Noein: To Your Other Self - Ending - YOAKENO-ASHIOTO
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Noein: To Your Other Self

Clip  | TV-14

Own "Noein: To Your Other Self" today! Available on Blu-Ray for the first time in North America! Don't miss this sci-fi classic full of infinite worlds and infinite possiblities.

Limited Edition Includes:
- Collectible art chipboard box
- 8 full-color art cards

From the director of the classic fantasy epic Vision of Escaflowne and the studio that bought you the stunning sci-fi visuals of Macross Frontier comes a story of warring parallel dimensions and the one girl who could control them all.
When summer break begins, Haruka is only thinking of hanging out with her friends—until one fateful night she learns that she’s the keystone in an interdimensional battle for not only the Earth’s future, but the very survival of all existence across the multiverse. She will have to trust not only herself, but multiple versions of her friends from parallel dimensions. One of these visitors identifies himself as the future version of her troubled childhood friend Yuu.  Karasu swears to protect her from the god-like Noein who wants to use her to collapse all reality. When Haruka learns she has the ability to not only see, but influence every possible future, will she be able to protect infinite worlds along with her own?

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