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The adorable spinoff of the iDOLM@STER games and anime!

  • Rating: TV-PG
  • Aspect Ratio: 16:9
  • Number of Episodes: 75
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    THE IDOLM@STER (Puchim@s is spin-off)


Fans of the iDOLM@STER franchise won’t want to miss this super cute spinoff! Hyperactive hijinks are sure to follow when the idol girls of 765 Productions discover the mysterious Puchidols – chibis with adorable abilities – have invaded their office!

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  • Tiny Puchidols
    Episode 1 - Tiny Puchidols

    The first puchidols are introduced. 

  • Everyday Scenes
    Episode 2 - Everyday Scenes

    Ritsuko can't keep control of the puchidols.

  • Refreshing Beginning
    Episode 3 - Refreshing Beginning

    Ami and Mami try to convince Ritsuko to let them keep their puchidols. 

  • Eat or Be Eaten
    Episode 4 - Eat or Be Eaten

    Miki returns from an overseas trip. 

  • Faceoff
    Episode 5 - Faceoff

    Miki and Afu fight over a rice ball. 

  • Good-for-nothing
    Episode 6 - Good-for-nothing

    P is depressed after being tossed out like garbage. 

  • Worldwide
    Episode 7 - Worldwide

    Miki remembers she found a puchidol of her own. 

  • A Variety of Body Types
    Episode 8 - A Variety of Body Types

    Chihaya's puchidol hates girls with bouncy chests. 

  • A Good Friend
    Episode 9 - A Good Friend

    Chihaya's puchidol gets a name. 

  • A Deserted Island for Some Reason
    Episode 10 - A Deserted Island for Some Reason

    Iori is dragged onto a desert island and must learn to survive. 

  • Madly in Love
    Episode 11 - Madly in Love

    Iori encounters a truly eerie puchidol. 

  • Left Behind
    Episode 12 - Left Behind

    Iori desperately tries to escape the multiplying puchidols. 

  • Normalcy
    Episode 13 - Normalcy

    The new puchidol is brought to the talent agency.

  • A Close Call!?
    Episode 14 - A Close Call!?

    Haruka-san multiplies and runs amok throughout the office. 

  • I Can't Take it Anymore!
    Episode 15 - I Can't Take it Anymore!

    Ritsuko gets fed up with the swarm of Haruka-sans.

  • A Peaceful Day
    Episode 16 - A Peaceful Day

    The girls have a nice, homestyle get-together at the office. 

  • Puchidol Language
    Episode 17 - Puchidol Language

    It turns out the puchidols don't just talk nonsense after all!

  • And Stuff!
    Episode 18 - And Stuff!

    Ritsuko finds the girls relaxing at the office.

  • Lots and Lots of Locks
    Episode 19 - Lots and Lots of Locks

    Chihaya needs help with her puchidol

  • Birds of a Feather Flock Together
    Episode 20 - Birds of a Feather Flock Together

    Chihaya is stressed out by her puchidol's always-growing hair. 

  • Chum
    Episode 21 - Chum

    Takane reveals a puchidol that she found. 

  • Thought Transference
    Episode 22 - Thought Transference

    Takane's puchidol meets Ritsuko for the first time.

  • Similar?
    Episode 23 - Similar?

    The similarities between Ritsuko and Chicchan are startling. 

  • Tiny Twins
    Episode 24 - Tiny Twins

    Azusa returns out of the blue and brings puchidols of her own. 

  • Wiggle Waggle
    Episode 25 - Wiggle Waggle

    Takane bonds with Koami and Komami. 

  • Same Wavelength
    Episode 26 - Same Wavelength

    Koami and Komami love to pull pranks.

  • Flustered Kotori
    Episode 27 - Flustered Kotori

    P brings a new puchidol to the office. 

  • A Pairing?
    Episode 28 - A Pairing?

    Hibiki and Makoto fight over another new puchidol. 

  • Way Bushed
    Episode 29 - Way Bushed

    It's time to name the newest puchidol!

  • Oh, Suddenly I'm in Egypt
    Episode 30 - Oh, Suddenly I'm in Egypt

    Iori and Yukiho are stuck in Egypt with a mysterious backpack.

  • Lurking Inside
    Episode 31 - Lurking Inside

    Yukiho is attacked by the contents of the mystery backpack.

  • Safe Return
    Episode 32 - Safe Return

    Iori and Yayoi explore a pyramid. 

  • Absolutely Not?
    Episode 33 - Absolutely Not?

    The girls mount a search for the missing new puchidol.

  • Gotcha
    Episode 34 - Gotcha

    Azusa tries to take Miura-san home but gets lost herself. 

  • Shiny Forehead
    Episode 35 - Shiny Forehead

    Miki and Azusa try to figure out a name for the newest puchidol. 

  • Pride on the Line
    Episode 36 - Pride on the Line

    Afu seems to respond to men... which is a problem for Makoto. 

  • Why Only Two Without Three?
    Episode 37 - Why Only Two Without Three?

    Afu's affection precents Makoto from getting work done. 

  • Playgirl
    Episode 38 - Playgirl

    Makoto is sad that everyone but her has a puchidol to look after.

  • Distrust of People
    Episode 39 - Distrust of People

    Takane gives Hibiki a new puchidol and takes them both on a trip.

  • Finally, Y'know!
    Episode 40 - Finally, Y'know!

    Hibiki and Chibiki try to find their way home after being left in the middle of nowhere. 

  • Harmonious
    Episode 41 - Harmonious

    Takane meets a new puchidol named Takanya. 

