Hetalia - World Series - America, UFOs, and Tony
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World Series - America, UFOs, and Tony

Clip  | TV-MA

Wahoo, aliens really do exist! It doesn't matter how you look at that mofo! It is undeniably a UFO from outer-freaking-space!

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The awesome international incidents never stop in Hetalia World Series! All your fave Allied and Axis boys are back, and they’ve brought a bunch of new guys to the party. You like to party, right? Duh.   

Feel the tension build as Prussia pushes Austria’s boundaries. Run with stampeding kittens! Share in Spain’s pain as he does his best to look after little Romano. Avoid Sealand! Swoon at the awkward new friendship blossoming between Japan and Greece. Eat a yummy churro! Listen and learn as France teaches Italy about the birds and the bees. Seriously, avoid Sealand! Cheer as America bonds space aliens and whales. Truly, no matter whose flag you fly, it’s about to get all SQUEE up in here. Like, big time.

Official Site: www.funimation.com/shows/hetalia

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