming corruption of his daughter. As the Aurora Shell shimmers over a crippled metropolis, an observer from the desert decides to take action.

  • Catastrophe Calls
    Episode 20 - Catastrophe Calls

    An encounter with Ashley leaves Solty catatonic. Meanwhile, the desert hermit reveals information about the Aurora Shell’s impact on little girls - and one of the little girls decides to fight back.

  • The Time for Truth
    Episode 21 - The Time for Truth

    The dark reality of Resemble technology is revealed along with insight into Eunomia; the super-computer steering the destiny of all who live beneath the incandescent heavens. Deconstruction is imminent.

  • Three Girls, Three Intentions
    Episode 22 - Three Girls, Three Intentions

    Humanity is in the crossfire as Solty takes her first steps toward her incredible fate. First, she must face Rose in the smoke above the burning city. A better world awaits, but by whose design shall it arise?

  • Farewell Message
    Episode 23 - Farewell Message

    Two hundred years of pain bring Ashley to the cusp of apocalypse, and humanity’s undoing looms just beneath the stars. A time for great sacrifice has arrived.

  • The Future
    Episode 24 - The Future

    Armed with an appreciation for life, death, and love, Solty rises to confront civilization’s final threat that drifts silently through the stars. She is humanity’s only hope.

  • Opportunities Missed
    Episode 25 - Opportunities Missed

    As Appreciation Day approaches, the chipper nature of the holiday has the gang taking stock. Kasha Maverick seems to be happy, but Solty is unsure of what happiness even really means.

  • Love Shared
    Episode 26 - Love Shared

    Loneliness stirs in Solty and Rose; Roy seems to be devoting all of his time to a mysterious woman. And Miranda accepts that Kasha could return to her blood roots, leaving her in forced solitude once again.


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