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Based on the mega-hit web comic and manga by Hidekaz Himamura


Every single country/character is a total stereotype, and it's uproarious

Bamboo Dong, Anime News Network

You've never seen anything like this, and that's a good thing.



Forget everything you learned in history class, and imagine all the nations of the world as cute guys hanging out on a wildly inappropriate reality show. Now, toss in every stereotype ever and prepare to pledge allegiance to your favorite superpower in Hetalia!

Maybe you’ll surrender to Italy’s charms. He’s a sweetie who’s always got a noodle in his mouth and he’s BFF with blue-eyed Germany and shy Japan. Sounds nice, right? Of course, their friendship sort of causes World War II, but is that really such a big deal? Not if it means those adorable allies France, America, and England will be stormin’ the beach! No matter who comes out on top, victory is yours! Now ditch your textbooks and try to keep up, because history happens fast in Hetalia!

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  • Axis Powers: Episode 1
    Episode 1 - Axis Powers: Episode 1

    When the nations gather to solve the world’s problems, U.S.A. presents his solution to global warming - and it’s a pretty stupid one. Then everyone argues for a while, just before a flashback to WWI.

  • Axis Powers: Episode 2
    Episode 2 - Axis Powers: Episode 2

    Germany is prowling the woods of WWI in search of the enemy, when he happens upon a crate of tomatoes. Just as he opens the wooden box, Italy attacks! I’m only kidding. Italy mostly just lays around.

  • Axis Powers: Episode 3
    Episode 3 - Axis Powers: Episode 3

    WWI is over, but Italy won’t quit pestering Germany. In fact, with WWII right around the corner, Italy pledges his undying devotion to his gruff friend, and a delightful Axis of Bromance is born.

  • Axis Powers: Episode 4
    Episode 4 - Axis Powers: Episode 4

    Italy and Germany have a new BFF: Japan. After a “getting acquainted” soak in the hot springs, Japan shows the guys his value as an ally by - actually, he doesn’t really do much. But he seems very polite.

  • Axis Powers: Episode 5
    Episode 5 - Axis Powers: Episode 5

    Germany, Japan, and Italy are on a deserted island, and they’re making the most of such a pleasant environment. Especially Italy, who uses the free time make white flags and sand sculptures of pasta.

  • Axis Powers: Episode 6
    Episode 6 - Axis Powers: Episode 6

    Japan, Germany, and Italy roast marshmallows on the beach. The three guys may feel like the night belongs to them, but they are far from alone. Actually, marshmallows sound pretty good right now. BRB.

  • Axis Powers: Episode 7
    Episode 7 - Axis Powers: Episode 7

    U.S.A. takes a break from stuffing hamburgers into his face just long enough (barely) to reveal his plans for attacking the Axis. Meanwhile, much to Germany’s delight, Italy’s got an obnoxious brother.

  • Axis Powers: Episode 8
    Episode 8 - Axis Powers: Episode 8

    Since Italy’s kind of a moron, he keeps getting captured by the Allies. But since he’s kind of annoying, he keeps getting sent back to the Axis. And in a shocking turn of events, Japan answers a telephone!

  • Axis Powers: Episode 9
    Episode 9 - Axis Powers: Episode 9

    The Allies get together to split up their responsibilities for the coming war, which really just means: U.S.A. decides he’ll be the hero and everyone else will act as his support. Meanwhile, isn’t France dreamy?

  • Axis Powers: Episode 10
    Episode 10 - Axis Powers: Episode 10

    France is devastated upon learning he wasn’t invited to the second meeting of the Allies, and as he reflects on the - I’m sorry, can you excuse me for a second? It seems chibi Italy is wearing Hungary’s dress.

  • Axis Powers: Episode 11
    Episode 11 - Axis Powers: Episode 11

    The moment of truth arrives in Chibitalia: will Italy accept the adorable Holy Roman Empire’s offer? And while the Allies prepare for WWII, U.K. totally hangs out with a unicorn.

  • Axis Powers: Episode 12
    Episode 12 - Axis Powers: Episode 12

    First, a scene from after the war: France asks U.K. to marry him. It has something to do with the Suez Canal. Next, a scene set before the war shows the Axis prepping to take on U.K.

  • Axis Powers: Episode 13
    Episode 13 - Axis Powers: Episode 13

    U.K. is aggravated after losing to Germany, so the lad uses the dark arts to get his revenge. In a scary room, he chants a summoning spell and unleashes - Russia, the weirdest of all world powers!

  • Axis Powers: Episode 14
    Episode 14 - Axis Powers: Episode 14

    Germany goes to the supermarket to buy sausages. Ordinarily that wouldn’t be exciting, but during this trip he manages to encounter every mildly-offensive stereotype ever associated with every nation ever.

