SHONEN HOLLYWOOD -HOLLY STAGE FOR 49- - Embarrassing Introductions Redux
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Embarrassing Introductions Redux

Clip  | TV-PG

Being an idol still means giving painful, ultra-embarrassing self-introductions, but the boys have grown since season 1 and learn to deal with it. Embrace the humiliation for your fans!

The boys of SHONEN HOLLYWOOD return to navigate through the dreams and reality of show biz.
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These boys won’t stop till they make it to the top!   Get another true life, behind-the-scenes glimpse of Japanese show business as Shonen Hollywood returns for a second season! Fifteen years ago, the famous idol group Shonen Hollywood stole the hearts of thousands adoring fans. Their performance at the famous Hollywood Tokyo Theater is the stuff of legend, and now a new group of boys is determined to become the next generation of this famed super group. Ikuma, Kakeru, Shun, Kira, and Daiki will train day and night as they chase their dreams on the road to superstardom!

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