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  • Genre: Comedy,Fan Service,Live Action,School,Slice of Life
  • Rating: TV-PG
  • Aspect Ratio: 16:9
  • Number of Episodes: 11


College freshman Sawaki Tadayasu has a very unusual ability – he can communicate with germs! Together with childhood friend, Kei, he hopes to embark on a whole new life, but his plans change after meeting Professor Itsuki, a fermentation specialist. Hijinks ensue after the other students discover Sawaki’s secret!

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  • Entering College
    Episode 1 - Entering College

    Agriculture student Tadayasu Souemon Sawaki can see microbes with his naked eye! On the first day of school, his abilities allow for a very revealing first impression of Professor Keizou Itsuki.

  • Ability
    Episode 2 - Ability

    Professor Itsuki uses a rancid blast of fermented fish to drive unwanted visitors from his lab, and Sawaki relies on his special abilities to save his fellow classmates from a lethal salad!

  • UFO Club
    Episode 3 - UFO Club

    The sudden appearance of a crop circle in the Professor’s rice field suggests a recent visit from aliens. However, Sawaki and the gang suspect it might actually be the work of the school’s UFO Club.

  • Kuchikami Sake
    Episode 4 - Kuchikami Sake

    Kawahama and Misato’s moneymaking schemes land them in hot water, and one more screw-up could get them expelled. Unfortunately, Misato still wants to try his latest plan: using his saliva to ferment sake!

  • Love Potion
    Episode 5 - Love Potion

    Professor Itsuki notices that a lack of female companionship is distracting Sawaki, Misato, and Kawahama. When he gives the guys a bottle of aphrodisiac, the love potion leads to some unexpected results.

  • Disclosures
    Episode 6 - Disclosures

    After some aphrodisiac-influenced antics, it’s time to face the music. From freshman to grad students, including guys and girls alike, everyone must deal with the awkward aftermath of a very wild night.

  • Mending Fences
    Episode 7 - Mending Fences

    With the opening of the brewing vault at hand, Professor Itsuki and his students are ready to celebrate. Unfortunately, the bad blood between Hasegawa and the underclassmen could ruin the party.

  • Parting
    Episode 8 - Parting

    As preparations are made for the impending Harvest Festival, Hasegawa starts warming up to the rest of the gang. Complications arise, however, thanks to an agreement she made with her father in the past.

  • Harvest Festival
    Episode 9 - Harvest Festival

    At the Harvest Festival, the Itsuki Seminar’s booths are struggling due to Hasegawa’s absence, and the Fraternity of the Farm is threatening to shut the operation down. Luckily, Misato and Kawahama have a plan.

  • Miss Agri-U
    Episode 10 - Miss Agri-U

    The Itsuki Seminar students might be able to bring Hasegawa back if somebody can win the Miss Agricultural University Contest. Kei, Hazuki, and Mutou are willing to try, but do any of them have what it takes?

  • Rescue
    Episode 11 - Rescue

    The gang raises money for a trip to France, hoping to keep Hasegawa from getting married. With time running out, the entire University bands together to bring their favorite bondage-gear-wearing grad student back home!


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