  • Axis Powers: Episode 15
    Episode 15 - Axis Powers: Episode 15

    Italy and Germany enjoy soaking in the rays of the sun, but Japan isn’t thrilled about the prospect of exposing himself. Of course, a quick glimpse at his library proves he’s not totally against nudity.

  • Axis Powers: Episode 16
    Episode 16 - Axis Powers: Episode 16

    A walk down memory lane reveals the moment when China found tiny, young Japan sitting all alone in the woods.

  • Axis Powers: Episode 17
    Episode 17 - Axis Powers: Episode 17

    U.S.A. is ready to clean out his cluttered storage room, but he may not have what it takes to let go of so many memories. Actually, he may need to worry more about letting go of some hamburgers.

  • Axis Powers: Episode 18
    Episode 18 - Axis Powers: Episode 18

    The Allied assault on the Axis begins! And ends! And then it begins again! And ends again! What’s with all the false starts and sudden stops? It’s kind of hard to explain. Just watch the episode.

  • Axis Powers: Episode 19
    Episode 19 - Axis Powers: Episode 19

    The Allied forces gather for a meeting. Here’s a list of the three most interesting things that happen: 1) China shows up late. 2) Canada has a bear in his lap. 3) OMG, AXIS SPY.

  • Axis Powers: Episode 20
    Episode 20 - Axis Powers: Episode 20

    A tale of two weapons: First of all, Italy shouldn’t be messing around with hand grenades. Can we all agree on that? Next, U.S.A. takes a trip down memory lane when he finds an old musket in his storage room.

  • Axis Powers: Episode 21
    Episode 21 - Axis Powers: Episode 21

    Sealand has a lot of heart, but as the teeny-tiniest nation in the world, he’s having a tough time getting the other countries to recognize that he even exists.

  • Axis Powers: Episode 22
    Episode 22 - Axis Powers: Episode 22

    As Holy Roman Empire prepares to leave for war, little Italy gets emotional and gives the departing nation a meaningful gift. Well, really, I’m just assuming it’s meaningful. Because, otherwise, it’s just silly.

  • Axis Powers: Episode 23
    Episode 23 - Axis Powers: Episode 23

    Switzerland questions why his sis, Liechtenstein, cut her hair. Everyone else questions if she’s actually a little boy. Later, Germany is confused when he overhears an awkward situation involving Italy and a bed.

  • Axis Powers: Episode 24
    Episode 24 - Axis Powers: Episode 24

    Tension arises when Switzerland and Liechtenstein encounter Austria at the grocery store. Meanwhile, the Axis boys discover that their deserted island isn’t actually all that deserted.

  • Axis Powers: Episode 25
    Episode 25 - Axis Powers: Episode 25

    A flashback into the past reveals the reasons why U.S.A. might sometimes appear to be lacking in good taste. Also, the long and winding tale of Liechtenstein and Switzerland comes to an end.

  • Axis Powers: Episode 26
    Episode 26 - Axis Powers: Episode 26

    U.K. unveils the secret weapon he plans to use in order to claim revenge against U.S.A. - a chair! An EVIL chair! An EVIL chair that Russia keeps sitting in at all the wrong moments!

  • Axis Powers: Episode 27
    Episode 27 - Axis Powers: Episode 27

    The Allies get their hands on a valuable source of information that could reveal the inner-workings of the Axis gang: Germany’s diary! And it’s all about Italy. Seriously, like every page.

  • Axis Powers: Episode 28
    Episode 28 - Axis Powers: Episode 28

    The Axis falls under Allied attack once again! But then something strange happens - a jolly visitor arrives bearing gifts, allowing enemies to put aside their differences if only for one night.

  • Axis Powers: Episode 29
    Episode 29 - Axis Powers: Episode 29

    Russia knows no fear, as evidenced by his willingness to jump out of an airplane without a parachute. The Baltics, however, seem to be more than a little uneasy around Russia.

  • Axis Powers: Episode 30
    Episode 30 - Axis Powers: Episode 30

    During a sleepover at Japan’s place, U.K. makes a new pal while soaking in the bath. This new pal is green and might actually be a hallucination. Or, he might actually exist. We may never know.

  • Axis Powers: Episode 31
    Episode 31 - Axis Powers: Episode 31

    In this very informative episode of Hetalia Axis Powers, the gang shares stories of how the Christmas season is celebrated - or not - in their homelands. Note to self: avoid Russia during the holidays.

