Inside The Voice Actors Studio - Preview - Mike McFarland
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Inside The Voice Actors Studio
Preview - Mike McFarland

Clip  | TV-14

Here is a clip from the FUNimation web series 'Inside the Voice Actor Studio' when we had the great opportunity to sit down with Voice Actor and ADR Director Mike McFarland. 'Inside the Voice Actor Studio' exclusively for We will be sitting down with different Voice Actors, Script Adaptors, and ADR Directors from the FUNimation family and talking to them at length on many different topics. If you have ever wanted know the full story on how each of our guests got into the industry, what's it like voicing some of their favorite characters, or get a more behind the scenes look at what it's like being a Voice Actor this is the series for you. Inside the Voice Actor Studio is Exclusive to FUNimation Elite Video Subscribers. If you are not a subscriber yet now is the perfect time. Go to to start your 14-day free trial now. Catch New Episodes Every Friday at

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