RideBack - Rideback Racing and Pirouettes
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Rideback Racing and Pirouettes

Clip  | TV-14

She may not have much experience riding high-speed motorcyles, but Rin's athletic ballet background makes her a natural in a Rideback race.

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Atop her robotic RideBack motorcycle, an ex-dancer ignites the fires of rebellion in a nation held captive by its own oppressive government.
After an injury forces Rin to trade her stage career for college life, she finds new thrills as a member of the RideBack Club. When she discovers an unusual connection with one machine in particular – Fuego – she is forced into the middle of a revolution. The tyrannical new government rules with an iron fist, and Rin is reluctant to take them on. But as her dearest friends suffer, and the insurgency struggles to topple the increasingly powerful regime, Rin may have no choice but to gun Fuego’s engines and speed directly into the heart of the fight for freedom.

Official Site: www.funimation.com/shows/rideback

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