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Based on the manga by Kaishaku, creator of Steel Angel Kurumi and Kannazuki no Miko

  • Genre: Action,Bishoujo,Mecha,Romance,Yuri
  • Rating: TV-14
  • Aspect Ratio: 16:9
  • Number of Episodes: 12

The anime is atmospheric with gorgeous character designs…


Kuu attends school in the city of learning, Academia. She soon finds herself locked in conflict with the Absolute Angels: a group of beautiful girls who feed on human life force to survive. Wielding god-like strength, they have the power to destroy the world itself. But are they truly demons of destruction or simply innocent girls trapped in a fate they can’t escape?

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  • The Eternal Sky
    Episode 1 - The Eternal Sky

    Kuu can’t help but think that Kyoshiro, the new student in her class, looks familiar. Just after she realizes he looks like a prince from her dreams, she finds the boy coming to her rescue!

  • Three Gorgeous Months, a Hundred Nights
    Episode 2 - Three Gorgeous Months, a Hundred Nights

    Kuu is only just beginning to reflect on the chaos that unfolded at school when she is abducted by an unfamiliar girl who knows important information about the Absolute Angels.

  • The Dancing Spiral
    Episode 3 - The Dancing Spiral

    Kuu tries very hard to truly understand Setsuna, even as battle plans are put in place to deal with the looming threat of Batraz. Meanwhile, Kyoshiro offers Kuu a chance to see his former academy.

  • Fireflies of Love
    Episode 4 - Fireflies of Love

    Though there is little she can do to help, Kuu does her best to tend to wounded Kyoshiro. Her efforts are rewarded when Kyoshiro shares an important story from his past.

  • A Baptismal Kiss
    Episode 5 - A Baptismal Kiss

    Shocking revelations spell out Kuu’s fate after she finds her relaxing shopping trip with Kyoshiro interrupted by a kidnapping attempt!

  • Crossroads at the Ends of Dreams
    Episode 6 - Crossroads at the Ends of Dreams

    Kuu discovers the truth of her role in the world of the Absolute Angels and accepts the consequences of uniting with Kaon. But before action can be taken, a battle erupts.

  • An Elegy for the Wandering
    Episode 7 - An Elegy for the Wandering

    Safe for now and pondering the direction of her life as an Absolute Angel, Kuu takes steps to release the powers within her. Meanwhile, Kyoshiro’s feelings for the girl lead to a conflicted heart.

  • The Moment's Awakening
    Episode 8 - The Moment's Awakening

    After Kyoshiro saves Kuu from a tragic fate, he proclaims his love to her and vows to make things right with Setsuna. Unfortunately, Setsuna is already in turmoil after overhearing Kyoshiro’s confessions.

  • Maiden Unfulfilled
    Episode 9 - Maiden Unfulfilled

    Kazuya’s presence could spell disaster. After reappearing, he takes harsh action against anyone who dares stand in his way of claiming the power of the Absolute Angels.

  • Bastille
    Episode 10 - Bastille

    After Tarlotte is captured, Kazuya moves forward with his plan. All five Absolute Angels are his - and the Bastille could soon be unleashed. Kyoshiro must act quickly to rescue Kuu and the others.

  • The Angel's Corridor
    Episode 11 - The Angel's Corridor

    Kazuya’s goal is at hand! With Bastille reborn, the situation looks bleak - unless the Absolute Angels can once more take control of their own fates.

  • Eternal Kuu
    Episode 12 - Eternal Kuu

    Kazuya is defeated but victory did not come without loss for the Absolute Angels. Kyoshiro must say goodbye to Kuu -if only for now.


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"Heavy-handed romance and robots pulled from nowhere!"

Shattered Angels is an attempt from the makers of Shrine Maiden's Destiny to appeal to the audience who still wanted straight couples in the spotlight (as oppose to gay couples). At least there's no "... more


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This shows a pure side to anime (besides the gay people) and shows an awesome side to angels above.


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    Ten years ago, an unspeakable disaster shook the world and endless devastation rained from the heavens. From the ashes of that tragedy rose the city of learning, Academia. A young girl named Kuu at...

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