  • Axis Powers: Episode 32
    Episode 32 - Axis Powers: Episode 32

    Germany stirs from his slumber to find the Roman Empire on his bed. It turns out Germany is a big fan of his visitor’s work - and misses him very much. How sweet.

  • Axis Powers: Episode 33
    Episode 33 - Axis Powers: Episode 33

    Germany and Italy spend a beautiful night by the campfire, and when a shooting star flashes through the sky, Germany makes a wish. Actually he makes a lot of wishes, and they’re all about Italy.

  • Axis Powers: Episode 34
    Episode 34 - Axis Powers: Episode 34

    Germany goes sightseeing in sunny Italy, a lively land where music and laughter drift on the breeze. Surprisingly, he doesn’t hate it. Later, the Allied boys explore their artistic sides.

  • Axis Powers: Episode 35
    Episode 35 - Axis Powers: Episode 35

    It’s time for the G8 summit, but Canada is missing. When he finally shows up, the rest of the… Wait. Who the crap is this Canada guy? Later, France catches Olympic fever - and loses his pants.

  • Axis Powers: Episode 36
    Episode 36 - Axis Powers: Episode 36

    With spring still many months away, U.S.A. and Japan make preparations to survive the harsh winter. And by preparations, I mean that Japan buys manga and ice cream while U.S.A. almost freezes to death.

  • Axis Powers: Episode 37
    Episode 37 - Axis Powers: Episode 37

    Russia’s heading over to Germany’s place for a sleepover, and he’s worried about what to wear. Italy’s got some concerns, too. If his friends make new friends, will he be pushed aside?

  • Axis Powers: Episode 38
    Episode 38 - Axis Powers: Episode 38

    Germany addresses Italy’s abandonment issues and offers his little friend a treaty to put him at ease. Okay, it’s not really a treaty at all. It’s actually a pinky swear.

  • Axis Powers: Episode 39
    Episode 39 - Axis Powers: Episode 39

    In the New World, adorable baby U.S.A. is caught in the middle of a very intense custody battle between France, Finland, and a few other blonde guys!

  • Axis Powers: Episode 40
    Episode 40 - Axis Powers: Episode 40

    Everybody still wants little baby U.S.A. all to themselves! It’s France and his buddies versus U.K. and his gang. Who will earn the right to be called big brother by the New World’s cutest newborn?

  • Axis Powers: Episode 41
    Episode 41 - Axis Powers: Episode 41

    It’s an episode psychological combat! While U.S.A. tries to come up with ways to mess with his opponents’ heads, France takes it upon himself to spread scandalous rumors about Germany.

  • Axis Powers: Episode 42
    Episode 42 - Axis Powers: Episode 42

    Russia introduces the world to his sisters, the busty, bouncy Ukraine and the very intense Belarus. It’s an unusual family, to say the least.

  • Axis Powers: Episode 43
    Episode 43 - Axis Powers: Episode 43

    The saga of Russia’s sisters continues! Things haven’t been the same since the collapse of the Soviet Union. As a result, Ukraine is jiggling her away across Europe in search of new friends.

  • Axis Powers: Episode 44
    Episode 44 - Axis Powers: Episode 44

    Liechtenstein’s a little too laid back about her borders, so Switzerland decides to teach her about the peril of strangers. Later, Japan and U.S.A. work on becoming better friends. And there’s cake! Cake’s awesome!

  • Axis Powers: Episode 45
    Episode 45 - Axis Powers: Episode 45

    During a tender moment of reflection, Liechtenstein recalls the heartbreaking circumstances surrounding her first meeting with Switzerland: a boy who would become like a brother to her.

  • Axis Powers: Episode 46
    Episode 46 - Axis Powers: Episode 46

    U.K. develops a serious case of hair envy - and an aversion to scissors - in the wake of another humiliating encounter with France and his gorgeous, golden locks.

  • Axis Powers: Episode 47
    Episode 47 - Axis Powers: Episode 47

    England and France pay a visit to Poland and his pretty new pony; America’s astonishing rate of growth comes as quite a shock to jolly old England.

  • Axis Powers: Episode 48
    Episode 48 - Axis Powers: Episode 48

    A self-inflicted rocket wound leaves England hovering on the verge of death, but America wants to be paid back before the old chap kicks the bucket.

  • Axis Powers: Episode 49
    Episode 49 - Axis Powers: Episode 49

    France drops by to visit Japan, who’s as isolated as ever, and there’s nothing in the world that’s going to make the guy come out of his room to greet his charming visitor. Well, except maybe a cute kitty.

  • Axis Powers: Episode 50
    Episode 50 - Axis Powers: Episode 50

    America swings by to show Japan a fortune telling game. Later, when the rest of the guys want to celebrate the fact that he’s coming out of his shell, Japan chooses a quiet night at home instead. Big shock, right?

