Kamisama Kiss - Tomoe's Feelings
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Kamisama Kiss
Tomoe's Feelings

Clip  | TV-PG

If you've been waiting for more romantic development in Kamisama Kiss, make sure you're watching season 2!
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Nanami the Land God is back with the handsome fox familiar Tomoe at her side! After a rough start as a newly ordained god, she’s finally finding her land legs in the world of gods, demons, and spirits. However, not everything is going magically well; Nanami’s feelings for Tomoe are growing stronger, but Tomoe goes from hot to cold faster than a weather god! And he’s not the only moody demon. The flowers in Kurama’s mountain home are dying, and the person behind the wilting wildlife is none other than his brother Jiro!
Nanami’s got a lot on her plate. When the going gets tough, will this green goddess have what it takes to save the day?

Official Site: www.funimation.com/shows/kamisama-kiss

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