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The only thing more deadly than Kurau... is the secret hidden inside her.

Best Sci-F Anime of 2007 - Anime Insider

From Studio Bones (Fullmetal Alchemist, Cowboy Bebop, Wolf's Rain and Darker Than Black)

  • Genre: Action,Cyberpunk,Drama,Mystery,Sci Fi,Supernatural
  • Rating: TV-14
  • Aspect Ratio: 4:3
  • Number of Episodes: 24

Gorgeous animation, incredible characters, and a dynamic story.



Her name is Kurau, and in a world of mercenary agents, she’s the cream of the elite; a master martial artist and thief so skilled that no secret or objective is beyond her grasp. The greatest secret of all, however, is the one Kurau conceals inside herself:

The freak result of a disastrous experiment with a new kind of energy, Kurau’s body has been fused with a binary alien life form called the Rynax. Every second Kurau lives is lived twice, one alien sharing her consciousness, the other still waiting to be born... and now none of those lives may last very long! The truth about Kurau has begun to leak out, a worldwide manhunt has been launched and now the ultimate agent is the ultimate target.

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  • Into the Wide World…
    Episode 1 - Into the Wide World…

    Years ago, a tragic accident led to Kurau’s possession by a Rynax. Now an adult, the Rynax powers she acquired so long ago have made her an unstoppable agent.

  • A Good Word
    Episode 2 - A Good Word

    Kurau’s latest case forces her to protect a detestable young bridegroom.

  • Those in Pursuit
    Episode 3 - Those in Pursuit

    Kurau attempts to rescue a stranded space pilot. Not only is her mission dangerous, but she’s being watched by both the authorities and a mysterious man with blonde hair.

  • Passing Through the Night
    Episode 4 - Passing Through the Night

    Kurau and Christmas abandon their old lives when the GPO closes in on them, but some habits prove hard to break. Kurau soon takes a job tracking down a gang of art thieves.

  • Lost Child
    Episode 5 - Lost Child

    While Kurau recovers from her injuries, Christmas does her best to care for her pair. Elsewhere, Kurau’s father is strong-armed by the GPO.

  • Glowing Rain
    Episode 6 - Glowing Rain

    As the GPO hatches a plot to apprehend Kurau, Doug - the mysterious blonde agent - befriends the female fugitives.

  • A New Life
    Episode 7 - A New Life

    Doug help Christmas and Kurau avoid the clutches of the GPO by taking jobs waitressing in a seaside town.

  • Another Christmas
    Episode 8 - Another Christmas

    Kurau takes part in the local games as a POD pilot, and Ayaka’s reasons for hating the holidays are revealed.

  • The City Where the Angels Disappeared
    Episode 9 - The City Where the Angels Disappeared

    Kurau and Christmas flee Los Angeles under the cover of assumed names, but their investigation into a nearby Rynax energy plant may be their undoing.

  • Sleeping Beauty
    Episode 10 - Sleeping Beauty

    The time finally arrives when Kurau and Christmas are unable to avoid capture by the GPO.

  • The Voice That Calls You
    Episode 11 - The Voice That Calls You

    As Kurau travels to the moon on a mission to rescue Christmas, the GPO takes steps to recapture the coveted agent.

  • Here Right Now
    Episode 12 - Here Right Now

    Ayaka questions Doug concerning the whereabouts of Kurau and Christmas. Meanwhile, Kurau lays healing hands on the victims of Rynax energy.

  • Something That Must be Protected
    Episode 13 - Something That Must be Protected

    Kurau and Christmas flee the moon with help from Jose, but the situation takes a turn for the worse when their vessel is boarded by pirates.

  • Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow
    Episode 14 - Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow

    Thanks to Uncle Frank, Kurau and Christmas find a moment’s peace in the serene surroundings of Switzerland.

  • Anxiety of the Swallowtail Butterfly
    Episode 15 - Anxiety of the Swallowtail Butterfly

    A male Rynax barks up the wrong tree when he attempts to make Christmas his pair.

  • The Gravestones on Top of the Hill
    Episode 16 - The Gravestones on Top of the Hill

    Jessica - the victim of a tragic Rynax energy accident - saves Yvon from an unfortunate fate.

  • In the Mist
    Episode 17 - In the Mist

    When Jessica is captured, Kurau mounts a mission to rescue Yvon, but the GPO will be hard to shake.

  • The Visitor
    Episode 18 - The Visitor

    Ayaka learns the truth about her family’s demise, and Inspector Wong sheds light on the GPO’s hidden agenda.

  • Each Path
    Episode 19 - Each Path

    Ayaka reveals the secrets of her past, and Kurau and Christmas journey to France in an attempt to save two Rynax twins from the GPO.

  • Open the Window
    Episode 20 - Open the Window

    The Rynax twins - Windt and Regel - prove their disregard for human life when they take drastic measures to capture Kurau’s energy.

  • The Frozen River
    Episode 21 - The Frozen River

    Director Saito prefects his latest crop of GPO soldiers, Kurau and Christmas pursue the Delyus twins, and Ayaka has something special up her sleeve.

  • Shine in the Darkness
    Episode 22 - Shine in the Darkness

    What does it mean to be human? And what price will the twins pay for that knowledge?

  • The Light at the End
    Episode 23 - The Light at the End

    Windt has Director Saito firmly in his sights. Is there anything Kurau, Ayaka, and the GPO can do to stop him?

  • Before the Goodbye
    Episode 24 - Before the Goodbye

    Christmas returns to Switzerland, and Kurau - whose true feelings about the holiday season are finally revealed - goes to live with her father.


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"The first Anime I came back to after college"

I never thought I could ever love anime again. This title made me, a grown man, cry at the end. A great adaptation tale of a young alien girl in the future who's presence was created while seeking a... more


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    Her name is Kurau, and in a world of mercenary agents, she’s the cream of the elite; a master martial artist and thief so skilled that no secret or objective is beyond her grasp. The greatest sec...

    Rating: TV-14

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