SHONEN HOLLYWOOD -HOLLY STAGE FOR 49- - Ending - Kojika no Kutsu
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Ending - Kojika no Kutsu

Clip  | TV-PG

Song title: Kojika no Kutsu
Artist: Kakeru Kazami (Ryota Ohsaka)
SHONEN HOLLYWOOD -HOLLY STAGE FOR 49- is your anime backstage pass to the world of Japanese show biz and male idol groups! Follow the behind-the-scenes adventures of 5 aspiring idols on their journey to stardom.
Each episode features a different ending song-- be sure to watch them each week!
Watch new episodes straight from Japan, every Saturday at 1:30 PM Eastern!
These boys won’t stop till they make it to the top!
Fifteen years ago, the legendary idol group Shonen Hollywood stole the hearts of thousands adoring fans. Their performance at the famous Hollywood Tokyo Theater is the stuff of legend, and now a new group of boys is determined to become the next generation of this famed super group. Ikuma, Kakeru, Shun, Kira, and Daiki will train day and night as they chase their dreams on the road to superstardom!

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