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Spin Off From Tenchi-Muyo!

Experience the Magic…

  • Genre: Bishoujo,Comedy,Magical Girl,School
  • Rating: TV-PG
  • Aspect Ratio: 16:9
  • Number of Episodes: 26
  • Seasons:
    Season 1 (Eps 1-13)
    Season 2 (Eps 14-26)

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Sasami is a very cute and enjoyable show that once again takes a few of the characters from the Tenchi universe and plays with them in a fun way

features a bevy of cute girls exploring magic and the bonds of friendship.

a solid crossover title

take the risk and enjoy one of the best characters from the franchise re-imagined once again


Sasami has an amazing secret: Magic courses through her veins! But the spunky fifth-grader is not alone, for all over the world girls and boys are awakening to their powers. Under the guise of the Cooking Club and with the guidance of Miss Washu, Sasami and her friends will learn to harness their newfound abilities and come to depend upon one another through thick and thin. From homeroom to the highest mountains of far distant realms, their journey will be one taken hand in hand. Welcome to the Magical Girls Club, where strange spells and the mysteries of the unseen are everyday things… And friendship is the most wonderful gift of all!

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  • Sasami and Misao
    Episode 1 - Sasami and Misao

    The pursuit of a weird rabbit-thing leads Misao and Sasami to new friendship - and to their destiny! The Magical Girls Club is in session!

  • Wishing on a Star
    Episode 2 - Wishing on a Star

    After Sasami and Misao learn about their mystical heritage, a new face arrives to join them in the Magical Girls Club. But little Makoto is about to learn the hard way to be careful what you wish for!

  • First Time in First
    Episode 3 - First Time in First

    The school holds a marathon to celebrate popular Tsukasa’s return to campus after a long absence. When she quickly vanishes from the roll again, Sasami go to Tsukasa’s house to figure out why.

  • The Dreaded An-An Notebook
    Episode 4 - The Dreaded An-An Notebook

    Anything Anri writes in her magic notebook appears in real life! Unfortunately, all she’s been writing lately are the colorful insults now hanging above the heads of Sasami and her friends!

  • Out of the Tunnel
    Episode 5 - Out of the Tunnel

    Sasami needs parental permission to take a field trip to the World of the Witches, but her father is reluctant to give it. Hopefully he’ll have a change of heart before the train pulls out!

  • Starlit Sky Dance
    Episode 6 - Starlit Sky Dance

    The adventure continues in the World of the Witches! Sasami meets an odd boy named Amitav who seems to know who she is. And Misao’s loneliness fades when she meets so many other girls who are just like her!

  • Night Sky Letter
    Episode 7 - Night Sky Letter

    After a school assignment fills Sasami’s mind with thoughts of Amitav, she and Misao decide to pay another visit to the World of the Witches. When they lose their way, a friend must come to the rescue!

  • Ring of Friendship
    Episode 8 - Ring of Friendship

    At the Niko-Niko Bazaar, Misao finds herself working with Chiaki and Kozue. It’s a great chance to get to know Sasami’s friends, but Misao simply can’t help it as one thing after another goes wrong!

  • Good-bye, Miss Washu
    Episode 9 - Good-bye, Miss Washu

    Miss Washu’s job is on the line after Mr. Tonobe investigates the Cooking Club. Sasami and the girls step in to save her with a little culinary magic!

  • Magical Girl Apprentice
    Episode 10 - Magical Girl Apprentice

    Asami wants nothing more than to be an apprentice of the Magical Girls Club. When Sasami and the others learn the reason why, they want nothing more than to help reunite Asami with her dead parents.

  • Everyone Together
    Episode 11 - Everyone Together

    Sasami and her pals are invited to take part in a Magical Girls Tournament! But their excitement soon gives way to exhaustion when Miss Washu’s grueling practice sessions put their friendships to the test!

