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Broadcast on MTV2

From the director and staff behind Escaflowne

Animation by Satelight (Hellsing OAV and Aquarion)

  • Genre: Action,Cyberpunk,Mystery,Sci Fi
  • Rating: TV-14
  • Aspect Ratio: 16:9
  • Number of Episodes: 26


Super criminals and mafia families have become more powerful than any police force in the oceanic city-nation of Judoh. That's why the government built Android J, a cybernetic crime-fighting machine destined to rid Judoh of the criminal element. Together with his partner, Daisuke Aurora, the most dangerous criminals will soon find themselves on the run. The mob won't take this sitting down, though, and as the criminals toughen up and the stakes keep rising, J finds himself matched in more than one battle.

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  • City
    Episode 1 - City

    Special Services Division operatives Daisuke and Super Android J hit the streets, hot on the trail of a couple of shady characters who’ve arrived in Judoh with an android in tow.

  • Blaze
    Episode 2 - Blaze

    Claire Leonelli is tapped to replace his late father as head of Judoh’s criminal underground, and not everyone is pleased with the decision. Claire quickly quiets the opposition.

  • Rumor
    Episode 3 - Rumor

    A psychotic bomber has Judoh on edge after a series of random attacks. Daisuke’s at ground zero when one of the bombs goes off, and J’s rescue attempt puts the android in serious danger.

  • Beast
    Episode 4 - Beast

    As his casino, Claire Leonelli gains a hired gun over a game of Russian Roulette. The new recruit’s job: Deal a little destruction in Daisuke’s direction.

  • Doll
    Episode 5 - Doll

    The Vampire abducts a young boy, while across town, J begins behaving erratically. Later crossing paths with the boy in the street, J mistakes him for an android, and with all eyes on him, J grabs the boy by the neck, inciting panic in town.

  • Money
    Episode 6 - Money

    Claire Leonelli devises a scheme that will take care of two birds with one stone: fixing the commodities market and framing Daisuke for the financial burden of thousands that will ensue. The market will be closing soon and the Vampire is out for blood.

  • Circulation
    Episode 7 - Circulation

    An altered human makes an attempt at Daisuke's life and though unsuccessful, he is able to strip Daisuke of his father's bullet pendant, causing it to fall into the sewers of Judo. Dice is prepared to head underground to reclaim his father's token.

  • Brother
    Episode 8 - Brother

    Daisuke busts up a gang of hoods he sees assaulting a young man for money and comes to learn that the man he aided is Kia Freeborn, son of the famous Blues Dullia. Kia, however, harbors nothing but hatred and resentment for his absentee father.

  • Trust
    Episode 9 - Trust

    Monica, despite being so young, has been the breadwinner for her family ever since her mother became a drunk. Daisuke learns of a group that is stealing passports from the citizens of Judo and it turns out Monica's mother has been targeted by the group.

  • Guns
    Episode 10 - Guns

    An anonymous bomb threat is made on the Central Tower. Daisuke springs into action, heading to an old military base to ask about explosives being obtained from there and alone, J heads to a different ammunition depot to inspect their explosives records.

  • Mirage
    Episode 11 - Mirage

    An old flame of Edmundo's comes to him one night with a possible crime to report, but she is unable to remember the crime, lately having experienced gaps in her memory that she can't account for. The officer contacts Daisuke and requests help on the case.

  • Visitor
    Episode 12 - Visitor

    Venturing to Judo every eighteen years, the Celestials prepare to meet with the government to see if the city is still civilized. If not, the Celstials have the power to turn off the station that supplies the essentials of life to the city.

  • Encounter
    Episode 13 - Encounter

    With the Celestials ready to turn of the power to the city, Dice and J must race to stop the Vampire from crippling the city.

  • Arrow
    Episode 14 - Arrow

    Daisuke is given orders from Shun to head to the village of Siberbia where he is to find a witness with information about the death of their father. Leaving the city, Daisuke meets a young girl in need of a guide and postpones his own plans to help her.

  • Angel
    Episode 15 - Angel

    Thugs take out J and kidnap Daisuke, delivering him to the Vampire who seeks retribution. It's up to Kyoko to rescue her colleague, but when she infiltrates the Vampire's casino, she finds herself in a battle for the title of Vampire.

  • Target
    Episode 16 - Target

    When Shun comes within an inch of his life after being struck by a sniper bullet, Daisuke is quick to arrive at his side in recovery. Meanwhile, J and Edmundo investigate the assassination attempt and Claire senses a traitor in his midst.

  • Survival
    Episode 17 - Survival

    Finally able to set out on their overdue assignment, Daisuke and J arrive at the Siberian Village. But deep within a cave, a man having lived in solitude for 18 years dispatches his androids in order to keep those behind Marius' death in the shadows.

  • Independence
    Episode 18 - Independence

    When Dice reports to Shun on the findings of their father's case, Shun shuts down the Special Unit. Meanwhile, a mob war has begun as the various families search for Claire, whose left eye is the key to unlocking the Vita Company's safe filled with gold.

  • Truth
    Episode 19 - Truth

    Offered a job with the Special Unit, Boma tries to end his friendship with Daisuke in fear of being betrayed. Meanwhile, a beast master has come to town in order to capture the beast he couldn't tame and Daisuke and Boma face off in an abandoned stadium.

  • Fake
    Episode 20 - Fake

    SECT, the company that created J, is suddenly closed due to a lack of resources and a new android that looks exactly like J has just killed a mob boss. Dice and Edmundo investigate further to uncover the truth and absolve their friend of any wrongdoing.

  • Tears
    Episode 21 - Tears

    When Romeo Visconti takes it upon himself to learn the whereabouts of the financial wing of the underworld, Senator Noriega has him eliminated. It's up to Edmundo and Daisuke, to weed out those responsible for Romeo's death and bring them before the law.

  • Fortress
    Episode 22 - Fortress

    Swiftly appearing and disappearing into the ocean, a mysterious woman from the sea begins to attack sailors. When old tales surface of an island chain some 600 miles south of Judo, the Special Unit commandeer a vessel and head out to the curious islands.

  • Play
    Episode 23 - Play

    When her house is burned to the ground by a mob family, Daisuke offers Monica a job at the Special Unit. Edmundo takes an immediate dislike to her, J acts as her surrogate father, and Daisuke learns something about the bullet attached to his necklace.

  • Alteration
    Episode 24 - Alteration

    With another attempt made on Shun Aurora's life, dire implications befall the city of Judo. The military tanks, silent for fifty years, begin to roll out. Shogun is attacked and J's program is changed by a secret command buried deep within his system.

  • Revolution
    Episode 25 - Revolution

    Below the darkened skies of Judo, military tanks patrol the city as Daisuke, Antonia, and Boma fight to save J. Shun tries to wrest control from the powers of Judo, but Claire and Dice team up to oppose him.

  • Guys
    Episode 26 - Guys

    While Daisuke prepares for the final showdown with Shun, Claire and his resistance begin their attack on the military. With J reactivated and on his way to help, Daisuke must press onward and save his partner, his brother, and the people of Judo.


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