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  • Genre: Comedy,Sci Fi
  • Rating: TV-14
  • Aspect Ratio: 16:9
  • Number of Episodes: 13


Do you love a good prank? Does your sense of humor border on sadistic? Then you’ll love Level E, a hilariously twisted new series from the creator of Yu Yu Hakusho and Hunter X Hunter that’s unlike anything you’ve ever seen!

This extraterrestrial adventure follows the alien genius, Prince Baka (masterfully portrayed by anime legend Vic Mignogna) as he turns life on Earth into his own personal laugh track. The Prince has the biggest brain in the galaxy, and he’s also a sadistic prankster who loves to make humans squirm. Anime fans will fall hard for this nostalgic, “undeniably clever” series that spoofs the television shows, video games, and superheroes they loved as kids. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll remember that thing you did that was super mean – but also super hilarious. (Don’t worry, you won’t get grounded.) So yeah, Level E. The alien invasion has begun. Prepare to die – laughing.

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  • An alien on the planet
    Episode 1 - An alien on the planet

    Tsutsui’s excited about starting high school and moving into his first apartment, but when an unexpected roommate turns out to be an alien, hijinks ensue!

  • Run after the man
    Episode 2 - Run after the man

    Tsutsui’s life take another chaotic turn when the amnesiac alien prince living in his apartment gets in a fight that leads to a dead body being crammed into a trash can!

  • Risky Game!
    Episode 3 - Risky Game!

    Prince Baka’s antics threaten to land the planet in hot water when a rival race of aliens show up at Tsutsui’s front door looking for justice. And that’s just the beginning of the story!

  • From the Darkness
    Episode 4 - From the Darkness

    A group of boys are shocked to stumble upon a voracious alien devouring the entire body of a female student. The story is horrifying, but things aren’t always as they seem!

  • Here Come the Color Rangers!
    Episode 5 - Here Come the Color Rangers!

    Prince Baka kidnaps an innocent group of young boys, turns them into his own private fighting force, and orders them to attack their teacher!

  • Dancing in the Trap!!
    Episode 6 - Dancing in the Trap!!

    The Color Rangers search for a key that may help them regain their freedom, but Prince Baka refuses to give up easily and the boys are soon trapped in an RPG.

  • Game Over....!?
    Episode 7 - Game Over....!?

    After working tirelessly to level up, the Color Rangers are ready for their first mission: serving as bodyguards for a suspiciously familiar princess!

  • You're My Darling
    Episode 8 - You're My Darling

    An alien princess travels to Earth in search of a suitable mate. The royal beauty is mesmerizing, but her species has a nasty habit of wiping out entire planets!

  • Love Me Tender
    Episode 9 - Love Me Tender

    The saga of the space princess searching for a mate continues, but there’s a twist! Her intended lover is actually a girl! Good thing this princess is a whiz at genetic modification!

  • Boy Meets Girl
    Episode 10 - Boy Meets Girl

    While the fate of their friendship hangs in the balance, the Color Rangers must set aside their differences and join forces one last time in order to save an alien mermaid!

  • Field of Dreams!
    Episode 11 - Field of Dreams!

    Tsutsui and his teammates get trapped inside someone’s consciousness, and if they can’t find a way to escape, they’ll miss the big game!

  • Half Moon....!
    Episode 12 - Half Moon....!

    When Prince Baka’s brother tries to track him down and force him to marry his betrothed, it could spell big trouble for the universe!

  • Full Moon....!
    Episode 13 - Full Moon....!

    Prince Baka tries to outwit his matrimonial-minded brother, who in fact may not be his actual brother. Also, his alien bride may really be an extraterrestrial freedom fighter. And there’s a cat, too.


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    Do you love a good prank? Does your sense of humor border on sadistic? Then you’ll love Level E, a hilariously twisted new series from the creator of Yu Yu Hakusho and Hunter X H...

    Rating: TV-14

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