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One of the Most Critically Acclaimed Series of 2007

Top Ten Anime of 2007 - IGN Anime

  • Genre: Drama,Romance,Slice of Life
  • Rating: TV-MA
  • Aspect Ratio: 4:3
  • Number of Episodes: 26

Best Dub of 2007

Anime Insider

Best Drama of 2007

Anime Insider

Every aspect of the show around the actual plot is lavishly done and filled with detail, emotion, and feeling.

a great coming of age series for anyone who loves music.


Koyuki Tanaka was feeling the rut, though he’s only a teenager. Between the sheltered and stifling grind of school and the girls that spend their time not noticing him… Every day was just another day of being a total nobody. Enter Ryusuke: a local rock n’ roller haunted by a shady reputation. Together they form Beck, a dynamic band that just might be the salvation of the stagnant music scene. Sure, it’s going to take hard work and obsession to make it, but there’s something special in the sound. If the guys can stay true to their vision, the world awaits. Music can change your life, sometimes against your will. Just remember… When it’s live, anything can happen.

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  • The View at Fourteen
    Episode 1 - The View at Fourteen

    For Koyuki, every day’s just another day as a total nobody. There wasn’t much action until a fateful meeting with Ryusuke, a local rock n’ roller haunted by a shady reputation.

  • Live House
    Episode 2 - Live House

    Ryusuke’s got a band called Serial Mama and he invites Koyuki to their next gig. He should be just fine as long as he remembers that when it’s live, anything can happen.

  • Moon on the Water
    Episode 3 - Moon on the Water

    Ryusuke is already trying to put another band together, and when he loans Koyuki a guitar, he hands him his destiny.

  • Strum the Guitar
    Episode 4 - Strum the Guitar

    Koyuki’s been picking at his loaner guitar, but all progress grinds to a halt when he accidentally trashes the instrument.

  • BECK
    Episode 5 - BECK

    Koyuki enters a battle of the bands with Saito’s reunited group, but their old singer is too drunk to perform. It’s not looking good - until Maho steps up to the microphone.

  • Hyodo and the Jaguar
    Episode 6 - Hyodo and the Jaguar

    There’s bad vibes going around, but news of Beck’s awesomeness is spreading as their first gig approaches. Maybe an insanely loud concert can help the gang shake off the blues.

  • Prudence
    Episode 7 - Prudence

    Maho finds out that Koyuki’s been working his tail off to pay for the damaged guitar - but he doesn’t even play one note on the salvaged six-string before it gets demolished again!

  • Broadcast in the School
    Episode 8 - Broadcast in the School

    Koyuki ends up sitting in on rhythm guitar at Beck’s rehearsal. The only thing more terrifying than jamming for the first time might be spending time alone with Maho!

  • The Night Before LIVE
    Episode 9 - The Night Before LIVE

    Beck’s drummer leaves the band to lead a more responsible life, but his replacement comes surprisingly quick. It’s a good thing Ryusuke knows what it takes to keep a band together - chemistry.

  • Face
    Episode 10 - Face

    It’s Koyuki’s first gig with Beck. No pressure, right? Sure enough, things get off to a rough start. Maybe Ryusuke’s new song will inject some life into their set.

  • Summer Holiday
    Episode 11 - Summer Holiday

    Dying Breed’s guitarist, Eddie, is coming to Beck’s show. Can a struggling local band compete with the aura of an actual rock star? If anybody’s got a chance to make this night count, it’s Beck.

  • Secret Live
    Episode 12 - Secret Live

    The guys in Beck find themselves on the guest list at the Dying Breed show. Not even Eiji can ruin the night when Koyuki is thrown into the spotlight - literally!

  • Ciel Bleu
    Episode 13 - Ciel Bleu

    Saku and Koyuki start a side project with some buddies from school to compete in the school’s cultural festival. It’s a good chance to show off the chops he’s been working up in Beck

  • Dream
    Episode 14 - Dream

    Ryusuke is driving the guys in Beck hard, consuming all their time and energy. Koyuki refuses to give up - until his body does it for him.

  • Back to School
    Episode 15 - Back to School

    Eddie receives an ominous threat and the ramifications echo across the sea to Ryusuke. Trouble is brewing and it looks like somebody might get hurt - and it all has something to do with Prudence.

  • Indies
    Episode 16 - Indies

    Koyuki’s totally bummed; his dream guitar got sold to someone else and Maho’s hanging out with a jerk. Things start looking up when the owner of an indie label starts sniffing around at Beck’s merch table.

  • Three Days
    Episode 17 - Three Days

    An indie label wants to release Beck’s album in America. If the record starts climbing the charts, it’s got to mean the cash will start rolling in - right? If not, Koyuki might be screwed.

  • Leon Sykes
    Episode 18 - Leon Sykes

    An industry hotshot’s in town with Prudence on his mind. His name’s Leon Sykes and he’s dropping in on the Ryusuke’s fishing shack - from a helicopter.

  • Blues
    Episode 19 - Blues

    A star is born when Dying Breed’s tour movie opens. After seeing Koyuki’s performance in the film, a very intense lady has tracked Beck to Ryusuke’s shack.

  • Greatful Sound
    Episode 20 - Greatful Sound

    The Greatful Sound Music Festival is coming up and all the guys in Beck are having dreams packed with visions of hope. Well, all of the guys except Chiba.

  • Write Music
    Episode 21 - Write Music

    Ryusuke wants to start prepping a new Beck album, but Chiba is wrapped up in his side project. Koyuki doesn’t need an excuse to keep working on his music - his mind is spewing melodies at random times.

  • Performance Eve Festival
    Episode 22 - Performance Eve Festival

    Ryusuke’s putting the screws to Beck, but the night before Greatful Sound offers a chance to relax - until Koyuki blows his confidence in front of an audience.

  • Festival
    Episode 23 - Festival

    The festival is starting and the guys in Beck are at each other’s throats! Plus, Chiba’s missing and a heavy rain is coming down. If they can get it together, these are the conditions from which legends are born.

  • Third Stage
    Episode 24 - Third Stage

    The mud and tension are thick at Greatful Sound. With one song left - possibly Beck’s last song ever - the guys take it up a notch. The audience is waiting, and the lucky ones will be able to say, “I was there.”

  • Slip Out
    Episode 25 - Slip Out

    Beck has broken up, but the legend of their Greatful Sound appearance is growing. Adding mystery to the myth, Ryusuke has vanished. Koyuki sees that even though the band’s done, life goes on.

  • America
    Episode 26 - America

    Koyuki wants to get the band back together! With Ryusuke missing, the guys start rehearsing and hoping for the best. If their leader returns, America waits outside the window of a tour van!


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"Anime for Music Lovers"

Over all I loved this anime the pacing may have been slow for some but it fits the genre perfectly in my opinion. Its a true start to finish anime, no cliff hangers or maybe season 2. If you like rock... more


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"A Must-watch"

This show touches hearts. It has a little of everything: romance and its trials, defying societal expectations, passion for hobbies, chasing dreams, combatting expectations, outside issues that hinder... more


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