Incredibly Ever After - Gazer Warrior Gives Advice
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Incredibly Ever After
Gazer Warrior Gives Advice

Clip  | TV-14

One of the world’s greatest super heroes – the mighty Gazer Warrior – has finally met his match! Her name is Aroma Warrior, and ever since the day they met, he’s only had laser beam eyes for her. Stricken by love for his fellow crime fighter, Gazer Warrior hangs up his cape and settles down to marry the super being of his dreams. But wedded life proves to be anything but blissful for these once upon a time costumed crusaders. Aroma Warrior quickly comes down with a bad case of baby fever, and disappointing your new bride is a bad idea when she’s got the super strength to literally throw you out of the house. To make matters worse, Gazer Warrior finds his super-sight fading and his libido lacking just as fate – in the form of a clandestine martial arts tournament – forces the aging super heroes to, once again, don their masks and battle the forces of evil!

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