Ouran High School Host Club - OTAKU!?
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Ouran High School Host Club

Clip  | TV-14

The handsome boys in the Host Club at ritzy Ouran Academy are hard to resist. Luckily, there’s no need to even try. Whatever your tastes, there’s a gent on the menu eager to make your fantasies come true. Do you crave the devotion of a romantic prince? Ask for Tamaki. Request Kyoya if a boy lost in his thoughts makes you melt. Sit between Kaoru and Hikaru and swoon at their displays of brotherly love. Delight at Honey’s innocence and tremble in Mori’s manly arms. Oh, and don’t forget the newcomer, Haruhi. Girls love that he knows exactly how to make them feel special – of course, they don’t know it’s because he’s a girl too! The Hosts are doing their best to hide her secret, but now that “boys will be boys” no longer applies, Haruhi’s having the time of her life turning their perfect world upside down.

Official Site: www.funimation.com/shows/ouran-high-school-host-club

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