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Original soundtrack by Hitoshi Sakimoto, the composer for Final Fantasy 12

From studio GONZO, creators of Afro Samurai, Last Exile and Witchblade

  • Genre: Action,Drama,Fantasy,Romance
  • Rating: TV-PG
  • Aspect Ratio: 16:9
  • Number of Episodes: 24


For most of her young life, Juliet lived a tortuous lie. Disguised as a boy, she prowled the shadows of Neo Verona as the Red Whirlwind – a masked crusader determined to right the wrongs of a heinous regime. Nothing else mattered to this lionhearted beauty until the day she laid eyes on her Romeo. Handsome and daring, he swooped into her life and spirited her away from the turbulence of a common existence. Although born of different worlds, their love proved strong enough to bridge the gap between two sides of a world fractured by unfathomable evil.  But now, as their people’s suffering reaches unspeakable levels, the greatest lovers the world has ever known must unite to overcome the forces conspiring to keep them apart.

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  • If They Did Not Meet
    Episode 1 - If They Did Not Meet

    Darkness descends on Neo Verona, where the peaceful Capulets have ruled for generations. As this noblest of families prepares for bed, a sinister plan takes shape in the dead of night.

  • The Promise - A Scent Remembered
    Episode 2 - The Promise - A Scent Remembered

    Questions surround her mysterious past, and Juliet rages at being kept in the dark. But as the morning of her sixteenth birthday approaches, a dashing young nobleman provides a much-needed distraction.

  • Love - Cruel Mischief
    Episode 3 - Love - Cruel Mischief

    Juliet’s visit to a rain-soaked cemetery reveals the secrets of her past. She is the last of the Capulets - all that remains of a once proud and powerful family.

  • Bashfulness - Beaten by the Rain
    Episode 4 - Bashfulness - Beaten by the Rain

    After her beloved Romeo is revealed to be a Montague, Juliet loses the will to fight. The burning spirit that protected her people lies dormant without true love’s spark.

  • Whirlwind - Burning Resolve
    Episode 5 - Whirlwind - Burning Resolve

    Juliet emerges from her fog of despondency only to cross paths with Romeo yet again, and the star-crossed lovers embark on a revealing journey through the gathering storm clouds.

  • Hope - Tomorrow Entrusted
    Episode 6 - Hope - Tomorrow Entrusted

    The horrific understanding of what must be sacrificed to lead her people to salvation is burned into Juliet’s mind’s eye in the most painful manner imaginable.

  • Warmth - Just For Now
    Episode 7 - Warmth - Just For Now

    After the Mayor of Neo Verona is exiled for standing up to the tyrannical Conrad Montague, Juliet and her meager army begin a race against death.

  • Nativity - What Justice Is
    Episode 8 - Nativity - What Justice Is

    The mysterious Tybalt protects Juliet at her most vulnerable hour and forces her to confront the dire truth. Either she ascends to her rightful position - or her beloved city falls.

  • Rise to Action - Hesitation Quelled
    Episode 9 - Rise to Action - Hesitation Quelled

    Juliet emerges as the Capulet heir, but obstacles remain which must be overcome. Before the uprising can begin, an army must be gathered to follow the crimson savior.

  • Tears - To Have Met You
    Episode 10 - Tears - To Have Met You

    With the only family she has ever known scattered by Conrad Montague’s treachery, Juliet has only the mysterious Tybalt - and the man she should not love - to turn to.

  • The Vows - The Blessing of the Morning Sun
    Episode 11 - The Vows - The Blessing of the Morning Sun

    Faced with danger, Romeo and Juliet must prove their love by joining forces against the scoundrels seeking to profit off all things innocent and pure in their twisted world.

  • Solace - To Stay This Way
    Episode 12 - Solace - To Stay This Way

    Romeo and Juliet begin their life together in an abandoned village. Their possessions are few, but true love will sustain them - at least until the arrival of Conrad Montague’s henchmen.

  • Pulsation - Guided
    Episode 13 - Pulsation - Guided

    Juliet falls into the hands of the villainous Conrad Montague. With her execution scheduled for the next day, those remaining loyal to the Capulets must mount a daring rescue mission.

  • Solemn Responsibilities - In the Circle of These Arms
    Episode 14 - Solemn Responsibilities - In the Circle of These Arms

    After helping Juliet escape, Romeo is sent to oversee a mine where slaves labor under brutal conditions. The miners’ plight opens Romeo’s eyes to the true horrors of Neo Verona.

  • The Self - The Way Forward
    Episode 15 - The Self - The Way Forward

    A series of deadly cave-ins at the mine prompts Romeo to take a stand against his father. Meanwhile, Juliet is increasingly affected by a mysterious condition.

  • One Person - So Dear
    Episode 16 - One Person - So Dear

    Juliet succeeds in eluding the soldiers sent to hunt her down, but the Capulet heir’s safe haven may become deadly after she encounters a familiar face at the local market.

  • Cruel Tyrant - Darkness, the Origin
    Episode 17 - Cruel Tyrant - Darkness, the Origin

    While Romeo and the miners make plans for a fresh start, Juliet learns the shocking truth about the man who murdered her family in cold blood.

  • Aspirations - In Each of Their Hearts
    Episode 18 - Aspirations - In Each of Their Hearts

    Romeo and his followers work diligently to turn a desolate village into an escape from a world ravaged by greed, but will they succeed in time for Juliet to experience it?

  • Succession - I Am None Other
    Episode 19 - Succession - I Am None Other

    Inspired by Romeo’s efforts to create a life of peace, Juliet reprises her role as the Red Whirlwind in the hopes of spurring her people towards much needed revolution!

  • Duty - Unwavering Step
    Episode 20 - Duty - Unwavering Step

    Romeo rushes back to Neo Verona after hearing of Juliet’s uprising. Once there, he begs his father to surrender - only to be presented with the secrets of the mysterious Escalus.

  • The Covenant - The Goddess's Embrace
    Episode 21 - The Covenant - The Goddess's Embrace

    With the city crumbling around her, Juliet pays a visit to her parents’ final resting place. It is there she encounters Ophelia and learns the painful truth about her ultimate destiny.

  • Curse - Raging Fury
    Episode 22 - Curse - Raging Fury

    Fate is a cruel and curious mistress. No one knows this better than Juliet, who prepares for an assault on Conrad Montague with a heavy heart and grim resolution.

  • Seed Brought to Life - The Kiss of Death
    Episode 23 - Seed Brought to Life - The Kiss of Death

    With Conrad slain, it would seem all is well in Neo Verona, but sadly, this is not so. Juliet has one final mission - a mission of unfathomable mercy.

  • Prayer - In the Same World as You
    Episode 24 - Prayer - In the Same World as You

    As Juliet prepares herself for the ultimate sacrifice, Romeo fights furiously to save the woman he loves above all else.


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