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Character designs by Range Murata (Solty Rei, Shangri-La, Blue Submarine No. 6)

From GONZO, the studio behind Afro Samurai and Witchblade

From the director of Full Metal Panic!

  • Genre: Action,Adventure,Historical,Mystery,Sci Fi
  • Rating: TV-14
  • Aspect Ratio: 16:9
  • Number of Episodes: 26
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Steampunk Anime at it's finest!

Last Exile is filled with breathtaking scenery, non-stop action, and intriguing characters that will keep even the most casual anime fans glued to the edge of their seats.

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It’s the dawn of the Golden Age of Aviation on planet Prester, and retro-futuristic sky vehicles known as vanships dominate the horizon. Claus Valca – a flyboy born with the right stuff – and his fiery navigator Lavie are fearless racers obsessed with becoming the first sky couriers to cross the Grand Stream in a vanship. But when the high-flying duo encounters a mysterious girl named Alvis, they are thrust into the middle of an endless battle between Anatoray and Disith – two countries systematically destroying each other according to the code of chivalric warfare. Lives will be lost and legacies determined as Claus and Lavie attempt to bring peace to their world by solving the riddle of its chaotic core.

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  • First Move
    Episode 1 - First Move

    Claus and Lavie are courier Vanship pilots. During a routine delivery for Duke Madossein, they discover that an unusual danger looms.

  • Luft Vanship
    Episode 2 - Luft Vanship

    The Guild unleashes an attack while Claus and Lavie attempt to deliver a message to Duke Madossein!

  • Transpose
    Episode 3 - Transpose

    A renegade Vanship crashes into Claus and Lavie, and the vessel’s pilot charges them with a new mission: the delivery of a hunted little girl.

  • Zugzwang
    Episode 4 - Zugzwang

    Having accepted the mission to deliver the little girl, Claus and Lavie find the task wrought with peril.

  • Positional Play
    Episode 5 - Positional Play

    Alex Rowe takes Al aboard the Sylvana, and Claus and Lavie are determined to get her back.

  • Arbiter Attack
    Episode 6 - Arbiter Attack

    Aboard the Sylvana, Claus’s confrontation with Alex Rowe is hindered by a Guild assault.

  • Interesting Claus
    Episode 7 - Interesting Claus

    Aboard the Sylvana, Claus and Lavie assist in defending the vessel from the attacking Guild forces.

  • Takeback
    Episode 8 - Takeback

    When the Sylvana lands for refueling and supplies, flaring tensions could escalate into a brawl with the crew of the Goliath.

  • Calculate Alex
    Episode 9 - Calculate Alex

    Claus and Lavie decide to enter an 8-Hour Endurance Race and quickly discover they will be competing against old enemies.

  • Swindle
    Episode 10 - Swindle

    Claus and Lavie find the Endurance Race is full of danger - and victory is far from guaranteed.

  • Develop
    Episode 11 - Develop

    The Emperor issues a royal decree for Alex to hand over his “cargo” - but he refuses to comply!

  • Discovered Attack
    Episode 12 - Discovered Attack

    With Alex’s refusal of the Emperor’s decree, the Sylvana is forced into a dangerous battle!

  • Isolated Pawn
    Episode 13 - Isolated Pawn

    Claus and Tatiana crash on the surface of a planet after taking damage in the battle against the Emperor’s forces. The fate of the Sylvana remains unknown.

  • Etude Lavie
    Episode 14 - Etude Lavie

    Renowned Vanship pilots Hamilcal Valca and George Head attempted to fly into the Grand Stream - and were never heard from again.

  • Fairy Chess
    Episode 15 - Fairy Chess

    With everyone finally regrouped aboard the Sylvana, uncertainty and mysteries envelop the crew.

  • Breakthrough
    Episode 16 - Breakthrough

    Sophia arrives at the Imperial City and is arrested by the Emperor!

  • Making Material
    Episode 17 - Making Material

    After Alex receives a mysterious letter, the Sylvana heads to the Horizon Cave.

  • Promotion Sophia
    Episode 18 - Promotion Sophia

    Sophia begins her reign as Empress, but Alex’s arrival proves to complicate matters.

  • Sicilian Defence
    Episode 19 - Sicilian Defence

    During Sophia’s coronation ceremony, the Guild declares war on the new alliance - and the Sylvana rushes toward a likely ambush.

  • Grand Stream
    Episode 20 - Grand Stream

    The search of the Great Stream pays off - EXILE is located. The crew of the Sylvana finds capturing it might be more difficult.

  • Rook Dio
    Episode 21 - Rook Dio

    Upon arriving back at the Sylvana, Claus and Dio discover that something is wrong with the crew.

  • Queen Delphine
    Episode 22 - Queen Delphine

    Alex, Claus, and Al are captured by Delphine, who has taken back Dio. She uses a truth serum on Alex in hopes of learning more about the Mysterium.

  • Castling Lucciola
    Episode 23 - Castling Lucciola

    Claus and Al escape with Luciola’s help, but Dio’s fate is still in question.

  • Sealed Move
    Episode 24 - Sealed Move

    After half of her Guild Palace is destroyed during Dio’s escape, Delphine plots revenge!

  • Quiet Move
    Episode 25 - Quiet Move

    Claus and Al rendezvous with Alister, Tatiana, and Lavie. With Dio in tow, the group heads out to the Grand Stream to find the Sylvana.

  • Resign
    Episode 26 - Resign

    The final battle begins as the Sylvana, Delphine, the Urbanus, and the EXILE clash in the Grand Stream.


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"Last Exile"

Last Exile is a fantastic tale about a boy,a girl, and the adventure they have flying around their country. It is set in it's own unique steam-punk-ish world that makes for a highly entertaining story... more


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"Great characters and story!"

High action, great bad guys, lovable characters, gorgeous art, great world, original story. A classic in the making.


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    It’s the dawn of the Golden Age of Aviation on planet Prester, and retro-futuristic sky vehicles known as vanships dominate the horizon. Claus Valca – a flyboy born with the right stuff – and...

    Rating: TV-14

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