  • Axis Powers: Episode 51
    Episode 51 - Axis Powers: Episode 51

    America’s totally freaked out by scary movies, but due to his heroic inclinations, he refuses to stop watching them! Japan thinks loaning him some horror video games might toughen him up.

  • Axis Powers: Episode 52
    Episode 52 - Axis Powers: Episode 52

    It’s an episode of mistaken identities in more ways than one when Holy Roman Empire and Italy go skinny-dipping. Later, everybody thinks Canada is everybody but Canada!

  • Paint It White
    Movie - Paint It White

    It’s totally the end of the world in Hetalia Axis Powers: Paint it, White! This full-length flick brings all your fave boys together in modern times with one goal: Drop the bro-hammer on some alien invaders!

  • World Series: Episode 1
    Episode 53 - World Series: Episode 1

    Prussia thinks revealing the contents of his diary will force the anime studio to give him more appearances on screen. Later, America and Canada decide to play a game of catch. There’s only one problem: Canada can’t catch.

  • World Series: Episode 2
    Episode 54 - World Series: Episode 2

    In this episode, Chibitalia + Cat Festival = Ridiculously adorable. Meanwhile, Japan spends some time getting to know his mysterious new buddy, Greece.

  • World Series: Episode 3
    Episode 55 - World Series: Episode 3

    Japan is still hanging out with Greece, who admits that he dreams of being resurrected as a cat. It truly is a touching moment - until Turkey shows up.

  • World Series: Episode 4
    Episode 56 - World Series: Episode 4

    Italy’s request that France return some paintings he borrowed almost leads to a sword fight! Later, Lithuania endures a slight emotional crisis when he overhears Russia discussing Poland.

  • World Series: Episode 5
    Episode 57 - World Series: Episode 5

    Poor England is suffering from a nasty cold. Meanwhile, Lithuania reflects on his complicated past with Poland, who doesn’t seem to be taking the Russian threat very seriously.

  • World Series: Episode 6
    Episode 58 - World Series: Episode 6

    England still hasn’t gotten over his cold, so America puts a hamburger on his head. Makes sense, right? Later, China gets pretty bummed out by how the Allies treat him.

  • World Series: Episode 7
    Episode 59 - World Series: Episode 7

    Late at night, Hungary has a vision: God appears before her and sends her to smack France in the head with a frying pan. Speaking of France, in this episode he teaches Italy a little bit about the birds and the bees.

  • World Series: Episode 8
    Episode 60 - World Series: Episode 8

    Germany, struggling to understand Italy, makes an entry in his diary detailing the little pasta-freak’s every move. Also, back when he had long hair, Germany totally looked like a rock star.

  • World Series: Episode 9
    Episode 61 - World Series: Episode 9

    Italy takes Japan for a ride - an incredibly horrifying ride that will probably scar Japan forever. Meanwhile, Spain is still trying to get Romano to learn Spanish. It’s not working.

  • World Series: Episode 10
    Episode 62 - World Series: Episode 10

    Inspired by the stability of Switzerland’s bank, France decides to improve his own financial institution. Of course, just as he gets the place looking tip-top, the bank employees go on strike.

  • World Series: Episode 11
    Episode 63 - World Series: Episode 11

    Japan’s electronic gadgets are really selling well, but he’s falling behind in manufacturing. China seems to think he can help. Later, it becomes clear that Japan might be spending a little too much time with Italy!

  • World Series: Episode 12
    Episode 64 - World Series: Episode 12

    Prussia’s got it out for Austria, and all of Europe is caught up in the tension! Most of the other nations are on Prussia’s side - except for England. As usual, he’s on whichever side France isn’t!

  • World Series: Episode 13
    Episode 65 - World Series: Episode 13

    Austria’s losing big time, and all appears lost until Hungary arrives to help! She’s got 100,000 battle-ready soldiers with her - and a seriously crazy look in her eyes.

  • World Series: Episode 14
    Episode 66 - World Series: Episode 14

    America is psyched when a UFO crashes at his place! He makes the acquaintance of the vessel’s pilot and introduces him to England - who makes a less-than-stellar impression on the interstellar traveler.

  • World Series: Episode 15
    Episode 67 - World Series: Episode 15

    Italy learns the art of Japanese cooking, the gender confusion continues in Chibitalia, and Japan and Greece make a conscious decision to see if they are capable of anger!

  • World Series: Episode 16
    Episode 68 - World Series: Episode 16

    When Romano hits the road for a few days, Spain’s concern for the little guy makes him decide to follow along. Unfortunately, Spain bumps into a certain blonde someone who seems interested in Romano too.

