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From the studio that brought you Full Metal Panic! and Samurai 7

  • Genre: Action,Adventure,Comedy,Drama,Historical,Martial Arts,Supernatural
  • Rating: TV-14
  • Aspect Ratio: 4:3
  • Number of Episodes: 24

It mixes comedy, action, politics, and unpredictability into a big bowl of fun, then throws samurai and effeminate men on top. That, my friends, is a winning combination.


After the horrific murder of his parents, young Tetsu embarks on a quest for vengeance that threatens to consume his soul. His journey leads him to the inner sanctum of the Shinsengumi, a prestigious order of swordsmen at war with the very villains who cut down his mother and father. Tetsu’s samurai training gives him the strength to seek revenge, but it also opens his eyes to a painful truth: his new allies are responsible for just as much bloodshed as his sworn enemies.  Armed with this knowledge, Tetsu must make the most difficult choice of his life. Will he draw his sword and yield to his demonic urges – or follow in the footsteps of his father and become a true peacemaker?

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  • Cherry Blossoms
    Episode 1 - Cherry Blossoms

    Young Tetsu desperately wants to join the Shinsengumi, a group of elite swordsmen, but his dream turns into a nightmare in the wake of a brutal beating at the hands of one of his heroes.

  • Will
    Episode 2 - Will

    Tetsu’s determination finally earns him admission into the Shinsengumi, but he’s crushed to discover he’ll be serving as a page. Later, a mysterious visitor inspires him to pursue a new role.

  • Crimson
    Episode 3 - Crimson

    Still dreaming of becoming a Watcher, Tetsu picks a fight with a gang of Ronin in defense of a young girl. His foolish actions land him in great danger and jeopardize a covert operation.

  • Shadow
    Episode 4 - Shadow

    A murderous pyromaniac keeps burning down vacant houses, and Tetsu is severely reprimanded for constantly neglecting his duties as a page.

  • Moon
    Episode 5 - Moon

    Tetsu’s training is interrupted by the arrival of Vice Commander Yamanami, a far nicer man than his demonic counterpart. Later, while running errands in town, Tetsu runs into a familiar young girl.

  • Warrior
    Episode 6 - Warrior

    The Shinsengumi hold a festival while Vice Commander Hijikata is away on business, but Tetsu is too depressed to participate. Could a sparring session with Souji lift his spirits?

  • Suzu
    Episode 7 - Suzu

    Tetsu’s hot-headed nature lands him in big trouble when he gets in a fight over a samurai sword, and Souji questions Hijikata concerning his reluctance to arm his new page.

  • Love
    Episode 8 - Love

    Tetsu’s obsession with swords takes center stage when he attends a local festival with two adorable young ladies. He desire for his own weapon is dampened, however, when he sees how a real man handles trouble!

  • Ryo
    Episode 9 - Ryo

    Vice Commander Hijikata sends Tetsu and Tatsu to pick up an important package, but their mission is complicated by a run-in with Tetsu’s arch rival and the appearance of a mysterious warrior.

  • Quiet
    Episode 10 - Quiet

    During a tense reflection on past battles, Hijikata and Yamanami nearly come to blows. Later, in the dead of night, they draw their swords against supernatural foes!

  • Plot
    Episode 11 - Plot

    Tatsu is visited by an outlaw who claims to have known his father, and Shinsengumi headquarters is infiltrated by a deceptively-adorable spy.

  • Big Brother
    Episode 12 - Big Brother

    Tatsu struggles with the responsibility of looking out for his reckless younger brother, and Tetsu is shocked beyond belief by an unexpected encounter with Saya.

  • Gaze
    Episode 13 - Gaze

    After their paths cross yet again, Tetsu and Suzu realize they have much in common, but the sudden arrival of Suzu’s master threatens to end their blossoming friendship.

  • Thoughts
    Episode 14 - Thoughts

    Tetsu arouses concern at Shinsengumi headquarters when he refuses to get out of bed. His friends want to know what’s bothering the young page, but Tatsu refuses to shed light on the mystery.

  • Poetry
    Episode 15 - Poetry

    Souji causes a commotion at headquarters when he steals Hijikata’s collection of haikus, and Suzu’s master commands him to carry out a chilling mission involving his new friend.

  • Deceit
    Episode 16 - Deceit

    Tatsu barely survives another chaotic encounter with the mysterious Sakamoto, and a man with a passion for murder poses as Souji!

  • Hollow
    Episode 17 - Hollow

    Hijikata and Souji pursue a murderous imposter, but their search leads them straight to the gates of death. Their future will surely be short-lived if they cannot escape a twisted realm of illusion!

  • Rain
    Episode 18 - Rain

    Concern over Ayumu’s prolonged absence continues to grow at Shinsengumi headquarters, but Tetsu’s earnest attempt to speak with her brother ends in violence.

  • Sky
    Episode 19 - Sky

    Reports of a woman being brutally beaten by a group of samurai send the Shinsengumi flying into action, but will they arrive in time to prevent the death of one of their own?

  • Blade
    Episode 20 - Blade

    Souji and his men set out on a quest for vengeance after the murder of their comrade, and Tetsu’s next encounter with Suzu could be his last.

  • Battle Array
    Episode 21 - Battle Array

    As the Shinsengumi prepare for all-out war, Yamanami struggles with painful flashbacks to a night of violence, and a traumatized Tetsu locks himself in seclusion.

  • Fight
    Episode 22 - Fight

    The bloodshed is great as the Shinsengumi cut down their enemies one by one. Even young Tetus joins the fight after a pep talk from Yamanami

  • Truth
    Episode 23 - Truth

    Rival spies battle to a standstill in the dead of night, and young boy struggles to choose between bloodshed and peace. Meanwhile, a heartbroken page is left with nothing but the head of his master.

  • Iron
    Episode 24 - Iron

    In the wake of an epic bloodletting, Tetsu dreams of his father, mourns the loss of a precious friendship, and makes a promise to the girl he loves.


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    After the horrific murder of his parents, young Tetsu embarks on a quest for vengeance that threatens to consume his soul. His journey leads him to the inner sanctum of the Shinsengumi, a prestigio...

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