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Directed by Masamitsu Hidaka (Pokémon)

Character designs by Hisashi Hirai (Mobile Suit Gundam SEED)

  • Genre: Action,Adventure,Drama,Fan Service,Mecha,Sci Fi
  • Rating: TV-MA
  • Aspect Ratio: 16:9
  • Number of Episodes: 24
  • Number of OVAs: 2
  • Seasons:
    Season 1 (Eps 1-12)
    Season 2 (Eps 13-24)


Mech-on-Mech action all over the place



Pokémon director Masamitsu Hidaka and the character designer of Mobile Suit Gundam SEED bring you the anime everyone’s already talking about! 

Kouichi dreams of being a hero, but in reality, he’s a punching bag for every bully on the block. His life flatlines when the mysteriously naked Emi crash lands on his pitiful existence, thrusting Kouichi into the middle of an intergalactic showdown between rival races of self-regenerating Machinas. Through his death-bed partnership with the Linebarrel mecha, Kouichi gains the strength to stand up to his tormentors and crush the alien invasion force that’s determined to conquer Earth. There’s just one problem. All this newfound power and special attention from nearly-naked babes is turning Kouichi into a jerk. His friends can’t stand him, he makes his dream girl sick, and those aliens want to kill him extra dead! Kouichi may have the mechanized muscle to save the world, but he has much to learn about being a true “Hero of Justice”.

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  • The Iron and the Boy
    Episode 1 - The Iron and the Boy

    A sudden crash-landing appears to give Kouichi the power he’s always dreamed of possessing, but the mysterious and beautiful Emi has yet to reveal a devastating secret.

  • Justice Barreling Along
    Episode 2 - Justice Barreling Along

    With his newfound powers, Kouichi seeks revenge against the ruthless bullies who once tormented him. Nothing can stop his mad quest for glory - not even the fact that he’s dead.

  • Azure Terror
    Episode 3 - Azure Terror

    Kouichi’s changed since the accident and not necessarily for the better. He’s giving his closest friends the cold shoulder, and even Emi finds it difficult to stomach his new attitude.

  • The Price of Justice
    Episode 4 - The Price of Justice

    Yajima confronts Kouichi about his violent behavior, leading to a bloody brawl between old friends. Their reconciliation is quickly halted when a mechanized assassin emerges from the darkness.

  • Guidepost to Tomorrow
    Episode 5 - Guidepost to Tomorrow

    Kouichi awakens to find - much to his horror - that Yajima did not survive their altercation. Devastated, he rejects an offer to join JUDA only to reconsider after talking with Emi.

  • A Radiant Night
    Episode 6 - A Radiant Night

    Kouichi’s first day at JUDA headquarters is downright brutal. He’s been launched into space, seen Emi naked, and he’s about to be sawed in half!

  • The Worst After-School Hours Ever
    Episode 7 - The Worst After-School Hours Ever

    Kato unexpectedly arrives at JUDA headquarters to recruit Kouichi for his sinister mission. Back in the real world, Emi attracts attention from the cool guy at school.

  • Playful Devils
    Episode 8 - Playful Devils

    During a battle with KATO, Kouichi displays his talent for disobeying orders. As a result, the enemy is able to plant a mysterious sphere that could mean trouble for JUDA.

  • The Black Chamber
    Episode 9 - The Black Chamber

    JUDA mounts a recon mission to gather information about the spheres KATO is strategically positioning around the globe. Reiji berates a Factor for coming to his rescue instead of following orders.

  • Overdrive
    Episode 10 - Overdrive

    It’s Christmas, and Kouichi should be spending time with the mother of a fallen friend. Instead, he’s blasting into space on a mission to save Earth from hijacked satellite weaponry.

  • Supernova
    Episode 11 - Supernova

    Things look dire for Earth until Kouichi musters a desperate attack on the deranged and violent Riku. But even if he saves the world, Kouichi may not survive his latest mission.

  • From the Tropics with Love
    Episode 12 - From the Tropics with Love

    Kunio rewards his team with a tropical getaway, but after a bizarre graveyard rendezvous and a giant squid attack, team JUDA will need a vacation to recover from their vacation.

