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Based on the graphic novels by Myung-Jin Lee, and the hit MMORPG - Ragnarok Online!

  • Genre: Action,Adventure,Comedy,Fantasy
  • Rating: TV-PG
  • Aspect Ratio: 4:3
  • Number of Episodes: 26

a full bodied sword and sorcery adventure for fans of World of Warcraft, Dungeons and Dragons, and anime like Lodoss War


Magic, monsters and mages make Ragnarok - The Animation a series that anyone from adventure anime fans to fantasy gamer alike can enjoy together.


fun and entertaining.



A great evil is sweeping over the realm, an evil that the young swordsman Roan and his life-long companion, the acolyte Yufa, must face head on! For these two travel toward their destiny, from the highest towers to the depths of the underworld, through forest and desert alike. With an ever-growing cast of fellow heroes, fate will grasp these travelers by their very souls and propel the band of skilled adventurers towards a noble end. Or ignoble, if they don’t watch their step! Monsters are afoot and the way rife with danger and magic, the path forward may be unclear… But where will is strong, there is a way! Lessons wait in the depths of darkness, and good must prevail. The journey starts now!

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  • Why Do You Wield That Sword?
    Episode 1 - Why Do You Wield That Sword?

    Young swordsman Roan and his comrade Yufa, an acolyte, find themselves face to face with a spreading darkness after a meeting with the blindfolded mage known as Takius.

  • Be Good to Me, Big Brother
    Episode 2 - Be Good to Me, Big Brother

    Roan and Yufa search for the Golden Thief Bug. Their trek through the darkness of Prontera’s underground mazes will be dangerous, and a girl named Maya threatens to hinder their progress even further!

  • I Believe
    Episode 3 - I Believe

    Roan and his band of adventurers join forces with Takius as they venture into the treacherous pits and haunted dungeons beneath Geffen Tower.

  • Is That the Best You Can Do?
    Episode 4 - Is That the Best You Can Do?

    Roan and Yufa are joined by Maya and Takius as they return to the dungeons of Geffen Tower. Their quest: to defeat the lurking evil that plagues the tower once and for all.

  • What Did You Just Say?
    Episode 5 - What Did You Just Say?

    Roan and his fellow travelers receive ominous tidings, and tensions within the party begin to mount as a shocking revelation turns Yufa’s world upside down.

  • I Won't Let Anyone Get in My Way!
    Episode 6 - I Won't Let Anyone Get in My Way!

    After hearing that her brother may still be alive, Yufa - against Roan’s wishes - sets out in search of a happy reunion. Instead, she finds a familiar face with a malicious and unrecognizable soul.

  • Will You Comfort Me?!?
    Episode 7 - Will You Comfort Me?!?

    Hungry for action, Roan and his comrades journey to Alberta to investigate a monster infestation. Upon their arrival, the adventurers encounter heinous beasts unlike anything they’ve ever seen.

  • Life is Precious
    Episode 8 - Life is Precious

    At Judia’s urging, the travelers embark on a shortcut through the notorious Labyrinth Forest, only to discover that there’s nothing “short” about wandering in circles.

  • All For the Truth
    Episode 9 - All For the Truth

    On a trip through the desert to the city of Morroc, Takius convinces the travelers to make a detour - into an underground lair inhabited by a colony of enormous ants. Welcome to Ant Hell!

  • You're My Brother, Aren't You?!?
    Episode 10 - You're My Brother, Aren't You?!?

    Roan and his friends finally reach the city of Morroc, home of the infamous Thief’s Guild. When the daughter of the Guild’s leader is caught stealing from Roan and Yufa, an evil plot is revealed.

  • All is Only Despair
    Episode 11 - All is Only Despair

    Rai, a member of the Thief’s Guild, is tricked into opening the tomb of King Osiris, thus unleashing a horde of ghastly monsters that only Roan and his adventurers stand a chance at stopping.

  • I Can't Do It
    Episode 12 - I Can't Do It

    Weakened by their battle with Osiris, the group heads toward the Assassin’s guild. Meanwhile, Yufa struggles with her brother’s death, and Takius tries to decipher new information regarding Zephyr.

  • The Protector
    Episode 13 - The Protector

    When a chance encounter with a ruthless enemy leaves Yufa’s eyes glowing like molten steel, Roan must join forces with adversaries from his past to protect his travelling companion.

  • Why Won't You Answer?
    Episode 14 - Why Won't You Answer?

    The clock tower’s bell has mysteriously begun to ring, summoning a multitude of lethal monsters. Silencing the bell will stem the advancing horde, but in Roan’s absence, who will accept the challenge?

  • Don't Worry, I'm Here
    Episode 15 - Don't Worry, I'm Here

    Roan returns from his solo mission with new skills and the rank of a fully-ordained Crusader. Without hesitation, he steps into the fray to save Yufa from a brutal onslaught.

  • I Can't Save Anyone
    Episode 16 - I Can't Save Anyone

    Guided by the words of an enemy-turned-ally, Roan and his band of adventurers travel to the ancient city of Payon in an attempt to stop a outbreak of violent and destructive monsters.

  • You Are Already Tainted
    Episode 17 - You Are Already Tainted

    While Roan and a group of Archers attempt to hold off the monsters, Takius’s master makes his presence known, and Yufa prepares herself for challenges that could earn her the title of “Priest.”

  • I've Known All Along
    Episode 18 - I've Known All Along

    Roan may have uncovered the key to stopping the monsters - defeating Wolyafa! Yufa rejoins her friends as a newly-appointed Priest, but the situation takes a dark turn when Zephyr reappears.

  • We'll Always Be Together
    Episode 19 - We'll Always Be Together

    Missing the ferry to the Parol Lighthouse turns out to be more than just bad luck when one of the travelers betrays the group. The vile hand of Zealotus must surely be involved!

  • It's Okay
    Episode 20 - It's Okay

    Maya is devastated over her role in what happened to Alice, and Zealotus sees it as an opportunity to manipulate the young merchant. Elsewhere, Yufa continues her battle with Haze.

  • I Need You
    Episode 21 - I Need You

    Haze and Zealotus continue to spread darkness throughout the realm. As Roan and his adventurers travel to Comodo, they cross paths, yet again, with the Dark Lord’s emissaries of destruction.

  • Who's the Lonely One?
    Episode 22 - Who's the Lonely One?

    The group finally reaches Comodo, where they encounter familiar rivals and a horde of monsters. Iruga vows to save Keough, but first, Comodo must be snatched from the clutches of a deadly scourge.

  • Good Bye
    Episode 23 - Good Bye

    Comodo is under siege! While Roan, Iruga, and Judia fight to stave off the onslaught of an army of monsters, Maya faces off with the formidable half-breed, Zealotus.

  • Place of Reckoning
    Episode 24 - Place of Reckoning

    Roan’s group travels to Glast Heim in search of Yufa and her dangerous brother Haze; Takius prepares to confront her former teacher, hoping to put an end to his evil ways.

  • One Who Realizes His Mistake
    Episode 25 - One Who Realizes His Mistake

    Desperation sets in for Roan as he watches Yufa suffer at the hands of Haze. Takius and Zephyr finally meet on the field of battle, but the much sought after truth is more sobering than expected.

  • For the Sake of Our Future
    Episode 26 - For the Sake of Our Future

    The Dark Lord’s return is imminent, and Roan will have to use every skill earned and every lesson learned during his travels to overcome this hideous force of evil.


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    A great evil is sweeping over the realm, an evil that the young swordsman Roan and his life-long companion, the acolyte Yufa, must face head on! For these two travel toward their destiny, from the...

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