  • World Series: Episode 17
    Episode 69 - World Series: Episode 17

    Japan and Greece are still sitting around in the grass with some cats. They’re also still trying to find a way to tap into their anger. Meanwhile, Finland and Sweden are living as runaways on the open road.

  • World Series: Episode 18
    Episode 70 - World Series: Episode 18

    Sweden has a way of making people feel weird. Just ask Estonia and Latvia. And Poland. And the customers at his café. And everyone ever. Just ask anyone!

  • World Series: Episode 19
    Episode 71 - World Series: Episode 19

    Italy reaches into his pants and pulls out a Christmas gift for Germany. America’s also getting into the “spreading holiday cheer” game, one threatening party invitation at a time.

  • World Series: Episode 20
    Episode 72 - World Series: Episode 20

    Italy’s in a bit of panic; he’s convinced that Germany doesn’t like him. He decides to pay his gruff buddy a visit and work things out - and soon finds himself dodging Switzerland’s gunfire!

  • World Series: Episode 21
    Episode 73 - World Series: Episode 21

    England’s ready to come out of his shell and make some friends. It turns out Japan’s working on building some friendships, too. Unfortunately, Japan’s boss might get in the way of a lasting relationship.

  • World Series: Episode 22
    Episode 74 - World Series: Episode 22

    Things are looking up between England and Japan, and their relationship is proving to be mutually beneficial. And much to England’s delight, their new friendship is making things pretty tough on France.

  • World Series: Episode 23
    Episode 75 - World Series: Episode 23

    Germany is ordered to live with Austria, and Italy and Hungary aren’t too thrilled about the plans. Meanwhile, out in the woods, Chibi Romano comes face to face with a masked swordsman!

  • World Series: Episode 24
    Episode 76 - World Series: Episode 24

    Turkey seems unstoppable and Chibi Romano is powerless in his clutches! When Spain arrives to save the little guy, Turkey decides to return home - but not before issuing an ominous warning.

  • World Series: Episode 25
    Episode 77 - World Series: Episode 25

    Poor Spain gets chewed out for spending too much money on his mission to bring Romano back. When the little guy hears how much trouble the big guy’s in, he pays him a bedroom visit to offer his thanks.

  • World Series: Episode 26
    Episode 78 - World Series: Episode 26

    When Japan complains about feeling run-down, Germany puts him on an exercise routine and makes him change his diet. Later, in the cutest thing ever, all the guys are portrayed by kitties. KITTIES!

  • World Series: Episode 27
    Episode 79 - World Series: Episode 27

    Chaos erupts. Madness ensues. Panic and mass hysteria spreads across the land. The world stops spinning. The universe turns upside down. Why? Germany refuses a beer!

  • World Series: Episode 28
    Episode 80 - World Series: Episode 28

    Germany’s still not drinking beer, and Japan’s still eating only tomatoes - at least, for the first part of this episode. Later, the never-ending demands of the Allies makes China totally freak out.

  • World Series: Episode 29
    Episode 81 - World Series: Episode 29

    Germany and Austria are arguing over Beethoven when France gets busted for spying! Later, the cuteness reaches truly absurd levels when the kitty versions of Germany and Italy get into a fight about some inappropriate touching!

  • World Series: Episode 30
    Episode 82 - World Series: Episode 30

    It’s time for another G8 meeting! While America thinks it might be time to lose a member or two, France wants to bring Spain into the fold. Later, kitty Japan adorably expresses his adorable love of tuna. Simply adorable!

  • World Series: Episode 31
    Episode 83 - World Series: Episode 31

    When China returns from his trip around the world, he’s excited to show off all of the cute animals he collected during the journey. Speaking of cute, how adorable is it that kitty Austria doesn’t want to get his paws dirty?!

  • World Series: Episode 32
    Episode 84 - World Series: Episode 32

    Sealand’s trying to make friends, but he might be too pushy to pull it off. Meanwhile, England manages to escape an Italian prison, only to end up in the hands of Germany! Speaking of Germany, did you know he has a dog?

  • World Series: Episode 33
    Episode 85 - World Series: Episode 33

    England gets a new wardrobe and some shiny shoes. He looks pretty slick, but there’s no guarantee that his new duds will help him get across the border. Later in the episode, the world comes to an end - unless it doesn’t!

  • World Series: Episode 34
    Episode 86 - World Series: Episode 34

    Germany explains why he’s always able to stop England from escaping the Italian prison. Of course, after Germany explains it all, England might have a better chance of finally getting away. Meanwhile, ROCKET PUNCH!