  • Magical Girl Tournament - The Noisy Part
    Episode 12 - Magical Girl Tournament - The Noisy Part

    Misao’s torn between her loyalty to the club and her feelings for Monta, and her emotional turmoil could cause her friends to miss the Magical Girls Tournament!

  • Magical Girl Tournament - The Glittery Part
    Episode 13 - Magical Girl Tournament - The Glittery Part

    Sasami’s team is behind, with one event left in the tournament! As they struggle to magically cover a tree’s bare branches with blossoms of love and happiness, Sasami’s father gives Miss Washu some startling news.

  • The Chosen Girls
    Episode 14 - The Chosen Girls

    After impressing the judges of the Magical Girl Tournament, Sasami and her friends are invited to the World of the Witches for a special Magical Girls summer camp!

  • The Witch's Cauldron
    Episode 15 - The Witch's Cauldron

    Sasami feels odd about some of the skills she and her friends are learning at camp. Miss Washu’s uneasy, too. She sees the potential in her girls to right the wrongs of long ago - or make things worse than ever!

  • My First Love
    Episode 16 - My First Love

    With the Great Cauldron open, the Storytellers better hurry if they hope to protect Sasami and her friends from its power - the Chief Sorceress is asking the girls to reach into the darkest parts of their hearts!

  • At the End of Summer
    Episode 17 - At the End of Summer

    Misao gets upset when Miss Washu bans the girls from ever returning to the World of the Witches. Little does Misao and her friends know, the World of Witches is about to come to them in a very dramatic way.

  • Repeated Thoughts
    Episode 18 - Repeated Thoughts

    Itoki is on the warpath and out for Washu! When the Magical Girls Club join the skirmish, Sasami and Misao unlock a huge new power together - and some familiar faces have taken notice!

  • The Invitation of the Witches
    Episode 19 - The Invitation of the Witches

    Misao goes out of her way to do something nice for Monta, but his reaction sends her down a path nobody expected - one that leads to a place very far away from her friends in the Magical Girls Club!

  • The Maiden of the Dawn
    Episode 20 - The Maiden of the Dawn

    After running away to the World of the Witches, Misao finds herself granted a position of honor thanks to her blossoming magic skills - and the new title comes with a mission.

  • Reunion
    Episode 21 - Reunion

    Sasami and the girls venture into the trap-filled Tower of Twilight to save Misao from a bad situation she might not even know she’s in. But who will save the rescuers when Misao’s minions attack?

  • The Dark-Tainted Heart
    Episode 22 - The Dark-Tainted Heart

    The Chief Sorceress encourages Misao to reach into the darkest parts of her heart. She may not be sinister enough to pull it off - but a chance meeting with a familiar face may offer all the negativity Misao needs.

  • When the Dawn Breaks
    Episode 23 - When the Dawn Breaks

    The dark magic of the World of the Witches has changed Misao’s appearance and attitude, forcing Sasami to rush straight into the lair of the enemy to save her friend!

  • The Blooming Flower of Smile
    Episode 24 - The Blooming Flower of Smile

    The Chief Sorceress wants to claim the light of Sasami’s power, but the girls know what best battles evil: the magic of friendship! If Misao and her friends find their misplaced trust, humanity might stand a chance!

  • The Warm Dream
    Episode 25 - The Warm Dream

    Just as things are returning to normal, Itoki brings news of brewing magical trouble. Ginji knows the only way to stop the threat will hurt those nearest to him the most!

  • Amitav's Song
    Episode 26 - Amitav's Song

    The Magical Girls Club must depend on each other more than ever as their foes from the World of the Witches invade to make their final move! Sometimes, true friendship can save the world!


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    Sasami has an amazing secret: Magic courses through her veins! The spunky fifth-grader isn’t alone, because she and her best friends have formed the Magical Girls Club. The conjuring clique has a...

    Rating: TV-PG

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    Sasami has an amazing secret: Magic courses through her veins! But the spunky fifth-grader is not alone, for all over the world girls and boys are awakening to their powers. Under the guise of the...

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