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An original thriller from Studio GONZO

  • Genre: Drama,Mystery,Sci Fi,Supernatural
  • Rating: TV-MA
  • Aspect Ratio: 16:9
  • Number of Episodes: 22
  • Number of OVAs: 1

Red Garden is a blast to watch.

If there was ever a film I was going to be a fanboy over, well, this is it


While alive, Kate, Claire, Rose, and Rachel each explored the streets of New York with the promise of limitless futures unfolding before them. But now, brought together as members of a blood-stained sisterhood, their once-delicate hands reach out to silence demonic beasts no ordinary weapon can destroy.Brutally murdered only to be resurrected as clandestine killers, the girls must stalk their prey with a primal ferocity – or risk losing what remains of their so-called lives. The only clues to their tragic past are a swarm of crimson butterflies and the mysterious woman who carries the harrowing secret behind the lives they lived – and the walking corpses they’ve become.

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  • Farewell, Girls
    Episode 1 - Farewell, Girls

    Four New York City school girls with no memory of the previous day are drawn to a late-night rendezvous by mysterious butterflies. Under cover of night, a dark-clad woman makes a shocking revelation.

  • A Cruel Night
    Episode 2 - A Cruel Night

    The girls must readjust to life among the living despite haunting flashbacks to their battle with a violent, dog-like attacker. Rachel’s sudden burst of supernatural strength lends credence to Lulu’s claim.

  • The Real Me
    Episode 3 - The Real Me

    The girls’ search for answers leads them to a common connection - the close friendships they each shared with Lise. Lulu provides them with a way to see the past, but can they stand to watch?

  • Where Are We Going?
    Episode 4 - Where Are We Going?

    Kate hopes friendship can help the girls deal with their problematic “borrowed lives.” When the butterflies mysterious appear, Rachel vents her frustrations with a baseball bat.

  • Every Window
    Episode 5 - Every Window

    Kate and Claire investigate the mansion where the girls met their untimely end, and Rachel spirals towards a total meltdown in the aftermath of her first kill.

  • A Small Light
    Episode 6 - A Small Light

    When the butterflies summon the girls for a night of bloodshed, Rachel tries to escape their nightmarish existence, but Kate and the others track her down after Lulu’s grave warning.

  • Another Fate
    Episode 7 - Another Fate

    Hervé is plagued by memories of his mother’s death, so he visits Dr. Bender to find out the prognosis for Anna and Mireille. Could their strange condition be related to the undead girls?

  • Go Love
    Episode 8 - Go Love

    Kate, Rachel, Rose, and Claire are getting used to what remains of their so-called lives. While they may never be “normal” again, at least they can count on each other - no matter what.

  • Awakening
    Episode 9 - Awakening

    Money troubles force Claire to ask her brother for a loan, Rose visits her mother in the hospital, and Rachel bumps into her teacher outside of school. Meanwhile, Kate does an amateur job of spying on Lula and JC.

  • Bewilderment
    Episode 10 - Bewilderment

    Dr. Bender has good news concerning Lise’s condition, but Hervé is still worried about Mireille and Anna. The girls are introduced to their next target: a seemingly normal businessman.

  • Respective Thoughts
    Episode 11 - Respective Thoughts

    Claire skulks back to her former employer, and Rachel breaks down after being accused of sleeping with a faculty member. Emilio’s happiness with Emma is tempered by a warning from Hervé.

  • His Thoughts
    Episode 12 - His Thoughts

    Hervé uses Emilio and Emma as pawns in order to get closer to Kate. Later, he turns on the charm in an attempt to better understand his enemies.

  • Holiday
    Episode 13 - Holiday

    Rose’s reluctance to fight drives a rift between the girls - and lands one of them in grave danger. Kate uses her special new abilities to put Rose through a much-needed training regimen.

  • Reason To Fight
    Episode 14 - Reason To Fight

    Paula and the school principal have a clandestine meeting concerning Kate, who is about to discover that Hervé has a talent for concealing his ulterior motives.

  • Sorrow & Anger
    Episode 15 - Sorrow & Anger

    Tormented by visions of Mireille’s demise, Hervé tries to find the strength to spare Lise from the same horrific end. Kate is shocked by Hervé’s revelation - and a visit from the police.

  • Painful Life
    Episode 16 - Painful Life

    Hervé summons Kate for a late night meeting at the docks, where he sheds some light on the ancient mystery behind the girls’ recent nocturnal adventures.

  • The Truth
    Episode 17 - The Truth

    Kate seeks to confirm Hervé’s revelations before sharing what she’s learned with the rest of the girls. Hervé’s disobedience lands him behind bars - at the behest of someone very close to him.

  • Slight Hope
    Episode 18 - Slight Hope

    Hervé enlists Emilio to help him kidnap Lise and transport her to the sea. The girls visit Lise’s tomb and discuss whether or not they remain willing to kill when the butterflies beckon.

  • Feelings That Don't Come Across
    Episode 19 - Feelings That Don't Come Across

    Inspector Neil informs Kate that he’s seen Lise alive, but tragedy strikes before he can reach her. Kate’s investigate into the mystery surrounding the girls’ condition is interrupted by a forced visit to Dr. Bender.

  • The Room That's Left Behind
    Episode 20 - The Room That's Left Behind

    The girls join forces with Hervé, Emilio, and Lula to infiltrate a pharmaceutical company that may hold the answers they seek.

  • The Last Morning
    Episode 21 - The Last Morning

    Christmas Eve provides the girls with a chance to enjoy one last moment with their loved ones. But when the sun rises, the time to prepare for battle will have arrived.

  • The Light
    Episode 22 - The Light

    Bridges are destroyed - and access to the mainland is cut off - by a series of explosions. As their school erupts into violence, the girls prepare to either die - or forget everything.

  • Dead Girls
    OVA 23 - Dead Girls

    Much time has passed since the final battle, and the girls have undergone unthinkable changes. For those brave enough to withstand the bloodshed, a special glimpse into the future of death awaits.


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    While alive, Kate, Claire, Rose, and Rachel each explored the streets of New York with the promise of limitless futures unfolding before them. But now, brought together as members of a blood-staine...

    Rating: TV-MA

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