  • I Love Ramen
    Episode 42 - I Love Ramen

    Ritsuko wants to get rid of Takanya. 

  • Don't Let Victory Lower Your Guard
    Episode 43 - Don't Let Victory Lower Your Guard

    Ami and Mami challenge Chihaya to a video game competition.

  • Who's Number One?
    Episode 44 - Who's Number One?

    Makochii challenges Ami and Mami to a video game battle. 

  • The Showdown Finally Ends!
    Episode 45 - The Showdown Finally Ends!

    The girls' video game competition reaches its final stage. 

  • Teh-Teh-Teh
    Episode 46 - Teh-Teh-Teh

    A puchidol swimming competition begins. 

  • It's My Job
    Episode 47 - It's My Job

    The first event of the puchidol swimming competition goes less than stellar. 

  • Will There Be a Slip?
    Episode 48 - Will There Be a Slip?

    The puchidol swimming competition's Preliminary Round B teams are announced. 

  • Excitement Carnival
    Episode 49 - Excitement Carnival

    Round B of the swimming competition begins, and the puchidols aren't against cheating to win!

  • A Battle of Life and Death
    Episode 50 - A Battle of Life and Death

    The final round of the puchidols' swimming competition gets underway. 

  • I'll Stick With You
    Episode 51 - I'll Stick With You

    Chibiki and Yayo accidentally get their hair tangled together. 

  • How'd It Turn Out This Way!?
    Episode 52 - How'd It Turn Out This Way!?

    Chibiki and Yayo continue struggling to untangle their hair. 

  • Travel Companions Make a Journey Great
    Episode 53 - Travel Companions Make a Journey Great

    Chibiki and Yayo search for Hibiki with the help of giant, summoned animals. 

  • In Real Trouble Now!
    Episode 54 - In Real Trouble Now!

    P makes Ritsuko travel around the world in search of multiple Haruka-sans. 

  • Heave-ho!
    Episode 55 - Heave-ho!

    Ritsuko continues her trek around the world in search of all the Haruka-sans. 

  • Vacation!?
    Episode 56 - Vacation!?

    Ritsuko finally returns from her worldwide Haruka-san hunt. 

  • A Day of Smiles
    Episode 57 - A Day of Smiles

    Yukipo lives a simple but interesting daily life. 

  • It's Showtime!
    Episode 58 - It's Showtime!

    Ami and Mami scare puchidols awake for fun.

  • A Painful Blow?
    Episode 59 - A Painful Blow?

    Ami and Mami continue to scare the puchidols awake for laughs.

  • Is This the End!?
    Episode 60 - Is This the End!?

    Ami and Mami face certain doom as their "Wake Up Scare Show" backfires on them. 

  • Tiny Errands
    Episode 61 - Tiny Errands

    Chihyah is asked to deliver a script. 

  • Tick-tock Tick-tock
    Episode 62 - Tick-tock Tick-tock

    Chihyah continues her quest to find Chihaya. 

  • Just Barely
    Episode 63 - Just Barely

    Chihyah rushes to deliver Chihaya's script as time runs out. 

  • Like Attracts Like
    Episode 64 - Like Attracts Like

    All the puchidols suddenly disappear!

  • P-Taro, Born of P
    Episode 65 - P-Taro, Born of P

    Ritsuko has an April Fools' Day movie pitch for P.

  • King of Poor Speech
    Episode 66 - King of Poor Speech

    P's awkward phone call to the office ends with Yukipo saying her first words.

  • A Surprising Way to Say It
    Episode 67 - A Surprising Way to Say It

    On her birthday, Haruka discovers a robot has replaced her.

  • The Sound of a Silent Stomach
    Episode 68 - The Sound of a Silent Stomach

    Haruka and Makochii come up with a dubious idea for a radio show segment.

  • The Usual on the Radio
    Episode 69 - The Usual on the Radio

    Yukiho tries to answer some difficult questions from listeners during her radio show.

  • Their Relationship Is Certified
    Episode 70 - Their Relationship Is Certified

    Io causes trouble for Iori when she attempts to solve the office's roach problem.

  • The Happiness of Getting to Sing
    Episode 71 - The Happiness of Getting to Sing

    Chihaya and Chihyah would very much like to sing some karaoke, but the universe conspires against them.

  • 1-2-3!
    Episode 72 - 1-2-3!

    Hilarity ensues when Koami and Komami start up a staring game in the office.

  • They Caught a Cold!
    Episode 73 - They Caught a Cold!

    When Chicchan and Piyopiyo both come down with a cold, the office staff does their best to keep things running.

  • Just Like a Hot-Water Bottle
    Episode 74 - Just Like a Hot-Water Bottle

    Chibiki, Io, and Yayo make a valiant effort to stay awake while they housesit for Yayoi.

  • Might As Well Try to Relax Now and Then
    Episode 75 - Might As Well Try to Relax Now and Then

    Ritsuko takes some of the girls on a hot spring trip, but mischief tags along in the form of Takanya, Haruka-san, and Chibiki.

  • One Beat Late
    Episode 76 - One Beat Late

    Even more of the girls end up at the hot spring, but not all of them go there willingly.

  • The Fruits of Labor
    Episode 77 - The Fruits of Labor

    Kotori brings still more of the girls to the hot spring, with the intent of getting some work done.

  • No More, Sadness
    Episode 78 - No More, Sadness

    As the rest of the office is now at the hot spring, P belatedly tries to join them.


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