Ninja Slayer - Ending - Kilmister
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Ninja Slayer
Ending - Kilmister

Clip  | TV-MA

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Song: Kilmister
Performed by: Boris

From the studio, Trigger, that brought you Kill la Kill.

Ninjas. Karate. Sushi. The dystopian cyber underworld of Neo-Saitama is ruled from the shadows by an intricate web of drugs, yakuza gangs, and evil syndicate ninjas wielding fearsome “karate.” In a sea of the blood of his enemies, a lone maverick stands. NINJA SLAYER is a ninja who kills other ninjas in the name of ninja vengeance. A former salaryman whose family was killed by evil ninjas, Ninja Slayer cheats death and casts away his past to embrace the dark, mystical NINJA SOUL, a mysterious spirit that grants him great power in his quest for revenge. But will this bloodthirsty spirit consume Ninja Slayer before his enemies are all “dead on departure?” Domo. I’m Ninja Slayer.

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