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Based on the fan favorite series King of Bandit Jing

From the Director of Slayers - The Motion Picture

  • Genre: Action,Adventure,Comedy,Fantasy
  • Rating: TV-PG
  • Aspect Ratio: 16:9
  • Number of OVAs: 3
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Trippy, lively, and fun

Theron Martin, Anime News Network


The prison Seventh Heaven houses thousands of criminals – plus one Bandit King and his feathered sidekick! Jing and Kir aren’t locked up against their will; the thieves have plans to relieve the convict conjurer Campari of something both valuable and mystical. If Jing and Kir aren’t careful, they’ll find themselves trapped in a bizarre world of illusion where there’s more than freedom at stake!

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  • Lost in Seventh Heaven
    OVA 1 - Lost in Seventh Heaven

    Jing and Kir are locked up in Seventh Heaven, a prison from which no one escapes. Luckily, they aren’t looking to break out. In fact, Jing’s right where he wants to be - close to Campari’s priceless Dream Orb.

  • Dream in Seventh Heaven
    OVA 2 - Dream in Seventh Heaven

    A dream vision into the past reveals the early years of Jing’s life, before he was known as the King of Bandits. In addition, the roots of Jing’s relationship with Kir are explored.

  • Awake in Seventh Heaven
    OVA 3 - Awake in Seventh Heaven

    Jing struggles to free himself from Campari’s illusionary world. Of course, even if he succeeds, the King of Bandits will still have to find a way out of Seventh Heaven!


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    Includes: 3-Part OVA

    Seventh Heaven is a hellhole of a prison that houses thousands of hardened criminals - plus one Bandit King and his feathered sidekick! Jing and Kir aren't locked up against their will, though; the...

    Rating: TV-PG

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