  • World Series: Episode 35
    Episode 87 - World Series: Episode 35

    Germany and Italy fail at sneaking around in the bushes. Later, after the Japan joins his Axis buddies on the beach, he’s compelled to make a journal entry about Italy’s peculiar habit of walking around without pants.

  • World Series: Episode 36
    Episode 88 - World Series: Episode 36

    In this episode: Italy attempts to make Japan smile! Later, a pasta shortage leads to the possibility of stinky cheese for dinner! Also, Japan and Switzerland sing and dance together in the snowy Alps!

  • World Series: Episode 37
    Episode 89 - World Series: Episode 37

    A mysterious encounter in the falling snow only leads to more mysteries. How mysterious, right? Later, Italy gets punched in the stomach and Russia eats the end of the episode! Also - CAT STAMPEDE.

  • World Series: Episode 38
    Episode 90 - World Series: Episode 38

    Japan and America ponder one of the most important questions of the modern age: How many french fries are found in the perfect order of french fries? Also, Prussia takes a leak and Hungary gets all hubba-hubba.

  • World Series: Episode 39
    Episode 91 - World Series: Episode 39

    Stunning developments concerning Hungary’s ample front are revealed, and disaster ensues when Italy borrows Germany’s car without asking!

  • World Series: Episode 40
    Episode 92 - World Series: Episode 40

    Lithuania’s neighbors won’t stop picking on him and the situation’s got the little guy pretty stressed. Later, America longs for the convenience of all-night convenience stores. Also in this episode: Turtles, turtles, and more turtles.

  • World Series: Episode 41
    Episode 93 - World Series: Episode 41

    In today’s fashion-centric episode, England is uncomfortable with France’s willingness to dress in girly clothes. Later, England’s awkward feelings only multiply when codpieces come into style.

  • World Series: Episode 42
    Episode 94 - World Series: Episode 42

    After an interrupting bull turns the tide of a war, the saga of Boss Spain and Chibi Romano continues! Can Spain deal with the struggles that come with taking care of little Romano? Also, can Spain get his hands on a yummy Churro?

  • World Series: Episode 43
    Episode 95 - World Series: Episode 43

    Poland puts on a brave face for his negations on a matrimonial alliance with Lithuania, but his demands regarding a particularly sensitive piece of property are way out of bounds!

  • World Series: Episode 44
    Episode 96 - World Series: Episode 44

    This is the most awesome episode ever because it features an armor-clad wolf and a horrifying dragon. Not impressed? Well, then just wait until you see what happens around three minutes and twenty seconds into the video.

  • World Series: Episode 45
    Episode 97 - World Series: Episode 45

    When a couple of the Allied boys get stranded on a remote beach without their friends, their survival depends on desperately scavenging the savage jungle to - Oh, wait. Nevermind. America’s got candy bars and lunch meat.

  • World Series: Episode 46
    Episode 98 - World Series: Episode 46

    America travels to the land of Japan in order to become friends with some whales - or something like that. Anyway, when the boys from the west come ashore in the east, awkwardness and tea drinking ensues.

  • World Series: Episode 47
    Episode 99 - World Series: Episode 47

    America’s still looking to befriend a whale, but his self-centered abrasiveness is really starting to get to Japan. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like the obnoxious Westerner is leaving the East anytime soon.

  • World Series: Episode 48
    Episode 100 - World Series: Episode 48

    The Allies are still stranded, but they soon discover that their deserted island isn’t so deserted. Later, a holiday leads to wartime ceasefire between England and Germany - and the ceasefire leads to a soccer game in the snow.

  • World Series: Episode 49
    Episode 101 - World Series: Episode 49

    Iceland convenes with the adorable Nordic states for the grand unveiling of his squeetastic genealogy test!

  • World Series: Episode 50
    Episode 102 - World Series: Episode 50

    It’s spooky-spooky time, and all the fabulous countries of the world gather to celebrate Halloween! Oh, yeah. German and Italy shoot the breeze and talk about the good ol’ days!

  • World Series: Episode 51
    Episode 103 - World Series: Episode 51

    China freaks out about the other countries busting down his borders and stealing his opium! OH NOES! America uses something called a computer to try and find a way to Germany!

  • World Series: Episode 52
    Episode 104 - World Series: Episode 52

    Italy dresses up like cat, and Prussia is traumatized by helping Hungary solve a particularly sensitive problem with his – I mean her – I mean his chest. I’M SO CONFUSED!!!!

