Lost Girl - Sexy Succubus Star Anna Silk talks about Lost Girl
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Lost Girl
Sexy Succubus Star Anna Silk talks about Lost Girl

Interview  | TV-14

FUNimation's Justin Rojas, sits down with Lost Girl's Anna Silk (Bo), to talk about working on Lost Girl as it ranges from fighting in high heels, having to act out lvoe scenes with an ever expanding list of lovers, and more! --- Bo is a gorgeous renegade. An irresistible beauty. And a deadly succubus. For years, she had no idea what she was or why every new lover died in the throes of passion. She fled one corpse after another until a chance encounter with the puckish thief Kenzi exposed Bo s existence to the Fae. This ancient society of supernatural beings exists outside the realm of mere mortals. Within their world, there are only two sides: Light and Dark. Each member of the Fae must choose who they will serve. But not Bo. Driven to discover who she really is, Bo vows to live on her own terms even if it means existing in the abyss between darkness and light. With the help of the mischievous, but loyal, Kenzi, the handsome shapeshifter Dyson, and the beautiful human scientist Lauren, Bo will use her powers of seduction to unravel the riddle of her mysterious past.

Official Site: www.funimation.com/shows/lost-girl

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