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From Studio GONZO (Afro Samurai, Witchblade, and Chrono Crusade) and AIC (Solty Rei & Ah! My Goddess)

  • Genre: Action,Adventure,Comedy
  • Rating: TV-14
  • Aspect Ratio: 16:9
  • Number of Episodes: 24

…a winning combination of unique concept, great story, and action…


In the wake of the Great War, Lieutenant Alice Malvin assumes command of the Imperial Army’s Intelligence Section III – a ragtag bunch of pencil-pushers used to spread military propaganda. But Malvin, an idealistic soldier who refuses to rest while her people suffer, yearns to cut through the thick skin of deception perpetrated by power-crazed nobles. When her investigation reveals a clandestine super-soldier program known as The Invisible Nine, she finds herself trapped in a whirlwind of deadly secrets.

The closer Malvin gets to exposing government corruption, the less likely her beloved IS3 is to survive. With the fate of the Empire hanging in the balance, Malvin turns to an unlikely ally – Randel Orland, a hulking veteran who may hold the key to unlocking the mysteries of The Invisible Nine. In a world where nobility and power make the rules, the truth can get an honest soldier killed.

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  • The Invisible 9
    Episode 1 - The Invisible 9

    When Alice’s Pumpkin Scissors crew goes up against a band of heavily armed rogue soldiers, they find their efforts assisted by an unlikely ally.

  • War Relief Unit
    Episode 2 - War Relief Unit

    Alice faces an oppressive nobleman after hearing of the horrors his people endure. Meanwhile, the ranks of the Pumpkin Scissors grow when Randel joins the team.

  • For That is a Precious Thing
    Episode 3 - For That is a Precious Thing

    Alice’s unit is tasked with rebuilding a railway tunnel. They’ll need to convince the locals to work beside them, but the hearts and minds of the citizens have been burned by the military before.

  • The Cracked Portrait
    Episode 4 - The Cracked Portrait

    Worried that Randel’s presence in the Pumpkin Scissors puts their efforts at risk, suspicious Martis begins investigating the past of his newest teammate.

  • Shallow-Minded Men
    Episode 5 - Shallow-Minded Men

    As Randel heals in the hospital, Martis keeps digging into his past. As the mystery deepens, Oreldo begins to have questions of his own.

  • A Fruitful Time
    Episode 6 - A Fruitful Time

    After Randel finds a baby that’s been abandoned outside the gates, Alice begins a search for the child’s mother.

  • The One Who Leads and the One Who Follows
    Episode 7 - The One Who Leads and the One Who Follows

    Alice’s plan to spend time with her fiancé falls apart when she learns that the rest of the team has fallen under attack while searching for vital supplies that never made it to the locals.

  • Burn in the Snowfields
    Episode 8 - Burn in the Snowfields

    It’s a race against time - literally. With only 48 hours to deliver an important package, Alice and her crew must deal with armed bandits in the treacherous, frozen wilderness.

  • The Woman in the Morning Mist
    Episode 9 - The Woman in the Morning Mist

    Oreldo’s thoughts become consumed with a beautiful woman who lives in sadness as she waits for her boyfriend to return from war. He goes out of his way to make her smile once more.

  • Pumpkins and Scissors
    Episode 10 - Pumpkins and Scissors

    Stecchin shares the tale of the tumultuous times that brought the Pumpkin Scissors together, and reveals the reasons behind the unit’s name.

  • The Quiet Quickening
    Episode 11 - The Quiet Quickening

    Alice is taken hostage by a woman who’s desperate to expose the military scandals uncovered by her dead brother - who was killed by someone just like Alice!

  • Unseen Pain
    Episode 12 - Unseen Pain

    Alice's captors release her after she agrees to cooperate, but their lives are threatened by those who want to silence them. 

  • Crude But Elegant
    Episode 13 - Crude But Elegant

    Thanks to Hunks, Alice learns the truth about Princess Loderia’s visit to the Empire.

  • The Flame Still Burns
    Episode 14 - The Flame Still Burns

    Section III runs into trouble with underground drug dealers during a mission to remove homeless people from the sewers.

  • Decisions Run Astray
    Episode 15 - Decisions Run Astray

    Alice and her unit continue their standoff with the drug dealers, but a deadly new foe - armed with a flamethrower - is about to enter the fray.

  • The One Who Slashes
    Episode 16 - The One Who Slashes

    It will take courage - and a special weapon - for Alice to survive her raid on the drug dealers’ headquarters, but if she succeeds, they’ll be permanently shut down.

  • The Darkness That Cannot Be Saved
    Episode 17 - The Darkness That Cannot Be Saved

    Alice has her back against the wall during a run-in with the Claymore Unit. Meanwhile, Randel is headed for a showdown with Hans.

  • A Small Military Power
    Episode 18 - A Small Military Power

    Stecchin goes out of his way to lift the spirits of Randel, who can’t seem to shake the depression he’s carried since the last mission.

  • A Sweet Trap
    Episode 19 - A Sweet Trap

    Most members of Section III are assigned to duty distributing rations to the homeless, but Alice spends her evening attending a luxurious ball with her sisters.

  • Enter the Performers
    Episode 20 - Enter the Performers

    When the ball Alice is attending is interrupted by an enraged mob, Section III must deftly maneuver through an extremely delicate situation.

  • The Puppet and the Idol
    Episode 21 - The Puppet and the Idol

    Hunks is shocked to learn that his unit will not be attempting a rescue mission. Alice challenges an arrogant noble to a duel, but there is no guarantee he’ll accept.

  • Lonely Scales
    Episode 22 - Lonely Scales

    Randel is beyond desperate to find a reason to fight again, and Alice must battle both her opponent - and an angry mob.

  • And Then, an Alluring Trap
    Episode 23 - And Then, an Alluring Trap

    The crowd at the ball is transfixed by Alice’s ongoing duel. Meanwhile, the military prepares to invade the palace, but who is to be arrested?

  • The Military, the Commoners and the Nobility
    Episode 24 - The Military, the Commoners and the Nobility

    The Pumpkin Scissors have precious little time to establish peace before Section I takes matters into their own hands.


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"Pumpkin Scissors"

A rock-solid anime that has a few flaws, but overall an enjoyable watch.


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    In the wake of the Great War, Lieutenant Alice Malvin assumes command of the Imperial Army’s Intelligence Section III – a ragtag bunch of pencil-pushers used to spread military propaganda. But...

    Rating: TV-14

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