  • The Beautiful World: Episode 1
    Episode 105 - The Beautiful World: Episode 1

    In this episode: throwing stars, sharpened chopsticks, steel tanks, and other super-mega-manly stuff - like, for instance, Germany squatting in a dandelion patch. Also, YOU GUYS, HETALIA’S BACK!

  • The Beautiful World: Episode 2
    Episode 106 - The Beautiful World: Episode 2

    The Axis boys investigate W Academy’s various clubs, including the Gourmet Club, the Witchcraft Club, and the Man, France is Looking REALLY Good Lately Club. Okay, that last one’s not a real thing. But, seriously, France is looking REALLY good lately.

  • The Beautiful World: Episode 3
    Episode 107 - The Beautiful World: Episode 3

    It seems W Academy’s most ridiculous clubs each share the same single member. This member’s identity should not surprise you. Also, HUGE news! A NEVER-BEFORE-SEEN character shows up around two minutes into the episode!

  • The Beautiful World: Episode 4
    Episode 108 - The Beautiful World: Episode 4

    Poor Russia. He had a pretty rough childhood. Everyone picked on him. Even random hamsters totally hated him. Stupid hamsters. Oh, and it turns out that Prussia has always, even as a little kid, been a total di… uh, handful. Come on, you know how he is.

  • The Beautiful World: Episode 5
    Episode 109 - The Beautiful World: Episode 5

    This episode about France is heavy. It’s deep. There’s a wistful old man and two uncertain young lovers. Right in the middle of it all: ageless France. Is it a blessing or a curse that he stays forever yum? Wait, I meant YOUNG. FOREVER YOUNG. DAT HAIR.

  • The Beautiful World: Episode 6
    Episode 110 - The Beautiful World: Episode 6

    This episode explores the intricacies of Romano and Spain’s adorably dysfunctional relationship. Also, somebody keeps peeing in Romano’s bed. He blames a rogue squirrel. But I ain’t buying it.

  • The Beautiful World: Episode 7
    Episode 111 - The Beautiful World: Episode 7

    In today’s episode: Quality time in the bathtub. Also, America’s got some pretty sweet dance moves. Japan’s got some pretty sweet abs. And why am I just now hearing about this cat that apparently likes to sit in pots?

  • The Beautiful World: Episode 8
    Episode 112 - The Beautiful World: Episode 8

    The blog-o-sphere erupts into flames when Estonia’s website gets hacked! With Russia as the main suspect, America attem-///error…(0|_|)…VV@|2…ph0|23\/3|2…600|) bai…3, |-|37@|_!@...|)35(|2!|o7!0|\|…6|_|`/…//CONNECTION TIMED OUT.

  • The Beautiful World: Episode 9
    Episode 113 - The Beautiful World: Episode 9

    Belgium wants to throw a waffle party, but the only things her big bro Netherlands cares about are pickled fish, clean kitchens, and cold hard cash! He so blunt - and dreamy!

  • The Beautiful World: Episode 10
    Episode 114 - The Beautiful World: Episode 10

    Young Greece waxes philosophical about his love of cats, his desire to pet cats, and his hunger for sweets. Then he takes a bath with Turkey. Turkey is super cool. And strong.

  • The Beautiful World: Episode 11
    Episode 115 - The Beautiful World: Episode 11

    It’s April Fools’ Day and someone is forcing all the countries to dress up in embarrassing costumes! France is suddenly super small, and everyone is up in arms! Except that one guy who lives upstairs from America. I can never remember his name.

  • The Beautiful World: Episode 12
    Episode 116 - The Beautiful World: Episode 12

    Japan’s peaceful soak in a nice, hot tub is ruined when America kicks in the window and invites him to a Halloween party – in his room! Also, England summons an old fairy to scare the pants off America. Scary no pants time!

  • The Beautiful World: Episode 13
    Episode 117 - The Beautiful World: Episode 13

    It’s a super squee Christmas season except for one teeny problem – Santa’s gone missing! Luckily, France is still a dreamboat, and Canada has a Polar Bear! What does that mean!? Who cares! Polar Bears 4 Eva!

  • The Beautiful World: Episode 14
    Episode 118 - The Beautiful World: Episode 14

    Today’s agenda consists of cool diplomatic poses, brothers pumping iron, sneaking into the American camp – and a shared love of hamburgers! BEEFCAKES BEEFCAKES BEEFCAKES!

  • The Beautiful World: Episode 15
    Episode 119 - The Beautiful World: Episode 15

    France looks dashing whilst discoursing on the Hundred Years War and Joan of Arc’s tragic, yet beautiful, life. Did I mention how dreamy France’s hair looks when he twirls in the breeze? Well, it does. It really, really does.