  • Black Executioner
    Episode 13 - Black Executioner

    Everyone at JUDA headquarters is talking about Kouichi’s first kiss. The ladies are up in arms over his betrayal of Emi - but something even more treacherous looms on the horizon.

  • Shed is Blood, Lost are Tears
    Episode 14 - Shed is Blood, Lost are Tears

    KATO and SDF join forces to rule the world with a mechanized fist, but Kouichi refuses to surrender. With the JUDA mechs disabled, Linebarrel must battle a friend turned foe.

  • Vector
    Episode 15 - Vector

    The villainous leader of the new world order, Eiji, exploits Kouichi’s family to draw him out of hiding. As her friends are slaughtered by KATO, Emi struggles with feelings of guilt.

  • Judgment at Dusk
    Episode 16 - Judgment at Dusk

    With their backs against the wall, the JUDA team mounts a daring counterattack. Kouichi and Linebarrel engage Pretender - while the others infiltrate headquarters and attempt to activate their disabled mechs.

  • Mechanical Curse
    Episode 17 - Mechanical Curse

    Yajima mysteriously reappears, and Kouichi wants to know where he’s been all this time. JUDA hosts a karaoke party to improve their public image, but it ends on a bad note.

  • Memento Mori
    Episode 18 - Memento Mori

    Emi’s kidnapping leads Kouichi to a private meeting with Kato. While he’s away from headquarters, his JUDA comrades fight bravely to hold off the enemy ARMAs.

  • Light Reaches, Shadow is Uncovered
    Episode 19 - Light Reaches, Shadow is Uncovered

    Yajima and Kouichi settle their differences with a violent, man to man battle. Back at the base, the JUDA team discovers something frightening about the mysterious KATO spheres.

  • Man of Destiny
    Episode 20 - Man of Destiny

    Kouichi is eager to attack KATO and stop the impending invasion. But first, he must share an intimate moment with Miu - and of course, there is another thrilling, mech battle.

  • Wings of Madness
    Episode 21 - Wings of Madness

    A glimpse of the past reveals the violent and painful childhood that led to Reiji’s affiliation with KATO. In the present, Linebarrel and Vardant prepare for a showdown.

  • That which Devours Demons
    Episode 22 - That which Devours Demons

    Reiji’s repeated attacks force Kouichi to elevate Linebarrel to an unprecedented level of power. After the battle, team JUDA learns the shocking truth about KATO’s intentions.

  • The Way of Life Determined by the Way of Death
    Episode 23 - The Way of Life Determined by the Way of Death

    In a strange twist of fate, KATO and JUDA find themselves working together to stop a deadly alien invasion. But could another surprise sabotage their carefully planned resistance?

  • Flowers of Steel
    Episode 24 - Flowers of Steel

    Yet again, Kouichi’s rage - this time a result of Emi’s death - elevates Linebarrel’s fighting prowess to unfathomable heights. Could this finally be the mighty mech’s ultimate true form?

  • Pretty Girl Genius Scientist Rachel-chan
    OVA 25 - Pretty Girl Genius Scientist Rachel-chan

    Rachel Calvin, a young American genius, has a hard time reaching JUDA headquarters after wild animals eat her map and a bulldozer crushes her credit card. Perhaps a dip in the hot springs will help her unwind!

  • Shadows of Iron
    OVA 26 - Shadows of Iron

    See more of your favorite Linebarrels characters than you ever have before as the JUDA crew slips out of their uniforms and into their swimsuits for a trip to the beach!


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"Avoid this garbage at all cost."

It had a good concept of a bullied kid using his powers to fight back. But it's ruined by a bratty shounen lead, "wacky fanservice hijinks," and slobbering all over a Chiwa Saito character.


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"A good show for Mecha lovers"

This show is a rather good one, if you like animes with giant robots and such, they you'll enjoy it. The story is enjoyable, the fights are awesome, and the music is pure epicness. The first half of t... more


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    Includes: Eps 1-24 & 2 OVAs

    Pokémon director Masamitsu Hidaka and the character designer of Mobile Suit Gundam SEED bring you the anime everyone’s already talking about!

    Kouichi dreams of being a hero, but in real...

    Rating: TV-MA

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    Don’t miss a minute of these extra special adventures starring all the outrageous characters and menacing mechas from the original series.

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