  • The Beautiful World: Episode 16
    Episode 120 - The Beautiful World: Episode 16

    You guys, there’s a royal wedding and afterward England’s Prince IS VISITING SEYCHELLES!!! Oh, wait, that’s supposed to be a big secret. Pretend you never read that. Just think of of studly archangels and cardboard hats instead.

  • The Beautiful World: Episode 17
    Episode 121 - The Beautiful World: Episode 17

    When the countries gather to show off their favorite horror movies, it’s nothing but boobs, bloody entrails, Japanese ghosts, creepy naked Santas, and mental stabbings! OMG WHAT WAS THAT NOISE!?

  • The Beautiful World: Episode 18
    Episode 122 - The Beautiful World: Episode 18

    The dreamy boys of Hetalia love horror films! Canada’s opus features a cage full of pancakes and bears, Germany shows off its jugs and vampires, and America proves that a good cook can kill any zombie! Hold up – who in the eff is this Canada dude!?

  • The Beautiful World: Episode 19
    Episode 123 - The Beautiful World: Episode 19

    Seborga hangs upside down from a tree and drips ketchup all over Wy’s yard. Meanwhile, Ukraine and Hungary dish on super cute costumes from throughout the ages! Get a load of Crete!

  • The Beautiful World: Episode 20
    Episode 124 - The Beautiful World: Episode 20

    Japan throws a swanky party to celebrate his alliance with Germany and Italy. Germany wants to get down to business, but Italy is looking forward to snacks, calico kittens, and bath time!


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"I love this show!"

I have been hooked since I first found this show. It is both funny with slight hints of education. It has sparked my interest into European History and Geography. Moreover it has made me proud to be a... more


Was this review helpful to you?
12 of 12 found this review helpful




"The best anime I've ever watched!"

I love this anime so much!
I've been watching it for a while now and its perfect.
I'd recommend this anime if you need a good laugh and an amazing plot!
The dub is hilarious, keeps me l... more


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Was this review helpful to you?
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I've laugh my ass off when I watch this XD. Especially when Italy says "PAAAAASSSSSTTAAA" XD XD XD XD XD!!!!


Was this review helpful to you?
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OMG! I <3 HETALIA!!!!!!! I rupture in laughter at this anime! Ah, don't think of it as racism, think of it as a totally new experience! A LITERAL OPEN WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!


Was this review helpful to you?
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"I hate this show, because its too good!"

I cant get work done because of hetalia. I try to work and i get distracted by it. =.=
It is truly very good! I loved to learn about WWII prior this show, but it has taught me more.


Was this review helpful to you?
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"It's the most offensive...and amazing show I've ever seen."

It's addicting, and the jokes are structured very well.
Random, doesn't make any sense, offensive, and over all-- Awesome as Prussia.


Was this review helpful to you?
5 of 5 found this review helpful





Hetalia is an awesome anime that has funny moments and some are serious. FOREVER A FAN!!!!!


Was this review helpful to you?
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    Season Two Trailer Music - Sweet Summer Day - Music - Audio Play Download
    Season One Trailer Music - Happy Thoughts Museum - Music - Audio Play Download
    The Movie - Paint it, White! Trailer Music - Baby You Make My Bass Go Boom - Music - Audio Play Download
    Season Four Trailer Music - Candy Crusade - Music - Audio Play Download
    Thank You Video Music - It's a Squee World - Music - Audio Play Download
    Thank You Video Music - It's a Squee World - Music - Karaoke Play Download


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  • $44.98 $33.74 Add

    Includes: Eps 1-52

    The awesome international incidents never stop in Hetalia World Series! All your fave Allied and Axis boys are back, and they’ve brought a bunch of new guys to the party. You like to party, right...

    Rating: TV-MA

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    Forget everything you learned in history class, and imagine all the nations of the world as cute guys hanging out on a wildly inappropriate reality show. Now, toss in every stereotype ever and prep...

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  • $34.98 $26.24 Add

    Includes: Eps 25-52

    The awesome international incidents never stop in Hetalia World Series! All your fave Allied and Axis boys are back, and they’ve brought a bunch of new guys to the party. You like to party, right...

    Rating: TV-MA

    Available Now!

  • $34.98 $26.24 Add

    Includes: Eps 1-24

    The awesome international incidents never stop in Hetalia World Series! All your fave Allied and Axis boys are back, and they’ve brought a bunch of new guys to the party. You like to party, right...

    Rating: TV-MA

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    Includes: Eps 27-52

    Forget everything you learned in history class, and imagine all the nations of the world as cute guys hanging out on a wildly inappropriate reality show. Now, toss in every stereotype ever and prep...

    Rating: TV-MA

    Available Now!

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